32 thoughts on “There are three people in this photo

  1. Uh… that’s not sinister, sinister’s name is Ryan. Unless I’m totally missing something.

  2. this is one of the more beautiful and loving inked/pierced/prego pictures i have seen. i reeeally like it.

  3. i love pregnant bellies. theres a baby in there! theyre so warm and smooth and wierdly hard. its just exciting!! definitely that child is going to continue the jegacy of stunning beauty like its parents

  4. eee.
    first time ive seen someone i accually know on here, i had to comment!
    Jenn is gorgeous, and her and matt are going to be amazing parents, im so excited for them!

  5. i had a horrible day at work, and seeing this picture instantly made all the badness go away. it is one of the most truly beautiful things i have seen in a long time. what an amazing image.

  6. I get to see this pretty lady all the time and it’s so sweet to watch her grow. It’s amazing and I can’t wait to meet the little one! love love love to jenn and matt.. they are going to be the sweetest, hottest mun and dad out there.

  7. your phrasing here makes me wonder your opinions on abortion, shannon. i’ve read what you think about the individual’s right to modify however they choose, and i guess i always assumed you would be “pro-choice”. sorry to break it down into those words… i know they leave much to be desired. but anyway, the idea that the unborn baby is a “person” sounds like “pro-life” (anti-choice?) language to me. unless you believe that a fetus is a person whose parents should have full rights over keeping alive or choosing not do so.

    just wondering.

  8. KT-
    I’m not sure Shannon’s opinions on abortion have anything to do with this photo. I think it’s simply a clever observation…she’s pregnant…three people in the photo. Doesn’t neccessarily indicate one’s stance on abortion.

    Not that it should matter. This site is about body modifications.

  9. Oh come on, he said it in a sweet way. The photo was obviously taken for the purpose of capturing the life that grows inside her and the love they share. If the couple considers the unborn baby a life, why take that away from them? She also seems too far along for a legal abortion (unless it was for medical reasons), so pro-choice or not a woman who is as far along as she seems would be giving birth, thus producing the person (without quotation marks). I don’t mean to sound snippy I just think you jumped at words that had no political connotation.

  10. wow quite a few of my posts have taken a while to post. My computer’s been messed up lately so maybe that has something to do with that.

  11. I recently commented to her that I thought this picture was beautiful, and then I see it on modblog!

    And dear God people, calling us pregnant women “preggers” or “preggos” or “preggies” sounds stupid.
    It makes you look uneducated/trashy or at the very least silly. And it’s so annoying.

    Pregnant, expecting, with child, or carrying. It’s like saying a respectable woman in a loving relationship “just got knocked up”. It doesn’t sound nice.

    Just my opinion though. It bothered me before I was pregnant too…

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