18 thoughts on “That is some extreme play.

  1. I enjoyed this series on BME hard, but was slightly disappointed by the omission of bloody post-skewer removal shots (ie: the money shots!) Very cool set though 🙂

  2. ummm this is going to make me have night mares. this is freakin screwed up! is he electricuting himself? ick

  3. Some interesting bruising on his left arm !!

    #1 was right about it looking like Hellraiser.

    Interestingly enough Clive Barker took his inspiration for the films having seen some extreme piercing and S/M books whilst visiting members of the band Coil.

  4. EW! Safety pin in his throat! DIRTY! i understand the masochist desire in play, the enjoyment and cleansing feeling that can come from it all. But be clean and safe about it!

  5. WOW….I just watched Hostel last night……..mmmm…wonders if that was for fun or not 🙂

  6. have to agree with everyone who was reminded of hellraiser because that’s the first thing that came to my mind. i don’t know whether to laugh or scream

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