39 thoughts on “Breast Suspension

  1. Owowowowowowowowowowowow!

    It hurts enought to be a girl and get a purple nurple, but this, just! OW!

  2. Wow, not only has the feeling of the pull got to be intense, imagine what it feels like after with the blood recirculates back into the rest of her body.

  3. My first reaction to this photo was to throw my arms up to cover my breasts and protect them. I have to give her credit for sheer guts and I hope she got the kind of experience she hoped for with that but no way in hell would I ever do it, it hurts just to look at it. I really want to do a suspension sometime but I’m going to stick with the hooks.

  4. I can’t even look at the picture, let alone consider participating in that. To each his/her own, but as an avowed breast man that hurts my soul.

  5. i’ve had a breast reduction, and *that* looks more painful…well, i’m sure it is- no anesthesia involved. but man. i kind of figured a breast reduction was the worst pain one could inflict upon one’s boobs, but i stand corrected.
    and sore.

  6. I agree with kawaface.
    It looks like horrid pain.

    But if she enjoyed herself, more power to her!

  7. I don’t know about *suspending* off breasts, but Japanese rope bondage (which is what the knots look like to me) is all kinds of hot – and the sensation in the nipples is amazing. But yeah. Lifting? Ow.

  8. On the bdsm community i’m part of there’s been talk about trauma to the breast tissue postentially causing a higher risk of breast cancer. I’m jsut being curious, not judgemental in wondering if this could be prehaps really bad for her breasts?

  9. That first picture looks especially intense and painful. But she looks good and looks like she handled it well. Really, I’m impressed. If I had breasts, I don’t know if I’d be able to do that.

  10. She looks absolutely at peace with being hung by her breasts! Admirable! What a great posture, i.e. straight back, legs, etc. and a well-proportioned body! A model for any newbies! How high is she from the ground? Is she supported by anything else? How does she keep her body straight like that? What is going through her mind at the time! Also, how old is Audrey? She looks young.

    She appears to have pretty full breasts. I wonder how she’d feel if her tits were whipped a bit at the moment. Or if she’s being taken vaginally and rectally at the same time while being hung by her breasts?

  11. I have been wanting to do this for years. I know it can be done. This photo only proves it. She appears to be in some pain, but not what women would think it is. Getting mentally ready and being prept for the hanging would be the most thrilling for both parties. If you are interested reach me at [email protected]

  12. well i have seen it din real life and the fem really got off on it
    I would love too try but I am 36A on a good day
    Linn (UK)

  13. Intresting comments on here. Rest assure that in actuallity it not as painful as you might think verses Hooks.. You see more of the body weight is dispersed on a wider area than if Hooks were applied. Sure you can probably hang longer with the hooks due to the cutting off of cerculation when the rope is around the breast but all in all it has it own unique style and feeling. One might think its too harsh, but I guess its all about prefrence.

  14. painful or not that pretty dumb. risking perm damage to one’s breasts for what? so some sadist bf can enjoy a big boner? idiots.

  15. How many boxers do you know that have developed face cancer from (at most) a bit of bruising lol, none; likewise with breast bondage.

    Keep up the good work Audrey and crew!

  16. Well now, I hate to I hate to disappoint anyone, but Audrey wasn’t off the ground…or in any real pain. Audrey had just lost 40lbs after nursing a baby and her breasts had gotten rather pendulous. This “session” was for a photo that was turned into a black velvet photo silk-screen play on the old “heavily silhouetted topless girl in semi-profile”….no actual boobs wear hurt in the making of this artwork…sorry.
    P.S. It did give the pervert in me a big boner…hope I don’t develop boner cancer from it!
    P.P.S. my email is [email protected] ..if any body wants to yell at me for any thing

  17. my girlfriend is really into breast bondage and breast suspension she is 34e which makes it easier to tie the ropes. We do it about twice a week and it always leads to incredible sex. Try it girls it hurts a bit she says but if you only do it for about half an hour there is no danger.

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