18 thoughts on “What a great smile!

  1. i love it when i realize i recognize people from this site, although it doesnt happen often…but i have had strangers come up to me telling me that they saw me on ‘that tattoo site’. 😀

  2. I love it when I realize I recognize people from this site too, and even more so because I’m from Russia, lol

    Anyways, nice smile and yay for being a friendly neighbor;)

    Jya, that Russian chick :p

  3. Hahaha, its a nerdy thing to do, ping someone you think lives near you…in saying that ive never done it.
    He likes panthers i see, im so observant today 🙂

  4. I noticed that too.

    2 almost identical cliche tattoos anyone?..

    Oh well, I suppose he’s happy. (And he could beat me up if I said that to him anyway)

    That’s a big fxxxing smile.

  5. Oh isn’t he the good looking one? I want him, he’s pretty. But then again, so is almost everyone on this site. 🙂

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