Implants with scars over them

Wow, Urea‘s intense scarification work coupled with the massive implants he has under them (all self done by the way!) is really something, I mean, to the point where I would think people with zero experience with body modification must really be totally freaked out and not understand what they’re seeing! Urea works at Urea Body Piercing in Joao Pessoa PB Brazil, and has been featured a number of times here on ModBlog before: scalpel scar, money keloid, ubersuggestive skull, giant taper, and huge hand implants. Intense guy, very hardcore about body modification…

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33 thoughts on “Implants with scars over them

  1. Wow that would be pretty impressive even if they weren’t self-done, but since they are…wow.

  2. Wow, those are huge!

    They look awesome, but I keep thinking they must really get in his way… or that if anything goes wrong, it’s sure to go very wrong. I hope I’m not right about that, as that looks ridiculously cool, though.

  3. That is ridiculously cool. I’m glad he actually works as a mod-type-person, I was thinking, self-done in a living room with a breadknife??
    I’m getting a hideous premonition that this entry will be posted somewhere else and, here, become a congregation point for the world’s illiterate morons.
    It’s just a feeling.

  4. I am always impressed by Urea’s aesthetic appeal. He’s a “hardcore” bod-modder, but he always looks so gentle and calm to me. I admire people like him. Most of the choices he makes in body modification end up enhancing his overall visual appeal.

    You rule Urea!!!

  5. wow that is seriously intense. its looks amazing, such stunning work. Em i agree with you about the illiterate’s though.

  6. ” he’s got big balls, she’s got big balls, but Urea’s got the biggest balls of them all…” AC/DC… this cat has done so much of his own work which i find very impressive… i’ve only done tattoos on myself and that was difficult enough for me… mad respect for the envelope pushers…

  7. I agree, Beautiful… I imagine it feels great to have a direction and the courage to take your body to that level… Very nice…

  8. Will implants of this magnitude heal well enough to keep?
    I bet he will be scratching his head what to do next, he’s got most mods lol :)

  9. all of you people that like this kinda thing….how ridiculous can people get?? that is the dumbest thing i have ever seen in my entire life and i dont think there are too many other dumb ass things you could do. that rates up there with splitting your cock in two. Why?? What for? What are you trying to prove or advertise?? Do you feel sexy?? Now that is the way to get attention. Not cool and Not awesome, dumb!! Imagine what he will look like when he is 70 or 80….you think it will be cool then?? NO!!

  10. I think it’d be sweet to see an elderly man or woman all mod’ed up, especially with some implants! it’s not all just a call for attention ‘joe momma’.

  11. I guess in my mind those type of mods fall in2 the catagory of women who bind thier feet while it has a purpose and goal to them it has it’s neg consaquences. It just cant be good for your body to have so many foriegn objects under the skin. that in mybOok has to be the trumping factor not to do it .

  12. OK…this is SOOOO fucking nasty looking…he looks deformed, I hope that when those fall out of place or get removed..his arms sag

  13. I’m sorry thats just creepy and makes him completely unpleasurable to look at. he looks like a fuckin mutant! i mean come on, theres a certain line u just dont cross and he crossed it, but i guess whatever floats ur boat…

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