That’s going to be sore in the morning!

Stinging nettles as genital piercing jewelery? Ouch!*

* If you’re asking yourself “why”, I’ll repeat: on most of these types of activities, the goal is “more” or “extreme” sensations and pleasures (that is, it is not a “negative” action). So this is about making sex better, even if it might not do that for you!

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29 thoughts on “That’s going to be sore in the morning!

  1. so- i didnt read the underpicture paragraph until after i looked at the picture:
    But here’s my though process:

    OH! hm. *shudders* –grimaces-
    –gets a big ole goofy smile on his face-
    Good For Him!
    – And I’m still smiling cuz he’s happy.

  2. i take some nettles that i grow in my back yard and rub them on my penis, scrotum, nipples and the sensations lasts for hours – because they are organic nettles – don’t use the non-organic kind ;-)

  3. Didn’t people once flog themselves with nettles cause of the tingling sensations? Dunno if it was penance, eroticism or just for fun, but I’m sure I’ve heard of it.

  4. its been a while since something on modblog made me grimace. I was stung by nettles on my hand when I was a kid, so I’ve been creeped out/afraid of them since.

  5. I grew up on soem acreage, and nettles were a daily part of my life. By the time we moved, my body had built up a tolerance and I was essentially unaffected by them. They didn’t just no longer hurt, they didn’t even welt up.

    …that being said, I think nettles on/through my womb-cannon would be something I’d still avoid.

  6. Salad fingers! Yes. Those things are a bitch to walk through. I couldnt imagine what he is feeling, but as long as he’s happy! :p

  7. Certainly unique, I guess… don’t think I’d try it, but… I used to say that about a lot of things.

  8. I tried it: it gives you a lovely sensation: no pain, but your cock become warm and bigger!

  9. Try nettles on your nipples, creates a great tingling. Then get your partner to pinch and suck them (nipples not nettles), intense!

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