Standing in a caterpillar nest


28 thoughts on “Standing in a caterpillar nest

  1. I love implants I hope his heal as I want a few my self on my forehead…Love the ink and setting..his nostrils

  2. i am in love with the tattoo running from his nose to his chin. that is the single most stunning and effective facial tattoo i have ever seen. really looks wonderful to me. this is a wonderful photo, very serene!

  3. I was too busy being scared by the idea of a caterpillar nest to appreciate the pic! God i hate caterpillars, evil disgusting creatures!

  4. Damn, I was so stuck on his eyes that I didn’t even see his facial tattoo or nostril piercings until I read the comments.

  5. Man, I totally love the line tattoo with his nostril piercings.

    The scars on his forehead look neat too, though not planned.

  6. His look is so intense, the only mark I noticed on his face was the scars above his eyes until I read the comments. Didn’t even notice the implants!

  7. I have a new crush, lol…I seriously love the under nose to chin facial tattoo, really effective but so simple none the less.

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