What is "BME MANCORE"?

From their official forum:

You don’t need anesthetic, you need MANesthetic. Suck it up, complete the list. Be a man. Lets face it, it is a competition. How it works: ten man points for each of the following, and more than 90 points makes you an official man.

  • large gauge non-lobe piercing
  • Red Wings
  • Your lifestyle must result in at least one animal death per day
  • Interest in at least one of the following: fish hooking, gas masks, blood play, tromboning, tampon removal with teeth.
  • Genital Piercings
  • Face, hand or neck tattoos
  • Strong dislike of emos
  • Enjoys Vaginal suffication
  • Has had a piercing with a gun
  • Displaying the man core forum button
  • surgical mods
  • Surgical mods you did yourself

Bonuses and curses:

  • Vegitarian, Vegan: -20 Main Points
  • Play piercing gluttony (30+ per session): Chadam award
  • So drunk you got lost on the way home: Toast award

God I love microcults. Black toe forever. Mancore forever. Actually, I only scored a ninety, so I’m apparently just barely a man so maybe I should be offended. Death to Mancore! Anyway, the left photo (assuming I didn’t get the two mixed up) is on littlejohn and the other is on evilpixie by Metalurgey in Dundee, Scotland.

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78 thoughts on “What is "BME MANCORE"?

  1. Guess what? I’m totally MANCORE – and I’m genetically and biologically female! (My score was more than 90)

    I always knew something was up.

  2. Funny how diet can totally hose your score. Is it more manly if you’re a vegetarian who can beat down most of the carnivores you know?

  3. :’( 30…but I am kinda emo…but I also got the toast award…I guess I am very low on the mancore rating scale…

  4. Reminds me of something you might find on Maddox.

    Do you lose additional points for being able to spell ‘vegetarian’?

  5. I had 20 points, but lost them being a vegetarian. Guess it makes sense having no points cause I’m a girl.

  6. i dont have enough points…….i really wanted to be a part of the boysclub.

    im so dissapointed.

  7. Huh… never realized trombones were so manly.

    And honestly- once we get into the whole “mine’s bigger” thing with mods, it can’t end well.

    If it’s a joke… well, it’s not a very good one.

    Overall Grade: D. Not a fan of this microcult.

  8. Eh pulling off only 50 without taking the Mancore banner. I guess some of the other mentioned fetish play could be considered points, just not a constant hobby of mine. Im okay with 50 because, well I have a penis so Im pretty sure my manly side is still there.

  9. i don’t get why just because you don’t eat meat, that makes you less of a man. it’s one of the dumbest things i’ve ever heard. true story.

  10. namesofthedead – Since I assume you’re not talking to Veal, I should mention that the numbers of posts will change because about 80% of posters are pre-approved, but some are moderated, so occasionally the numbering changes. ;)

  11. lilish- Thanks for the clarification, not a term I’ve ever heard. BMEncyclopedia, here I come!

    I was wondering what the random refference to brass instruments was doing there:P

  12. anslem: overall, this truly a great fun joke… i mean c’mon… at what point can we stop being so serious all the time? this reminds me very much of the man show that was on comedy central for a while… fun and light-hearted

  13. its just a joke. nothing more, nothing less, i highly suggest you ALL come visit the page, wether you like it or not, everyone is welcome, as long as they try. post pics of manly acts for bonus points!

  14. Shannon- Thanks, couldn’t find it on BMEncyclopedia OR wikipedia. Then again, I’m at work so I wasn’t going to dig too deeply.

    Jareb- fair enough. I fairly recently finished 5 years of college, and am a bit sick of that sort of posturing. How’s this: not my kind of joke. Better?:)

  15. i am saddened that my pic never made it to modblog:(
    i have “mancore” on the sole of my foot:D
    iam cammy also has it on the inside of his fingers.

  16. hmm lets see, i got 70. Wow im more of a ‘man’ than i thought i was :)
    how many points do you get for being so drunk you lost your way home? or is it just a award?

  17. 60 + Toast award. Maybe 70 depending. I feel the list could be longer though. Especially around here. Something to do with drinking far far too much alcohol…more genital mods…brown wings…undertaken suspension by a single hook through the bollocks…stuff like that.

  18. “Interest in at least one of the following: fish hooking, gas masks, blood play, tromboning, tampon removal with teeth.

    is it 10 points per each? …because i think i may make the 90 pts. that way. haha.

  19. anslem: definitely not for everyone, but thats the beauty of this world… not everything is for everyone, it is for those that want it :)

  20. According to this, there is no way I come close to being a man.

    And just a note, when I saw tromboning, I got all excited saying, “Oh! I play trombone!” And then I read the definition of what it was. That is all….

  21. I guess this proves that I am not meant to be a man, or I’d be a very feminine man. 40 points for the win!

  22. I got 40 and I’m female; however, I do kill at least one animal a day at work. wahahaha!!! (I work at a rat lab.)

  23. So shovinistic lol.

    I knew tromboning would be some sort of sexual act, rather than a musical one, but I wasn’t aware of the specifics. Thank you, urbandictionary, for this gem:

    “Les Dennis was shocked when he came home early and found his wife Amanda tromboning Neil Morrisey again.”

  24. “Les Dennis was shocked when he came home early and found his wife Amanda tromboning Neil Morrisey again.â€?

    Bwa ha ha. Possibly lost on our American cousins.

    I am glad not to be part of a club that would have ME as a member.

  25. oh poo,i only got 50 of them there points:(
    but i guess i wouldn’t get too many point seeing as i’m a girl

  26. New award also, bonus for bagpiping;
    Armpit fucking – Joe bagpiped a french woman and had armpit hair stuck to his penis.

  27. HAHA! cant belive our fourm got on modblog!! sweet!! our fourm is pointless, and yes we are sad little assholes who compete…i hope you like are forum…and if you dont…well fuck you coz u know being a REAL man counts!!

  28. for being a girl, i got a really high score. wierdness. most of those though came from the playpiercing session. i do ALOT of them usually 50+ needles.

  29. Tromboning *ought* to be playing the trombone… Any classical/jazz musician will ell you that good girl trombonists are as rare as hens’ teeth, so playing the instrument *is* actually totally a man thing!

  30. that’s hilarious! i want my own cult. i did, however, score a 500 on this one.

  31. FUCK! i totally get get the toasted bonus , i lost the way home almoast twice a week hahahahhaha………. o and the last time i check i still a man……….. yes still so !

    P L U R :heart

  32. 60+ toast award…I would have been at 40 but I gave up being vegetarian and started eating only fish…dead animals still gross me out though

  33. What Chadam said. -bows-

    Inspired by the many nights I’ve gotten lost on the half-hour straight-line walk home from the pub in Liverpool, and more embarrassingly, a couple of times on the 5-minute straight-line walk through a field to get home here.

  34. I gots the hand tattoos, the hate for emo, the vagina suffocation, and the piercing with a gun. only 40 points. Ihad my labret pierced with a post with a disk back. and the disk back heeled inside my lip one night and had to push it back through and insert new longer jewelry. Any points for that? please?!

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