Vertical Cleavage Piercing

Done by Adam at Psycho City Tattoo in Lancaster, CA. They look great, but the thing I hate about cleavage piercings is that because I am a crow or something and attracted to shiny objects, I find myself being caught appearing to be staring at people’s breasts when in fact I’m staring at their piercing…

(Ok, I’m doing that too).

23 thoughts on “Vertical Cleavage Piercing

  1. I’m wondering what a vertical cleavage piercing feels like. I want to get one of my own…?>.

  2. haha Shannon, i know exactly what you mean! i work waiting tables at weddings and one of the guests was wearing a low-cut dress and had a cleavage piercing. i told her i thought it was beautiful and that i couldn’t stop looking at it. from then on, she avoided me the rest of the night, and i can’t figure out why. i already made it clear i wasn’t looking at her breasts! you would think she would have been happy to meet someone who appreciated a nice surface piercing…i know i do!

  3. Sunday- hopefully she heard the word “piercing”…otherwise it may have come off a bit scary. Although its possible she was just a bitch 🙂

  4. The piercing is nice, but what I love about this is the colour of the nail varnish, and she has a really beautiful nose.

  5. Really though if you get a cleavage piercing people (male and female) are going to look at your breasts, so really you should expect it and not get offended.

  6. I agree with Spyderwulf. I had a cleavage piercing for a couple of years and I did not get it for the purpose of getting people to stare at my breasts, but if I choose to wear a low cut shirt and there is a shiny metal object that looks interesting between breasts… I never thought twice about people taking a look.

  7. one of the most beautiful girls ive seen yet. love the piercing. gona be getting me a few surface piercings soon

  8. That was my piercers first comment when I wanted to get it done “Well, if they didn’t look before, and I know they did, they sure as hell will be looking Now.”
    Last time I was in his studio, he looked at it(it’s 1,5 years old, and still looks and feels great), and was really happy about how it has turned out, and added “I Really love that it somehow makes it ok to stare, when there’s a piercing in someone’s cleavage, you know you’re allowed to look….” So he’s on your side, Shannon. 😉

  9. I run into a similar problem with looking at peoples piercings, at my work I have to take them out which becomes a problem when I see a pretty girl with piercings they seem to get offended like I’m looking at them like I’ve never seen someone with piercings before when in fact I’m admiring them, unfortunately its kind of hard to chase themm down and be like its ok I have piercings too.

  10. The reasons I pierced my cleavage are to make you stare and so you would have an excuse to stare.

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