It’s “just” a table spoon in this picture set, but I did get sent a full-sized vibrator docking video a while back that’s really something. I’m almost 99% sure it’s stolen so I probably shouldn’t post it, but part of me really wants to because it’s amazing… Anyway, I like where Splitcox is going with his very rare superincision.

14 thoughts on “Spooning

  1. Ooooo, do post the docking video. I’ve been trying to find one, and can’t. I’m just really curious to see what it looks like. It sounds like it would be cool, not to mention a lot of fun for the guy, lol.

  2. Kind of reminds me of the Christmas light picture you posted about this time last year…though the reminder is probably influenced by the fact that that’s kind of what I was expecting before I clicked the link…

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