What happens in Indonesia, stays in Indonesia

Meet the ambassador from the Republic of Texas. And you wonder why people protest.

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171 thoughts on “What happens in Indonesia, stays in Indonesia

  1. I really hope that this is just some kind of sick joke, otherwise that tosser should have is bollocks ripped off and shoved down his throat – and I would be quite willing to do that.

  2. Exactly why is this posted?
    What have molesting innocent animals have to do with body modification? That’s what I’m asking right now…

  3. that’s fucken gross man, why is it posted?
    i love bme, think its sweet but this shit is not cool. at all.

  4. Happeness is , my goat , man’s best friend , that is next to the sheep , LOL sick very sick Shannon , LOL

  5. yah i have a good sence of humor, and i can laugh at a lot of things…..but……crimes against the innocent are just….not hularious to me.

    i wouldn’t want to see this again, but i dont own the place, so i really dont have much of a say….

  6. I tried to uncensor it too, as I thought doing so would more than likely reveal it’s a joke. And I wanted to know what the red blob was — if it’s supposed to be blood it doesn’t look like the right color to me.

    I’m not sure what I think of the joke.

  7. i also tried to click an uncensor… one of these days that kind of curiosity will definatly get me into lots of trouble…

  8. geeze people, its not real, the picture is on the “BME/Culture/People”
    Hes not REALLY fucking the goat.
    its called humor.

  9. To people WHINING about this photo:

    1. Obviously it’s a joke photo and the goat isn’t being pleasured.

    2. Unless you’re some kind of radical vegan, don’t whine about a dude having sex with a goat if you’re willing to kill and eat an animal, or wear its skin as clothing/shoes/accessories… Because unless goats have very different motivations than humans, I am sure they prefer fucking to dying.

  10. Come on Shannon, maybe a picture of a guy sexually abusing a goat is funny to your average South Park viewer or 12 year old but am sure most of us (and yourself) are better than this.

    Last time I checked fisting a goat wasn’t integral to being part of the food chain either so saying it is somehow better than eating it is incorrect. Eating meat is natural for many many animals, being fisted by a hillbilly isn’t. At least not round here anyway.

  11. Giles – Like I said, the fact that killing is acceptable but sex isn’t is ridiculous. Sex with a farm animal may be gross and inappropriate socially, but given that it doesn’t hurt the animal (and given that their own culture is built around rape, and forced rape most of the time), I think it’s hugely hypocritical and a little silly to judge murder as less of an issue to the goat.

    I’m not in any way proposing fucking goats. Neither am I proposing eating them. I’m just saying it makes us look specist and simplistic in our thinking when we fool ourselves into drawing these imaginary lines for the sake of what culture says is alright.

  12. How about what ‘nature’ says is right?

    Animals eat and kill each other on a daily basis but none (as far as I am aware) fist each other. It’s not really a society issue but rather a natural one. Killing is part of nature, as is eating the flesh of that which you have killed. Whilst having sex is (of course) natural, this kind of anal inter-special abuse isn’t. If this were 2 goats having sex it would be completely acceptable and understandable, it wasn’t though. It was a mock up photo of a guy pretending to anally abuse a goat.

    Am not sure the issue of what is accepted in society is really tackled with this photo in the way you think.

    You have posted many many thought provoking pictures that deal with how society reacts to certain images etc, but I don’t think this one really does the trick.

  13. i agree to giles wallwork.

    it’s just not natural to anally abuse an animal and it never will.

    and being part of the food chain is not the same as getting hurt by some unnatural abuse.

    do you really think that’s normal?! then i’m sorry for you.. even if it’s meant as a joke: it’s not funny for most of the people. not because we are manipulated by society.

    you should really think about if it’s fun to be against society, no matter which price that takes.

  14. Personally I hope his dick festers and falls off, the dirty bastard.
    At the very least I hope his wife or girlfriend will see this and batters him senseless with a baseball bat, if she hasnt got one I will lend her mine.

  15. I think it’s hilarious!The goat looks totally oblivious.It was a joke post,not encouraging anything,just a silly photo.You didn’t somehow mistakenly suppor animal abuse just by looking at this…relax!

  16. though there are some people here who think that is just a joke and you shouldn’t care i’m happy that most of the people think it’s serious business, no matter if this picture is a fake or not.

  17. Even if the picture was real, it’s not like buggering a goat, if properly initiated, would injure the animal. One would expect a greater degree of tolerance from modblog readers.

  18. I take from this that it’s better to fuck something without the ability to consent than it would be to kill it. That any position I might have on animal rights is negated because of the intrinsic hypocrisy involved; I do eat meat, I wear leather, and given the condition of slaughterhouses in North America, defending animals outside of them against abuse would be an unsupportable position. [Unless said position was "kill 'em all and let god sort 'em out".]

    I don’t see the joke here – I guess my sense of humour is too ‘mainstream’, and I’d better get back to ‘whining’ about the one thing I can confidently say I practice no hypocrisy with; the weather.

  19. i tried to uncensor it to see what the read thing was…what is the red stuff?!

    as for nature: who are we to say what is of nature an what is unnatural when we don’t even know the full potential of nature.i don’t understand how anyone is making a distinction between killing a defenseless animal and sodomizing it.in each case the animal is defenseless and might suffer.

  20. ÈMþRꧧ, I’m just wondering what your personal code of ethics is whereby “battered senseless with baseball bat” is preferable to “interfering sexually with unconcerned goat” (or, as it stands, “Photoshop mock-up of sexual interference with unconcerned goat”. It just seems be verging on the sociopathically bizarre that you’re all for the one but the other sends you into self-righteous shrieking fits.

    Also, what Shannon said.

  21. I don’t think Shannon would have posted this if it wasn’t a joke/didn’t have some humour in it, even if the humour isn’t appreciated by everyone. A joke is a joke :) Great, now the word “joke” sounds so friggin weird to me because I repeated it several times in this post!

  22. Good grief, judging by some of the comments here you’d think that the posters were the ones with a large object up their asses.

    I’m vegan, I love animals more than people, and I still laughed. Because it’s a joke, and because I have an (immature, perhaps) sense of humor.

  23. Well, I eat meat. I have in the past worked at a slaughterhouse, as we had one on the farm when I was growing up. I have shot or bludgeoned in the heads of animals, lifted them up by their feet and jammed them on a hook, slit their throats to drain the blood, skinned them, eviscerated them, and chopped them up into quarters. I have done this on hot summer days when the blood backed up in the drain and huge horseflies came swarming into the room.

    I haven’t, however, fucked them. The main reason is one of utility.

    I derive essential proteins and nutrients from eating meat. Like my primitive ancestors who in fact derived greater stature and brain mass by the infusion of protein into their diet (look it up, it’s hardly an anthropological or paleontological secret) I eat the animal’s flesh, my digestive system breaks it down into essential components that I use to maintain my life. It is sustenance. Is it possible for a completely animal-free sustaining diet to be created? I don’t truly believe so, but even if I did, plants are alive and have repeatedly shown evolutionary adaptions like thorns, hard skins, the absorption of silicate into their very tissues, toxins etc etc to try and prevent animals from eating them: I’m not even really addressing the studies that indicate that plants that are being eaten or harvested actually release chemical warnings into the air to ‘alert’ other plants to the danger.

    We eat life. We kill things and incorporate their mass into ourselves as part and parcel of our lives. However, we do not have to fuck them: it grants us no benefit to doing so. We do not sustain our lives by doing it. We do not improve our lives by doing it.

    It can be argued that modern agriculture is bloated and inhumane. It can be argued that killing an animal is just as cruel, or even far more cruel, than committing beastiality upon it. But I would argue that those of us who have worked alongside animals were often very concerned with the animal’s quality of life and in respecting the kinship between us and them – we ate them, yes, but we did so in as respectful a manner as is possible with such a grisly contradiction inherent in the nature of all living things, this cruel need to devour life to live, be it animal or vegetable.

    There is no respect in holding a screaming animal down and ramming a cock into it. It is both unnecessary and cruel solely for the sake of self-gratifiaction.

    I am not so simple-minded that I accept that I am unable to make these kinds of decisions simply because I have killed: many of you have killed without even knowing it. I am at least aware.

  24. Matthew Rossi – The majority of your post is intelligent and on-target, but please, educate yourself about interspecies love before you make ignorant statements that make the rest of the argument weaker. Holding a screaming animal down? Give me a break. Most of the time the animals are just as into it as the people, and many animals that live in interspecies homes INITIATE the sexual contact.

    I’m sorry, but I will never be convinced that torturing and killing an animal for enjoyment (which is what factory farming — the majority of farming — involves) is better ethically that TELLING A JOKE ABOUT BEASTIALITY.

    Sheesh, could people be any more sensitive.

  25. you know, i laughed the first time i saw this picture posted, on the original page of the kids who took it/ did it, and laughed at it quite loudly… knowing them, made this joke even funnier… but the responses here are equally as funny… people really need to stop being so serious… thank you shannon for lightening up my day a bit

  26. Shannon – “Most of the time the animals are just as into it as the people, and many animals that live in interspecies homes INITIATE the sexual contact.”

    Could you provide some proof of this please as all the evidence I have seen about bestiality shows it to be one sided and nothing more than abuse of an animal unable to understand (let alone express) ‘no’.

  27. R, I care for animals with a real passion.
    I have animals myself and if anyone buggered them I would glady beat em up.
    Two concenting adults can do what the hell they like sexually, so long as its mutual.
    Why should a harmless animal have to be buggered to satsify that dirty bastard.
    Its not you in the picture is it :)
    If its you I will give you a head start, im not being generous I need to polish my bat lol.

  28. I also would like to see any evidence of interspecies bestiality that’s initiated by the animal – and I don’t mean the many creepy, “I’m sure my dog loves me because no one else does” webpages at the fringe of the furry fandom which insist that because a dog humps a human, the dog is, ergo, in love with the human. By that token, I owe my vibrator dinner and a movie ten times over.

    It’s just not true, and anyone who’s familiar with canine pack dynamics knows that humping is as much about organizing the pack as it is about sexual frustration – and hey, a dog cannot possibly consent to sex with a human. Why is that a non-issue? What animals in interspecies homes consent to sex?

    If this was April Fools’, I’d consider this just a joke – as it is, it seems to be getting further and further into the realm of the bizarre.

  29. L1ZZARD get a picture of your bosses face when he sees his new desktop pic.

    for the people bitching about shit, what about a dog humping a persons leg? or what about an animal and human having sex is the animal has he ability to walk away from it and not accept it. i’m not even saying i agree with this lifestyle but there are plenty of people, likely even more then 10,000 that have relationships with animals.

    then there was that image in the madonna sex book where it looked like (i believe) her eating out a dog or giving it head(it has been too long since i saw the book) and that book sold out and now goes for lots of money on ebay. funny how a big time star gets away with it and it’s art.

  30. Nyx – Male dogs regularly have sex with males and females as the initiating, enthusiastic, and penetrative partner. It’s a big business… there are stud ranches all over North America and Europe with animals that I GUARANTEE are a million times happier than an animal on a factory farm (or even a regular farm).

  31. “Well, I eat meat. I have in the past worked at a slaughterhouse, as we had one on the farm when I was growing up. I have shot or bludgeoned in the heads of animals, lifted them up by their feet and jammed them on a hook, slit their throats to drain the blood, skinned them, eviscerated them, and chopped them up into quarters. I have done this on hot summer days when the blood backed up in the drain and huge horseflies came swarming into the room.”

    I’m sorry, but I think this statement contradicts anything said about “respecting” an animal. I lived/worked on a farm. We had 200 goats, and 18 cows in rotation. I’ve been to the slaughterhouses, etc. But that didn’t sway me from leaving it and becoming a vegetarian because in my mind, I couldn’t justify it. I also think meat is eaten for more cultural reasons, not so much “natural”.

  32. Actually Valon,
    Madonna didnt get away with it, cant you remember her career being trash for some time.
    I can still remember her come back on TV, in a long black dress an attempt to resemble a nun I believe. She may even have got away with it if we didnt all know the contents of her ‘table top book’.
    lol :)

  33. Wow. I’m pretty sickened by the fact that you’re justifing people having sex with animals. You can call me ignorant like you called Matthew Rossi ignorant, but I don’t think that holds much water. I’m sure that this picture is a joke and everything; but you posted this knowing the reaction you’d get, so I don’t know why you’re acting like the people who don’t really consider it funny are stuck up assholes. And why, why is this on a body mod site?

  34. Would all the people who find this funny think it was so great if it was a photoshopped image of a child being raped? Or even an adult? I doubt it.

  35. “Most of the time the animals are just as into it as the people, and many animals that live in interspecies homes INITIATE the sexual contact.”

    that sounds like something a pedo could have said.. if you replace “animals” with “children”.

  36. haha i too tryed to uncensor it!
    and also… i think some people are looking into this far too much
    poor shannon

  37. i totally tried to uncensor it not once, but multiple times. because you know, if it’s not a link the first few times, maybe the next few clicks will prove different.

  38. Hee hee, I just saw this unphotoshopped. Hilarious, beyond hilarious. Now if people would just realize it’s a joke. I don’t think you’d find animal or child “porn” on this particular site. If you’re going to let something like this interfere with your daily lives, you need to get out more.

  39. Heh, I love that everybody screams, “This isn’t natural!!!11!one!!1″, when – NEWSFLASH – nothing we post here is “natural”. Shoving metal through our body? NOT natural. Injecting ink into ourselves? NOT natural. Sticking things under our skin? NOT natural. I don’t get where this line is. Nothing else in modblog is natural, so why should the jokes be?

    PS: I thought the picture was pretty funny, especially after I went to BME/Culture/People and saw the original (and that the guy is from Texas, hah).

  40. Halo,
    Dammit what we all going to occupy ourselves with now. Might even have to go out lol :)

  41. Haha, I too join the ranks of uncensor clicking. :D

    Okay, I see the point in fighting against animal cruelty, and while I consider sex with animals as something that irks me I do acknowledge that fucking a pig is by far less cruel than what’s being done to pigs (or sheep, or cows, and so forth) in meat factories all around the world.

    Giles, I don’t really see your point about what’s “natural”, what are the defining outlines for that. Technically our entire existance as humans with electricity, living tightly packed in squarish existances up on another, coming into contact with a gazillion chemicals which nature never created on a daily basis, none of that is exactly natural, nor what nature would say is right. Further more, piercings, tattoos, subdermal implants and nullo is not natural either, it doesn’t exist in nature but it does exist in humanity.

    On the other side, if you expand the realms of what nature says is right you have on one side the examples Shannon pointed out with animals who initiate the coitus, if they can’t decide (with glee) what’s right for them, who can? Also, looking historically both mythos and real history is filled with people having sex with animals, even Gods having sex with animals.

    I’m not really for or against it as such, but this really is not a black and white issue, though it is rather of a paradox, we consider some things wrong and disgusting because they have a sexual content, but killing, maiming and generally treating animals deplorably seem to most people be more alright. I don’t know, I’d rather have someone’s cock in my arse than be beaten to an inch of my life…but that may be just me :P

  42. It’s a fuckin joke people. I hope I never end up drunk at your house, cause my humor is much more offensive than a photoshopped picture. Get a life! I’m sure while you were typing criticism at a FAKE picture that there is an animal in your vicinity that is dying because of your inaction. Get off of your asses and go save it, if you’re so high and mighty. Bitches.

  43. Reminds me of PETA president Ingrid Newkirk’s controversial quote:

    “If a girl gets sexual pleasure from riding a horse, does the horse suffer? If not, who cares? If you French kiss your dog and he or she thinks it’s great, is it wrong? We believe all exploitation and abuse is wrong. If it isn’t exploitation and abuse, it may not be wrong.”

  44. However juvenile it is, there is something funny in a faked picture of a guy buggering a goat. There just is.
    Obviously, it’s cruel to engage in a sexual act with anything that cannot object or might be injured in the process – however, an “objection” doesn’t have to be verbal. If for some reason someone wanted to shag a horse, the horse could probably maim the guy for life if it objected, and definitely wouldn’t get hurt if it didn’t.
    I’d just think “How strange.”

  45. Yeeah I tried to click through.

    I laughed. I have no “right” or “wrong” opinion to share, but I do have the sense of humour of the aforementioned 12 year old/south park fan.

  46. Since I’m vegan, does that mean I’m justified in saying that having sexual relations with non-human animals is (in most of the cases I have heard of) wrong?

    If you can somehow prove that the non-human animal enjoys it or initiates it, that’s one thing. But to say that interspecies sex is OK in general is another.

    Personally, killing non-human animals isn’t funny. Raping non-human animals isn’t funny. Posting a picture of someone pretending to anally fist a goat on Modblog is confusing, strange, and not something I would have expected, but it certainly isn’t humorous.

  47. Hey, Shannon- Having just now gotten curious enough to find the original pic on a work computer, I’ve got an idea to appease a lot of this sound and fury and make the joke a hell of a lot funnier in the process- link the “censored” image to the undoctored one. This way, all the perves (come one, even I did it!) who clicked on it would get a good laugh at themselves, and all the people who didn’t get the joke would no longer have a leg to stand on.

    Is it, as it is, in bad taste? Well, yeah. Does it have the potential to be funny? Oh, hell yes! Everyone’s make jokes that backfire, I think it’s time for those people who don’t get it to suck it up and find the original, those who do to laugh to themselves, those who clicked on it to stop making posts with “I clicked it too, har-de-har-de-har!” and everyone to have a laugh, sink a brew and think up the next good way to anoy and freak each other out.

    Oh, and link to the original pic. I think that’d be hilarious.

  48. South Park is more than just pee & poo, it’s also an excellent social commentary to current events.

    There must be a lot of miserable people who read modblog. If a joke that you think is in poor taste seriously offends you, how many other things offend you, and how much time do you spend getting a flustered about it? That’s probably bad for your health.

  49. I think the whole discussion of ‘whether animals can initiate/enjoy sex with people’ is missing the point a bit, since in this photo, the goat is represented as having blood streaming out of its rectum. You can argue all you want for ‘interspecies love’, but I draw the line at interspecies bloodplay. Can anyone here seriously argue that the goat in this picture is meant to have consented to/initiated/be enjoying the bloody anal fisting?

    So, given that this is a photo NOT representing sexual enjoyment of the animal, but rather animal suffering, how can it be funny? Would a picture (whether faked or not) of an animal that had been mutilated in another way be funny? What is it about there being a guy doing the mutilating with his fist that makes this funny? I guess I must be humourless, because I don’t see it.

  50. I can’t believe so many people took offense to what is obviously a fake joke image.

    And how dare you attack the editor of this board over something this trivial. There are plenty of things on here that I don’t agree with, even things that make me sick, but I don’t bitch and whine about it every time I see it. And if/when someone posts something like “that’s sick” you all pounce on them as if they just killed your parents. Then you chastise them with preachings of acceptance and tolerance.

    Get over yourselves. If you don’t like it, don’t click it. It was a fucking joke anyway.

    Shannon, you rock.

  51. I wouldn’t have commented to “whine” had Shannon not tried to justify himself by saying there’s nothing wrong with fucking non-human animals, or that it’s OK because we eat them.

    I’m one of the most offensive people I know, but offensive jokes are only funny when they’re being made COMPLETELY sarcastically. If there is any ‘truth’ behind the joke or the opinion expressed in the joke, it ceases to be funny and, in my opinion, is wrong.

  52. Wow, people are actually debating the hidden subtext by trying to decode the fakery that’s behind the pixelation. Guess what? It’s a scribble. It’s just a blob of color. It’s not some bleeding goat rectum… seriously, some of the people reading this have some very perverted ideas to be reading that into it.

  53. First the picture made me laugh then sinophile comment did even more..

    Really people, lighten up

  54. Haha, I found it hilarious only because of seeing the original previously in the updates. If you hadn’t done the red blob it would be believable, but with it, I think it’s safe to say the joke was pretty obvious and didn’t mean to offend :)

    On the subject of the animal rights train, Im one of those strange ones that can watch human beheading videos at breakfast and torture ones for dinner and could care less. But if I see anything on the subject of animal abuse (no matter how petty) it seriously screws with my mental health to the point of wanting to murder someone for relief. Weird.

  55. P.S. With your awesome ps skills Shannon you should flip their positions, so the sheep is getting his turn of the giving…giggidy giggidy all rigght :p

  56. I definately tried to click to uncensor as well :)

    Its pretty crazy how reactive people can be when this is obviously a joke. Rape is not funny, but I view this on the level of pretending to hump an object for a situationally ironic and obviously immature laugh. This is like the Austin Powers 2 ass-bag scene, it’s a blatant illusion (including obvious red pixels that are far from realistic) and is on par with making a sexual hand gesture for amusment. Who hasn’t done the pretend jerk-off move. Lighten up, modblog is not subliminally telling people to go fist animals, and I’m glad Shannon defends his stance with good perspective. It may not be right to do something to a being that cannot express its feeling or will about the act like people can, but I think animals express their will and feeling pretty damn well when being bludgeoned and tortured and killed.

  57. for fucks sake everyone. it was a joke, i dont care if you dont find it funny, no need to rant about it for so fucking long. i agree with shannon about the whole beastiality jokes are a shitlot better than killing animals.and yes, i am a strict vegetarian (would be vegan if cheese wasnt so damn tasty)

  58. My honest reaction: Meh.

    I’ll just sit back and let everyone else scratch each others’ eyes in anger….

  59. hahahaha funniest thing Ive seen alll week, I knew if I left those boys alone in Thailand there’d be trouble.

  60. Maybe the pixelated version wasn’t to make people think that he was having sex with the goat, but maybe he was artificially inseminating it!
    That happens… All the time!

  61. Maybe the guy is a goat-proctologist! Maybe this was his yearly check up and this guy has nothing but concern for the poor goat’s prostate. I really wonder if the IAM community is responsible for the cancellation of Beavis and Butthead and a lot of my favorite shows. PC is bullshit, \m/

  62. nm, i read shannon’s above post.

    Nyx, Giles.. etc. it’s not at all uncommon for animals to initiate sex with people.

    try googling *dolphin/chimp/dog tries to mate human* or maybe try a search on realtv (where i’ve also witnessed videos of animals trying to fuck humans). there seem to be a lot of stories of animals trying to fuck people.. i doubt it’s malicious intent, but don’t deny it happens!

    not playing favourites, but i feel worse for chickens than goats in that world, at least a goat has a chance at recovering…

  63. I hate it when people say something along the lines of animal “abuse” when it comes to pictures like these. I’m pretty sure that if the animals didn’t like it, they have some way of defending themselves. I’m not sure if he’s fisting or sodomizing the animal, but it sure as hell isn’t thrashing around trying to run off.

    As to people that want proof of animals starting bestiality, I’m pretty sure there are dogs out there that hump legs-or if they’re large enough will jump on some people and go at it. I have a moluccan cockatoo as a pet and he will grind his “naughty bits” against my hand/arm to the point where he ejaculates. He doesn’t have a penis, so it’s just the pelvic bone.

    But like I said before, most animals have a defense system or mechanisms. If they don’t like a given situation, they present the “flight or fight” response–where they will run/crawl/fly/claw to get away or they will muster up the strength to attack.

  64. Whoa! There are a lot of peeps who need to take a breather and chill out. On a site like this which caters to the “unnatural,” it’s mildly humourous that a fake act of interspecies lovin’ wigs so many people out.

    If you’ll appease me for a minute, consider the rest of the biological world. Any kinky or deviant sexual behaviour that humans have even considered doing, some critter in the animal kingdom has done it way weirder. Interspecies love? Here’s a super (to us, perfectly acceptable, because we’re not involved) example: Donkey on horse = mule. Rape, bondage, bi- and homo-sexuality, interspecies relations, kidnapping, anal sex, sex into non-sexual openings (including breaking skin), insertion of foreign objects (beaks are popular), group sex, mutilation, bigamy, polygamy, infanticide, sexually driven murder, public sex, masturbation, infidelity, incest, sex with “minors,” etc etc. Even within some human cultures, a few of these behaviours are not considered taboo. If anything, intraspecies, heterosexual, monogamous sex with no kink is the aberrant behaviour.

    Read into it what you will – I’m not advocating that everyone goes out and rapes a goat. I’m just pointing out that humans tend to have the notion that we’re better than our biology. When it comes to sexual behaviour, we seem to be overly touchy with things that modern, Western society has deemed weird. While I’m all for animal rights, just remember that we’re the only ones who think that way. Sex for most critters isn’t about pleasure; rather, there are many instances where it ends in disfigurement or death.

    Maybe y’all are so sensitive because you don’t want the pictures of you ACTUALLY fisting a goat posted on here?

    Now you can accost me for providing a biologial basis for sexual deviance.


  65. Not to mention there’s plenty of inter species mating going on that doesn’t involve humans as well. If I only had a quarter for each time I’ve seen a dog trying to hump a cat…I bet I’d have at least $2.75.

  66. wow… i posted my comment eariler today before going to work. now that i have returned and have read the comments that were made afterwards i have realized that too many people need to lighten the fuck up.

  67. The real crime here is that not nearly enough people know who Ron Garza is.

    And for all of the hyper-sensitive, easily offended people crying over a fake picture, hopefully you all have thoughtful people in your lives who will you give you shiny new helmets this holiday season. Jesus.

  68. Shannon maybe you need to get out more and take some time away from the whole body mod thing. Why does BME constantly need to try shock it readers? This is not pushing the limits of what is possible with body mods but rather shows up how jaded and cynical you have really become. Please don’t insult the intelligence of the body mod community with crap like this.

    Seriously I have lost all respect for you.

  69. i didnt even think the picture was all that funny… but the responses are pure comedy! thanks again shannon!

  70. Fucking christ, it’s a joke. Get over it!

    I really think that the response that this is getting is far funnier than the picture itself.

  71. I think your awesome shannon, and I agree that many people are speicesist without even thinking. I cant really say I expected more for BME than elsewhere, but I had high hopes.

    People who got offended: Can an animal concent? Who dictates who can concent and for what?

  72. “It’s not beastiality. It’s inter-species erotica.

    Posted by quinnn”

    Precisely…good ol’ Clerks 2! God, people are hilarious, what would happen if all these people got together somewhere…obviously nothing becuase they’d all be bitching to each other.

  73. I don’t get it. Is the “joke” the lure to get people who value animal-rights into overreacting, so you can can laugh at everyone who gets upset and then deftly denounce them all as hypocrits. What’s the point?

  74. I’m vegan.

    I saw the original before I saw this.

    I saw this…and I laughed, hahahahahahaha.

    I’m not going to get into this argument, though. Everyone knows where the vegans stand about this particular stuff…especially the slaughterhouse portion. Everyone is being fucking uptight, though…gahhhhh look at the real picture!

  75. MrPumpernickel, et al…keep in mind that dogs humping other people or animals is not always a sexual behavior. humping in dogs is often an expression of dominance, so if your dog is going at it against your leg, chances are it’s more likely he’s saying “you’re not the boss of me” instead of “god, i want to fuck you.” ;)

  76. @103: Well maybe (if this were a real photo), the guy just wants to make sure the goat knows it’s not the boss of the human. ;)

  77. Choice: if my dog humps the leg of a chair, does it find it attractive and wants to initiate sex? No, it’s just horny. The same could be said with dolphins/chimps/etcs.

  78. i too clicked to see further. i can’t say that molestation didnt come to mind when i seen this shot. however, my first inclanation would be that the guy was quite possibly helping the goat in some sort of way. as tho the goat was in need of medical attention. i wonder if anybody else thaught of this….i havent read all the posts. its 4 am.

    i do like the challange to my ideals though. rather than take the initial reaction like most of the posts i read. i chose to think about what might really be going on here. i say excelent job shannon.

  79. You know, this thread has inspired me. I’ve needed a new hobby for a while, and animal abuse seems like just the ticket.

  80. this is hilarious. people really need to take a joke… i mean the goat is eating grass for fucking sake. Do you think he would be eating grass if a dude was fisting him??? LOL i don’t think we could be so calm while being fisted. LOL

    stop sweating the little things go talk to people who breed minks and then kill them for a coat… yeah… LOL

    i might have started more shit… who knows.

  81. Wow, I am shocked at how far people took this. Some of the comments are great, but the majority of them are terrible!

    I set this as the background on my bosses computer last night and have yet to recieve the angry phone call. I am sure he will think it was one of the mechanics at out shop.

  82. oh i just saw the picture before shannon did anything to it and i gotta say…

    Shannon got some skillzzzzz LOL

  83. after thinking about it, i think i understand the punchline here. is it “hah you clicked on the link to try to uncencor it, you are into beastiality!” or is this going way over my head?

    if so, after thinking about it after my initial comment, i do think it’s kind of funny, just cause people are so curious and are trying to uncencor it. but i think if you had it click to another screen that said some witty remark afterward, the delivery of the joke may have had many less people negatively critisizing the joke….or “whining” however you want to put it.

    …..but now the discussion afterwards tells me that some people do think it’s OK to abuse and/or have sex with animals…..and THAT’S not cool at all…..

  84. There’s a big difference between having sex with animals and abusing animals. I don’t recommend either, but of the two, abuse is the worse of the two morally in my opinion.

  85. I find it amusing that everyone is bitching that the animal is being “raped”; saying that it is unatural and morally wrong. The thing is though, we to are only animal. What is the difference between a man raping a goat and a dog raping a cat? Which yes that does happen. The difference is that since man has overpowered the other species, we think we are better. The truth is though, we to are only animal.

    And yes, I did try to uncensor it :P

  86. Acidic6Tears – Adding to what you said, it’s quite interesting that people use “we’re animals and part of the food chain” to defend meat eating, but don’t use that argument for raping, killing each other for territory, and all the other things that animals MUST do.

  87. You may be able to argue that aroused male animals (dogs, chimps, etc) will initiate vaginal intercourse with other species and that this act doesn’t do them any intrinsic harm — and may indeed bring them pleasure. However, anal penetration of an animal (male OR female) or vaginal penetration of a female that is not in heat will be an unplelasant and potentially traumatizing experience for that animal. I am a 3rd year veterinary student who has personally performed lots of rectal palpations (we have 2 hours of palaption practice every day for 2 months solid in cattle and horses); in our profession we perform rectal palpations on most species (horses, cattle, camelids, sheep, even digital palpation on cats and dogs) as part of the diagnostic process. It is blatantly obvious that they do NOT enjoy this! They struggle, vocalize, and attempt to fight back the vast majority of the time, even with the use of copious amounts of lube and attempts to be as gentle as possible. Similarly, a nonestrous female is typically not receptive to male advances and will fight back and not allow penetration unless she is in heat. Is your average backyard pervert going to be able to tell if the animal they’re trying to fuck is receptive — or even care whether she is or not?
    There is also the risk of doing serious damage to an animal by using excess force during penetration (and a lot of people would be very surprised by how little force can actually do major trauma!). One of the most significant malpractice issues in equine medicine is perforation of the rectum or colon during rectal exams, a potentially fatal complication — this is the reason rectal palpation usually isn’t taught until later in the veterinary curriculum, once students really understand the potential risks associated with the procedure. Horses are more “fragile” than other species in this regard, but tears can occur in any animal if you are not careful. An unedeucated layperson sticking his/her hand (or other appendage…) in an animal’s rectum has the potential to do damage, which they likely wouldn’t even notice at the time (thus leaving the problem to go untreated, and potentially lead to peritonitis and death). Vaginal tears are also a real possibility (we see them often in heifers being bred by larger bulls due to “excessive force”), though not as likely to occur as rectal.
    As such, I really don’t see the “bestiality doesn’t hurt animals” argument as being valid at all — I suppose you can justify it in aroused male animals DOING the penetration (an active act versus a passive one, which an animal cannot consent to) if you really want to grasp at straws, but for female animals and any sort of rectal penetration in either sex, this argument just doesn’t fly.

  88. after reading only a few of the comments i have realized that for a comunity that puts on the facad of tolerence we are incredibly judgmental. I do not approve of acts like this but would never tell someone that they are lacking in any way, this was obviusly meant as a joke and as for the comment about “that sounds like something a pedo could have said.. if you replace “animalsâ€? with “childrenâ€?.” that was uncalled for and a low blow regardless of who you where talking about.

    keep it up shannon, a jokes a joke!

  89. vet student – I think that’s a relatively well balanced response, but I think you are making a case that it comes down to morals with a male penetrative animal, rather than an issue of harm.

  90. That is essentially the argument I’m trying to make, yes — I aknowledge that your argument that male animals MAY enjoy and initiate interspecial penetrative intercourse could potentially be true — this has not been scientifically proven one way or the other. I did research in animal welfare and behaviour before entering veterinary school; we have the ability to study animal behaviours very proficiently now, but we are still very bad at determining exactly what they mean. Most animals exhibiting these behaviours (canine “stud farms” etc) have been trained to do so, and this phenomenon isn’t something seen very often outside that setting, at least in the veterinary literature (or else there would be a lot more case reports about intact male dogs trying to mate their female owners — not just “humping thier leg”, which as mentioned in previous posts is actually a dominance behaviour rather than a sexual one); thus, you could argue that this is simply a training/positive enforcement behaviour rather than something innately pleasurable to the animal that it would have initiated of its own free will. The occasional report of wild animals initiating intercourse with other species could potentially challenge this, but this behaviour is quite rare and seen most often in “higher species” than our domestic animals (primates and dolphins mostly).

    I personally am morally against any sort of bestiality, but that’s simply my personal opinion and I’m not going to shove it down anyone’s throat (tolerant environment on BME and all that). However, I had issue with a number of statements being made above implying that bestiality has no potential negative effects on animals, such as:

    “Holding a screaming animal down? Give me a break. Most of the time the animals are just as into it as the people, and many animals that live in interspecies homes INITIATE the sexual contact.”

    To me, this implies that the majority of animals are “into” interspecies sex and that it’s not a potentially tramatizing experience for them at all. That is most certainly not true in the case of nonestrous females and rectal penetration in both sexes, and I think it important people be made aware of the potential deterimental effects that could result (excluding the whole moral argument aspect of the issue). From a veterinary standpoint, any sort of anal penetration (and even vaginal if you’re not careful) can certainly cause physical trauma, and potentially mental — it is not an innocous practice, and carries real physical risks for the animal. With regards to the moral argument: we have no way of knowing what animals are actually feeling, but if you choose to interpret “happy looking” male animals penetrating humans as enjoying that behaviour, it’s equally valid to interpret the fearful escape behaviours exhibited by virtually all animals underoing rectal examinations and vaginal examinations while not in estrus as having an unpleasant experience.

    (Now I REALLY need to get back to studying for my large animal medicine midterm tomorrow! :P)

  91. vet student- I am glad vets get so much experience with this now knowing how fragile the area can be. I will never forget the look on my old toy poodle’s face when our vet stuck his finger up there because I thought she had some blockage (turns out she couldn’t poop ’cause of back pain). She definetly did not enjoy that, her eyes got all wide and she started to scramble, then gave me this defeated shameful look.

  92. Oh and I personally don’t find bestiality funny (even if it’s fake). That falls out of my PERSONAL taste of humor and we are all entitled to one. However, it has gone from “fucking” a live goat to beating a dead horse…let it go already. It amazes me however that after well over 100 posts that there are still people that are commenting on how this picture is real. A simple skimming and an ounce of common sense will tell you otherwise. If I see another one of those inevitable comments I just don’t know what I’ll do

  93. vet student – im happy that you stepped up to the plate and gave us some info – thank you.

  94. But what if you take the [animal] out for a nice meal beforehand? Or to a movie or something? I mean, wouldn’t it be a little *rude* on its part if it didn’t put out?

    Am I right, fellas?


    Its Goat Fucking…

    That is funny…

    Fucking GOATS is FUNNY!!! (Sheep, not as much)…

    And I agree with Jordan that the most offensive part is that not enough people know who Ron Garza is…

    The second i saw the picture my first question was, “Is that the Dirty G???”

    And it took shifting through a bunch of horse shit about animal cruelty before i could really answer that question…

    So get off your high horse people and put your dick in one…

  96. I cant believe people are bitching at shannon for this….ITS A JOKE! if it were real, you should have gathered by now that he wouldnt think it was funny. COME ON KIDS, SERIOUSLY! jeez.

  97. I mean, it’s one thing to fuck some poor, desperate sheep you find hunched over in an alley, lapping up some cud that’s dripped from the mouth of a fallen comrade … that’s just gross.

    But if you take one out, treat it to a nice porterhouse and a 1999 Beaujolais, then go home, light some candles, curl up under the covers, pop a little “Love, Actually” in the ol’ DVD player … well, my friends, that sheep is getting fucked, and it’s liking it.

  98. “Shannon maybe you need to get out more and take some time away from the whole body mod thing. Why does BME constantly need to try shock it readers? This is not pushing the limits of what is possible with body mods but rather shows up how jaded and cynical you have really become. Please don’t insult the intelligence of the body mod community with crap like this.

    Seriously I have lost all respect for you. ”

    To this person, um…..I am almost sure shannon has gotten out a lot more than you. I dont know him personally, but it seems like he’s done plenty travelling and exploring and overall living. And if body mods are something he loves, than why would he try and get away from that? I’ve never found that BME is trying to “shock” me, but assuming it does, why is that even a problem? If it shocks you and you dont like it, dont go to it. Its really not that difficult. I dont think this sites purpose is to push any limits, its more so just a community for people who enjoy body mods and have things in common, just like any community. Calling it jaded and cynical is an assumption, and you shouldnt assume without talking to the person it pertains to, which I’m sure you haven’t done. And about the insult thing? If you are insulted by this JOKE you need to LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP. Seriously, people take things too harsh and personal, thats no way to go through life.

    And as for the respect thing, if you’ve lost respect for shannon, i’m sure it will make a difference out of the thousands and thousands of people who have a very high respect for him…its kind of like the the bitch at Wendy’s bitching that she’s never going to wendys again: IT REALLY DOESNT MATTER TO ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU.

  99. this has blown up to something that is seriously rediculious. No one is going to go fuck the goat. It was ment as a joke. If you look closely enough the “arm” int he blurred photo doesn’t even attach to the rest of the arm.

    I could completely understand if someone actually did this and the goat looked like it was in agonizing pain… but nothing is being done by the goat. NOTHING. So no one on here has said they are going to go out and fuck a goat now because of this picture. We are laughing at it. Cause we know it is a joke.

    Jokes are usually something that makes us laugh cause it is wrong… a midget is funny ( the ones that are trying to be funny … knowing yall you would start a midgets rights movement.)

    Just laugh… please just laugh. Ha Ha Ha

  100. A lot of these comments sound like those made by people that insist certain types of music inspire people to kill or commit suicide. Ridiculous. Nobody is going to look at this image and think it’s cool to sodomize an animal, and those that do already thought so beforehand.

  101. I’d like to see a pic of the the goat fuckin the guy in the ass…you people have got to learn to relax….

  102. I am still scared from taking that photo, Ron was gettin pretty horney, I am glad that Javanese sheep got it, and not me!!!!

  103. stupid hippys… it’s photoshope’d, i have the roiginal picture and he is not molasting the goat

  104. the thing that fucks with me is twofold….
    Yes,just WHAT the fuck does a guy fucking a goat have to do with politics,or political veiws of the current administration?,and why does YOUR political veiws inspire you to simply post a weak ass bush attack and then make it a thing we all have to gaze at?
    it has no merit here,and this site isnt political unless it means SOMETHING as in your took the pain to add it to your body as a personal statement.
    if it was somethng like that,I could at least show it some respect…this?,this is bullshit.

  105. Being both vegan and a supporter of the ALF, I found the picture worthy of a smile. It wasn’t laugh out loud funny, but I thought it was kinda cute. Especially the caption.

    Animal torture is a horrible thing. Jokes about anmial/human sex isn’t.

  106. *OMGZZZ, animulz are not for lulz!*


    The picture wasn’t *that* funny however the reaction it evoked was utter gold. Thus, Shannon wins.

    The rest of you should seriously consider phoning pest control to have those centipede nests removed from your vaginas.

  107. 1. It’s not for real
    2. It’s a goat, ppl eat those animals
    3. If it’s not real then it’s pretty damn funny
    4. I tried to uncensor it :P

    Seriously some of u ppl make me laugh crying about abusing the innocent and child porn pics next to come…. If u dont like what u see then click away to some teletubie site or something….
    At least i got me a laugh, not because of the pic but because of all the salty tears lol

  108. You people complaining about animal cruelty is pathetic with a picture like this. I saw the pic and laughed, i laughed because of its fake- obviously (although brilliant job done with photoshop) and i laughed because of stereotypical images, immature sure, but if people cant have a good honest laugh at shit like this then you must be the kind of person who laughs when someone is hit with a frying pan with the benny hill music playing in the background.

    The fact that this picture produced more controversy than the image of jesus christ being fucked in the ass while recieving a reach around from his alter ego is in itself laughable.

    Stop your fucking whining you idiots, its a joke- posted under ‘funny’. I mean, fuck, go do something with your lives rather than bitch about a FAKE, JOKE, FUNNY picture of a man fisting a goat. You wanna whinge about child pornography ect. go do something about it rather than complain about it on here.

  109. wow.. just so everyone knows.. The goat was ASKING for it! it just turned and gave me its ass.. i thought it was calling me

  110. What I’m wondering, why in the hell this blogger put the title Indonesia with such unacceptable picture attached. This is really disgusting and it has nothing to do with the Indonesian since even the guy in the picture not even looks like Indonesian.

    I’m as Indonesian would like to clarify who are this blogger? and where do you got this picture from? can you prove the place, the time and the original author of this picture?

    We can sue you for this mis-conduct and mis-information, especially by relating unrelated picture with our country nation Indonesia.

    Please take out your picture and title if you can’t prove things I have mentioned above, this is really jeopardize act of particular nation and you must be responsible for the any mis-interpretation by any audience by looking this kind of picture.

    Thanks !!!!

  111. it is funny because is not your ass. asshole
    imbessil, como e puta da tua mae amarrada ¬¬
    odiei isso.

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