baby cuz i’m a thug

Taradactyl and Jacob’s amuzing matching “thug life” tattoos by Homey Dave at Tattoo Alley in Kent, WA.

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21 thoughts on “baby cuz i’m a thug

  1. I am thinking that they saw Tupacs Resurection movie and maybe are going off his version as thug life representing and underdog. That’ll be just $1.99 for the firstpsychic minute each additional minute will be $4.99 thanks :-)(-:

  2. “I wonder if they’ve hung out in the ghetto”… this is obviously not a serious tattoo so let’s not get too serious about this.

  3. Wow, tats like that could result in a surprise beat down. Mind you, Kent, WA, isn’t the kind of town you’d expect such things but you never know. Travel to LA will certainly garner a few intrigued glances and risk of bodily injury.

    Mind you, if these are folks who regularly pop caps into others asses, then I retract the above as such confrontation won’t be an issue they can’t handle.

  4. im going to defend them on this one. lets check out wikipedia: “As detailed in the film Tupac: Resurrection the concept of “Thug Life” was viewed by Shakur as a philosophy for life. Shakur developed the word into an acronym standing for “The Hate U Gave Little Infants F**ks Everybody.” He declared that the dictionary definition of a “thug” as being a rogue or criminal was not how he used the term, but rather he meant someone who came from oppressive or squalid background and little opportunity but still made a life for themselves and were proud.”

  5. the key-word in shannon’s post, i believe, was “amusing” any further assiness from the peanut gallery will be torn to shreds… thanks again shannon for having a sense of humor… adios tu foolios

  6. Maybe good for a joke.. but for life?

    Though I suppose it would be easy to not see it if you wanted

  7. err….yeah. I actually know someone with Thug Life across their knuckles. All in all, one of his worst tattoos.

  8. i’m all for joke tattoos and understand not all ink is supposed to be taken uberseriously… but to have a joke tattoo that plays on ghetto toughness so visibly on your hands….. eh…..

  9. most of you have seen my thug life “buddy piece”. ..people love it, haha, no matter where they come from. ..our shop is pretty much in the “ghetto,” and i show off my thighs every time someone brings up getting a real thug life tattoo. people aren’t as pissed off as a lot of whitey thinks, they have a sense of humor too. chillllllll.

  10. I say all the more power to them, it looks pretty cool and honestly – if it makes them happier (in the photo it surely does) then fuck it.

    On a similar tangent of comical tattoos, I have a silimar (work in progress) one across my stomach – Same location as Tupac’s one, however reading ‘GEEK LIFE’.

    Check it out.

  11. o.k…i`m not wearing my glasses here…but from where i`m sitting those look just like they`re only stencilled on.
    Not saying they are…just looks like it!

  12. Why does it have to be a joke? It may not be something the people in this community see everyday but where I’m from, you wouldn’t look at that shit and giggle. No matter if it’s on someone black or white.

    Even though english is not his first language, Shannon does not usually misspell things so I’m curious about the meaning behind “amuzing”.

  13. Hey, I know those kids! I love my friends and how their tattoos seemed to strike a nerve with so many people who jump to conclusions about their life, what they’ve been threw, whom they are affiliated with and where they grew up.

  14. hahaha i know no one will probably read this, but Im the proud owner of those tattoos and it really amuses me to read peoples comments just jumping to conclusions… I LOVE my tattoos and I havent regreted them once since I’ve had it. I had many reasons for getting that tattoo. Tupac had a bit to do with it as well as my general philosophy on life. I dont need to explain it in detail but any one who knows me knows why I have these :) Its sad that in our society people are so judgemental. How can you really cast judgement upon some one if you dont know them? you have no idea what any one has been through in life and you hinder yourself and hold society back when you make judgements and are so close minded. You should always think about how your comments effect others and often times its best to just leave the ego at the door and not cast stones :) if what you have to say isnt gonna be beneficial to ANY one, its probably best not to say it..

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