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  1. Wow. Just wow. I think even people who are totally against tattoos would have to admit that this does nothing but enhance her appearance and she looks stunning.

  2. Wait till you see the full resolution pictures… I’m actually regretting not including one here. It’s VERY stunning when you see it at full detail. This is one of the coolest all white pieces I’ve ever seen — and it’s the artist’s first!

  3. I’ve always wondered what an all-white, lace-like tattoo would look like. It’s just as gorgeous as I imagined!

  4. Really Really impressive. Totally never even considered something on that scale with white ink. It’s undeniabley gorgeous.

  5. Reminds me of Dead Air by Iain Banks. There’s a girl in that with delicate, fernlike scars all down one side from a lightning strike.


  6. I’m so glad this was posted. I’ve been considering all-white tattoos for awhile now, but most all-white tattoos I’ve seen aren’t quite as large or subtle as I was looking for, so I’m glad to see something along the lines of what I’m looking for.

    It’s amazing.

  7. That is absolutely fantastic. Always been a fan of white ink, and that is just so lacy and delicate.. :sigh:

  8. ive alwys wanted a large whitecolrd tattoo work on my body.. looking at this beautiful work makes me want to get it even moremoremoremore now!!!

  9. Hell yeah white tattoo people!

    She’s got to have one crazy SKILLED artist. I remember geting my simple stars done and there was totally issues with seeing where they had already tattooed and where they missed spots. Since the place i went didn’t really want to do it in the first place, i never went back for touchups.

  10. I was wondering how long it would take people to comment on her size. I really think it has a lot to do with positioning and holding in her stomach. I think she’s in the normal weight range.

  11. Seriously hot !! Damn I got the urge for some white tattoos now.. So subtle and awesome looking..

  12. The design looks like something from Lord of the Rings – ethereal and magical. Amazing.

  13. Wow, this is the most beautiful tattoo i´ve ever seen.
    It seems so natural, like it is just her body drawing those intricate patterns.

  14. i heard white ink is hard to heal.. is that true? my friend had stars done in white ink and some lost their shape after sabbing and i think some parts of the white got contaminated by her blood and turned yellowish-brown.

    i’ve been contemplating a big lacey white ink piece but i want to make sure i take the neccesary precautions during healing so it’d heal nicely. olga’s tribal is so beautiful.

  15. OO MMYY EEFFIINNN GOD you are about the most georgeous young lady i think i ever seen
    “” knights in white satin””

  16. Re: #46
    Remember that white ink is white as seen through your natural skin color. If you have really fair skin, it will appear closer to the original white. If you have darker skin it can take on a more yellowish or brownish hue. Look close, Olga’s ink is beautiful, but it couldn’t be called bright white. It is more off-white and is still stunning.
    Personally, I saw no difference in healing the white part of my tattoo versus the rest of it. If anything, the red took the longest. Most likely your friend’s tattoo was not done perfectly in the first place and that’s why the stars “lost” their shape.

    Olga’s piece is beautiful and reaffirms my desire for an all-white tattoo.

  17. Ive got no problem with her size, thats why its sad that she is holding in her stomach! Shes small enough as is!

  18. they look like really faded scars, beautiful!
    size don’t matter, it doesn’t look like she’s anorexic, so who cares!

  19. re:#49

    thanks! i had a chat with my tattoo artist recently though, he strongly advised me against it. 🙁 i’ll probably have to consult with other artists. no harm venturing to other pastures eh. lol.

  20. That is just simply mind blowing.. plus when you are 80 it prob. wont look like shit ~Easier to blend in.
    I would love an all white tribal like that, or massive amounts of Celtic knot work. Maybe a full back piece with a white dragon? Hmmm… I am Med. Dark olive complection.. so it would be more of an eggshell color on me think.

  21. iv been contemplating a tatoo for a while now and as soon as i saw these pics i knew it was the one for me. absoloutely love it, love it, love it. does it glow under uv lights? i want one xxx

  22. I came across these photos of these most stunningly elegant tattoos the day before my appointment to have my first tattoo. I was soooo nervous about it as I designed the image and was having a perfection or not crisis and about to council the appointment that I booked 5 months earlier. (Her names Amy and she is one popular artist at the Body Art Shop in South Australia) When I saw these tattoos I just knew that my design was fine and that I had now discovered the colour WHITE. I would never have thought of WHITE. Thanks soooo much because now I have an all white tattoo on my upper right arm it is beautiful, I am in love with it and I will get more. Everyone who sees it loves and thinks its unusual and unique. When it is finished and fully healed I would love to post a pic.
    I love your work xxx Happy and tattooed, Meg

  23. she doesn’t look that thin… i’m 5’6 and 160lbs, and i look like that in those positions too!

    the tattoo is absolutely wonderful!

  24. fabulous! brilliant! gorgeous! I wish I wasn’t so freaking pale, cause I would love to get my next tat done in white similar to that. Unfortunatly I’m so white that I doubt that they would even show up on me. 🙁

  25. Gorgeous. I have often thought of getting a white tattoo. This just makes me want one all the more.

  26. You have no idea how badly i want a white tattoo. This one is extremely beautiful and really gives me hope after all the horrible stories and information about how white tattoos are a bad idea

  27. I have a tattoo of 2 bluebells & a snowdrop intertwined on my hip/stomach that i designed & had done 12 years ago.I’m olive skinned, always tan, never burn & even tho i used to cover it up with total sunblock (the skiing lipstick kind) it still went dark very quickly, within the 1st 12mths of getting it done. So much so that now you can’t see any white, it just looks like an outline of a flower, with no colour in it. I had it re coloured after 5yrs & asked why it had only lost the white & was told that even tho i had covered it up when i was in the sun, it will eventually take on the base tones of my skin, which is naturally quite dark. The example he used was that my “white bikini bits” only look white when i’ve got a dark, just back off holiday tan, but that 3mths after my hols they would be the same as the rest of me, which never looked pale, even in the middle of winter! I don’t know if this would be the same for everyone, just thought i’d mention it. I’ve been thinking of what to get for a 3rd tatt for ages & these are so beautifull, as soon as i saw them i wanted one, but i would hate to go thru all that, only to watch it disappear before my eyes!
    P.S. To no. 58, i’m 5’6″ & weigh 140lbs & i couldnt get my ribs to stick out like that no matter how i posed! That girl is very slim! But she could be very petite, Kylie sort of size, hard to tell as nothing in the pics to compare to x

  28. Looks Cool now, but I’m guessing it’ll fade away as it heals. Waste of time if you ask me. And giving all of these other people bad ideas

  29. it’s been almost two years since this pic was posted, long enough to have faded according to #68. could Shannon Larratt possibly find a more recent pic? or anyone else?

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