Peligroso! Chica Loca!

Speaking of cool modified people doing cool things, Rachel Larratt (as in the person who runs the business side of BME, as well as her own enterprises), is racing in this year’s La Carrera Panamericana, a 3000 km race across Mexico. She’s down there right now blogging the race (as well as plotting to dominate the first year of the Unlimited Class in her Lotus Elise) at — the sharp eyed will spot Coop and others you may know in her race/rally diary.

Rachel Larratt - La Carrera Panamericana

23 thoughts on “Peligroso! Chica Loca!

  1. Shannon, I dont know if Rachel is your wife or your sister, but either way, shes one gorgeous girl!

  2. nice moded elise – nice moded girl!
    kinda puts my moded ’98 elise and my lip peircing to shame!!

  3. !dangerous! crazy girl….thats kinda cute.

    i would race her in my car, but that would just be muy embarazoso…..

  4. awsome!
    what a cool car, what a cool girl(lady? no.. girl.)
    thanks for posting, shannon.
    will keep track of her progress from now on.

  5. wish I were a dragon… – the red one with black splodges? It looks like a mkII Jag 🙂

    I’ve posted links to Rachel’s blog and the Carrera/Unlimited links on a couple of forums I frequent…

    Some choice (and expected ;)) quotes:

    From an Elise owner (regarding an inverted Rachel) – “I’ve been in that position a fair few times, I tend to stick my legs through the roof though, it’s more comfortable.”

    An M3 owner (regarding the same photo) – “My little girl (2 years) just pointed at the screen and said “Lady hiding!”, couldn’t help laughing at that.”

    The token American on a British forum – “I particularly like the women’s restroom sign in this pic….…11/dsc_1288.JPG”

    ^He lives in the middle of nowhere in northern Minnesota, 20 miles from his neighbours, drives a knackered old truck (and a couple of other things) and makes his own power (generator and wind generator). Cool guy.

    Owner of a barn-find 998cc racing mini (genuine sixties style) and a few other choice motors – “Coolio. The American’s know the score, don’t they?”

    Owner of several old Triumphs before he was twenty – “Good luck to her! Ace stuff, I’d love to do something bonkers like that, test on driver and machine! :D”

    And a few dozen ‘omfg teh hot!!!!1one’ posts strewn amongst them.


    Good luck, Rachel. 🙂

    Shannon – How about a trip to the UK for the Retro Rides show next year? Three days, lots of old cars, kit cars, race cars…


  6. I’ve been dreaming of that car since the moment I ever heard of the Elise. I figured out how long it will take me to afford one and I’ll be in my 50′s. Kinda sucks for me but I do enjoy looking at others’ 🙂

  7. am i trippin or is there no modblog stamp?

    i highly enjoy looking for them
    and im just not finding one in this picture

  8. The states never got the Series 1 Elise (my memory tells me that the K-Series lump didn’t meet emissions regs?) but you can pick one up over here for under ten grand now…


  9. Under 10 grand would definitely be in my price range if i had money.

    And that is an Illinois plate isn’t it?? Cuz thats totally where I live.

  10. That’s £10k…Which is $19k (US) at today’s rates…

    But you wouldn’t get a Series 1 car…You’d have to look for a Series 2 car (like Rachels) which are dropping for about an extra $5k (US) for an early car…Dunno what the costs are like over there…


  11. Just because you can get one under 10k doesn’t mean the bare minimum is what I want….I was looking more into the 50k range…

  12. My advice to people who want a sports car of this type but don’t have any money is build a Lotus 7 kit. They are in my opinion are one of the best track cars you can build for under $5000.

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