I’ve been naughty

Sorry for not posting over the past “few” days. Let’s see if I can manage more than today’s sporadic post this week… This tattoo is by Sandi C, currently at Twisted Sol in Denver, Colorado.

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48 thoughts on “I’ve been naughty

  1. That’s totally fucking creepy. Could you imagine fucking this girl from the behind, seeing the tat, then thinking about her dad.

    Then thinking about her dad fucking her.

    Then thinking about fucking her dad.

  2. I really don’t think it’s possible to see a chick bend over wearing booty shorts with THAT tattooed on her and not immediately make the sexual connection

  3. I think its cute if you just take it in the context of what it is rather than where… after all its a popular place to be tattooed – and one of the more ‘accepted’ places for a woman (don’t hurt me, its just an observation)

  4. Yeah except that she is also sexualizing the tattoo by her pose. *Perhaps* she got it in a sweet way, but she’s turning it into a “pull my pigtails and spank me” kind of kink.

  5. yeah.. thats pretty kinky. im still undecided as to whether i like it or not but it definitely still wierds me out how sexual it is, and how it says “daddy”

  6. “she’s turning it into a “pull my pigtails and spank meâ€? kind of kink.”

    Suits me!

    Come on girls has no-one ever asked you “Who’s your daddy?” ;o)

    I like it, and the pose, and the batty riders…

  7. I love how nobody is making the connection I am, which is that this person may be in an SM or Dom/sub relationship, which is why the sexual aspect of it makes so much sense.

  8. I don’t know whats not to like in this picture, nice tattoo with a nice connection above a really nice ass with really nice shorts.

  9. AshPlant – That’s ridiculous and insulting. Assuming that it’s not a more innocent tattoo (which it may well be), this is one of the most common kinks that people (male and female) have, and it doesn’t have to mean that they’re abused or messed up.

    I continue to find the double standard interesting — men who get extreme work in the sexual arena are virtually NEVER judged, but women who have tattoos that even imply anything kinky are shot down for it.

  10. #12: johnny-boy

    Only one person has ever said that to me during sex, and needless to say I was out the door in about two minutes.

  11. But Shannon, there are people in here applauding her for her choice of tattoo. People may like to scream, “Double Standard!!” but you can clearly see that there are comments from both sides of the fence, just like in any other instance where you’ve posted sexually charged pictures (with Michelle or that dude with “gang bang” across his stomach).

    There are always going to be polar opposite opinions on tattoos like these, whether it’s on a male or a female.

  12. Jaclyn – Go read over the male and female versions of posts and I think that while you’ll obviously see opinions across the board on everything, there is a pretty clear bias that implies that it’s more acceptable for men to push the limits than women. I’m not disagreeing that many people support and decry each — I’m saying that inside that there is a fairly obvious bias.

  13. I don’t see why people are so bothered by this. Ageplay isn’t my kink, but a lot of people are into it. And a lot of people into domination and submission, wisely or unwisely, get tattoos about it.

  14. Shannon, I’m disappointed. I did say that specifically to wind people up. (You can tell) Didn’t expect I’d hook the biggest fish here. However, in order not to be seen as a complete troll I shall apologise as well.
    Michelle was evidently one of the most controversial things on a controversial site. I didn’t post on that because you already needed waders to get through the bullshit, but I was all for her, especially after I read the interview. As far as I know I don’t have any problems with women doing what they want, how they want with their sexuality. I’m just a gobshite. It’s not really about the tattoo.
    I like to think some of my other comments that weren’t aimed at provoking have been more sensible. However, the fact that despite the fact that this site should by its nature be home to the more open minded you get just as much judgementalism and general human nature on the public bit makes it too easy to prod people sometimes.

  15. #12 Jaclyn


    Seems like you should have stayed long enough to get dressed though, eh?

  16. Well…

    It would not be my personal choice of tattoo, but there is nothing wrong with this. She obviously made the choice to get this and that is entirely up to her. Its her body, and that is her skin. Its her life, so nobody should be allowed to criticize her about that!

    But what do I know.. >

  17. the whole “daddy” thing in any context just skeeves me out. there is a song that says “i wanna do more for my daddy” and *bleh*

    the tattoo…whatever. would i be as creeped out if it said mommy’s little angel or something? probably. (how come no guys have “mamma’s boy” tattooed on them? are there any?)

    maybe her dad was really into tattoos…hrm. it’s obviously what she wanted, so it means something to her, i s’pose. but i personally don’t like any of those types of references to parents. (jaclyn, i’d have left fuckin’ quick, too. or if any guy EVER called me mommy. that wasn’t, you know, my son.)

  18. Well, it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick isn’t it? I resent that. I come here for the fantastic ideas, images, knowledge and culture, the sexy girls and attractive guys with tattoos that stun me and gorgeous rippling bling.

    Even if I actively disagree with the concept behind a specific tattoo on this blog I have the sense to keep shtum most of the time. I’m far too intelligent to be a troll. The real trolls are the ones who go ‘OMG y WOULD U DO TaHT TO YOuRS3LF M0R0N!!’, which I hate as much as the next person. i would never squeeze my balls between two sheets of plastic, or mark myself as being a slut…but I think it’s fantastic that there are people who do.

    It’s just amusing to prod people sometimes. Because you do get over sensitive eejits even here…The thing is, I thought there’d be a biggish backlash on this one because of what it was, so I couldn’t resist.
    I was under the impression there’d be a shitstorm regardless of whether I said that or not. I thought saying ‘i’m trying to wind you up’ would sort of stop it from winding people up….obviously not.

  19. I actually got a giggle from Ashplant’s post, at least in the tone I read it in my head it would only be offensive to the folk who usually go off the rails about how “wrong” something is.

    That’s not what I came here to post, but us sarcastic assholes have gotta stick together.

    The tattoo doesn’t freak me at all. I like it – though I think I could know her for a little while before I ever concentrated long enough to read it. Yeah ok I’m sleazy. I like it, and more girls need tartan hotpants.

  20. i kind of like it. most people i know have taken to calling a tattoo in that spot a “tramp stamp.”

  21. Anybody familiar with “Who’s Your Daddy” by Benny Benassi? i think that may be what #27 kawaface was thinking of… pretty cool house beat.
    anyways, it’s the first thing i thought of when i saw this. listen to the song or find the lyrics and you’ll see what i’m talking about :P

  22. I’m a chick, and I wish I had the guts to get this tattoo. I like that shit, but I could never get something like this, props to her for having the nerve to go against all the bullshit about what makes sexuality “right” or “wrong” without being blatantly pornographic.

  23. shannon (comment 21) Heh, you know.. I’m one of the first will with cry foul on certian posts, but i didn’t bat an eye at this one. Sure she could have some sort of issues, but she could also have several other verry valid reasons for getting that tattoo.
    Not really concerning this post in general but rather your comment:
    I have whined more about the posts involving the females becasue you haven’t posted many images of males being pigoned into gender steriotypes or degrading roles. The only one that i could imagine being valid was the “stupid” tattoo on the forehead and i personally jsut dind’t have enough time to comment ont hat before everyhting i wanted to say was already stated. You’d made nudges and pushed toward that idea before, that there’s a double standard/hypocracy/whatever word is fucking appropriate here. that the women are bieng more sensitive to the posts then the guys but you’re compairing posts that are apples and oranges. They don’t bring up the same gender based issues. You don’t seem to look at the structure verses the agency.

    comment 33:
    I love that song. Have you seen the video (the unrated version)? Total female objectification, but oddly arousing.

  24. toast – thanks. :) I’m glad someone noticed the real target of my sarcasm :(

    My god I wrote a lot. Think Shannon made me defensive much?

  25. What I find here is quite a lot of people over think . looking for some deeper meaning of whatever the subject may be . What you need to do is observe and enjoy . All this here means something to the person who wanted it , and thats it , silly

  26. well she does have one fine ass! and i figure she’s got her reasons…. so i can’t say anything bad about it cos we all have our own reasons for what we do

  27. Last about this , from myself . I’ve been called daddy while in the act , it’s weird but hot . As the saying goes “who’es your daddy” LOL and with a bottom like that , why not !

  28. Am I going to post my first thought on this?

    yes – no – yes – no – yes – no – yes

    Nice ass! Really really nice ass! Wish mine looked like that!

  29. amre – Of course it’s difficult to come up with examples that are exactly the same because the two genders do express themselves differently sexually and have different options and expectations.

  30. I find that alot of the girl’s who have daddy’s girl tattooed on them, are strippers or whores, or a dengerative career for a girl. It’s pretty disturbing.

  31. maybe she thinks its cute?
    maybe if it wasn’t such a trashy picture.

    it reminds me of these two tramps that go to all of the metal gigs in melbourne and the surrounding areas, one has a satanist tattoo.

    shes a plastic that likes guys in bands.

    when its not cool anymore, she’s fucked :)

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