Don’t Mess With Texas

Kadiva and her silent but deadly friend from Talon arms. Photo by The Intimate Look, piercings by Christopher at Backbone Body Mods in San Antonio, Texas.

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17 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With Texas

  1. PVC tape (from what it looks like), guns and hot women definitely mix in my little world.


  2. If so, not anything glider did to it really hell the original on her IAM page and this one look practically identical…Awesome BTW Girls and Guns…just wow!

  3. I wonder if that’s a real silencer? I’ve seen fake suppressors for sale before through Shotgun News, but real sound suppressors require a background check and license, IIRC. (I believe that it’s the same license you need to legally own an automatic weapon.) If it is a real suppressor, then I’m jealous.

  4. In my state, one can purchase a silencer with a $300 ATF stamp, and a background check. I’ve thought about getting one just to eliminate the need for hearing protection. More than once have I made it out to the range, only to have to have to drive back into town to get some ear plugs.

  5. Since everyone else bitched that people shouldn’t have their fingers on the trigger (previous posts) unless they’re killing something, I’d like to point out that she’s holding the gun safely. People only point out the negative.

    Mmm…bondage tape and piercings. ( :

  6. 1.) who gives a crap if its photoshopped. She looks like a hot babe, she’s armed and she doesn’t need to take anything from anybody(its just a photo btw).Love the red tape too.

  7. the angle is sooo fuckin’ with my head… looks like the top (or left) breast is a large armpit tumor thingy… with a nipple… haha.. yowza, sobriety is trippy as all hell…

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