Rhino Piercing

Because this is such an unusual piercing, the vertical nasal tip piercing has a myriad of names all over the world. In Rancagua, Chile (where this was done by Zham at Peke House), it’s being called a “rhino”. Piercings like this (along with septrils and other unusual nose piercings) are in the nose related piercings gallery on BME.

20 thoughts on “Rhino Piercing

  1. I’m not one to cringe when I see something that I think would hurt.. but wow. I think that is definatly one piercing that I don’t think I could handle.

    Fucking cool tho.

  2. how would something like that heal? i could see a lot of bumps and knocks keeping it from being a long term piercing maybe?

  3. A piercing like that would never last on me. I would see the top bead and always try to wipe it off. I do enjoy seeing them on other people though.

  4. It looks pretty cool.
    I don’t know if I could get one of those. I always rub my nose. It’d get irritated.

    It looks great on him.

  5. lol. They blow their nose and get over it.

    Thats what my mom always asks me and my sister. I dont know about rhino peircings, but the septum doesnt bother me when I get a cold. I could imagine the rhino peircing getting a bit aggitated?

    Nice shirt.

  6. Love the shirt too.

    That’s the first time I’ve seen a piercing like that. That looks pretty cool.

  7. My original thought… that’s so unbelievably cute!
    I would most definitely have one of those already if I wasn’t so oversensitive about my nose.

  8. never seen that before too :S it’s a quite cool placement but it would bother me to always see it…

  9. To #7, I have both my nostrils and my septum pierced and I have no problems whatsoever blowing my nose. If I had a really heavy cold the nostril piercings would become slightly irritated from constant nose blowing but thats about it. They would also settle down pretty quickly afterwards with sea salt soaks.

  10. There’s an older guy in town with one of these — judging by his facial tattooing and other piercings it all seems very Mayan/Aztec traditional. He wears a gold hoop in it (I dunno, maybe 6-8 gauge?). What freaks me out though is that over time the hoop has caused the hole to stretch out into more of a slit about 1/4 of an inch long (it’s not rejecting, just stretchy/torn then rehealed). For some reason, looking into that slit and visualizing the anatomy of the nose is a bit more than I can handle.

  11. It looks like it goes right through the tip. When I squeeze my nose there I can feel a little gap between in the firmer tissue of my nostrils. at the right angle I can see where you could avoid the septum’s cartilage.

  12. To numo 15, it actually goes through the cartiledge at the tip of the nose.
    I actually want one.
    I just hope i have the balls to do so…

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