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  1. So how long do you think till the star fetish wears off and everyone is like “oh….gee….im not really original at all now”?

    Dont get me wrong, I love th look of them, and even thought about getting one about a year ago…..but now, well…..I think its just a LITTLE over done.

    Nice pics though guys, all super sexy 😛

  2. Well, hopefully they are getting them because it is something they like and not because it is a fad or “fetish”. I have some stars, and I got them because I love stars. I am pretty sure that when I’m old I will still love staring at the stars at night and hopefully still like my tattoos.

  3. In Australia the star fetish wont wear off until all partriotism is abolished (southern cross). That aint gonna happen. It’s good I like stars. No.2 you hit it on the head

  4. This is why I’m not getting tattoos. Sure my design would be cool for a while, but if it was too cool a bunch of people would copy it and next thing you know I’d be rocking the future equivalent of an asian symbol/tribal/whatever. Maybe I’m being super arrogant, but I’m not risking it.

  5. I LOVE star tattoos and scars. But I think I am getting a little tired of seeing ‘nautical’ stars on the younger crowds..

  6. 14. if you get custom ink.. i’m pretty sure that wont happen. but stars are overdone. but it really depends on what you want. i mean, if i didnt want to be different with my tatt, i wouldnt of had a cat with a mouse in a mousetrap (it relates to a story from when i wa younger, has alot of meaning).

    i mean, i could of just as easily gone out and had two nautical stars done under my collar bones.

    if they dont mind people telling them they are sheep, all the power to them.

    but always ask first. if they say “i got it cause its cool” then you have my permision to kick them in the head.

    (i babble, sorry)

    but they do look good.

  7. In my hometown we have a grand total of ONE tattoo parlor. The next closest one is only 25 minutes away, but still, there’s only one locally. Anyway, this girl I knew went and got the those “nautical” stars up her side, like six or seven of them in total. The artist who did them is actually like her best friend. Other than her, there’s only one of artist.

    Anyhoo, three of my other girlfriends are wanting to get basically the same thing and the girl refuses to do them, saying “My best friend got stars tattooed there, and she’s asked me not to do the same thing on anyone else.”

    But… these stars are EVERYWHERE…

    Even though there’s another parlor like 25 minutes away, the girls were pretty pissed at her refusal.

    One of the girls I’m pretty close too, and I suggested doing something a little bit different and getting different types of stars up and down her side – rather than just the same five pointed, maybe throw in a pentagram, a star of david, etc…

  8. I think they WILL fade when every second person you see has one!
    I was at a theme park the other day, and literally about a third of the people lined up had star tattoos.
    Yeh, im sure people “like” them, they DO look good….but man, Im so sick of seeing the damned things. Rarely is there any originality to them either.

  9. who the tats are awesome.
    In a certain point of view it is true that its over done but on another hand i have 2 stars on my hip bones the same as on the pic but thats because it stands for my bro and sis i asked them both what they wanted me to get tattoed to represent them and they said stars so those 2 stars represent my bro and sis because they are my stars they are the light in the darkness towards me bot most people who walk around with stars are like yeah its cool but its their thing it doesnt mather what the reason for a tattoo is as long as your 100% certain about it its unique

  10. Having star tattoos myself that actually have meaning, I find it slightly annoying that people are debating over the hackneyed use of stars. But if you really think about it, what tattoo hasn’t already been done, at least in one way or another? Nothing is really original, you have to get your ideas from somewhere. Sure, the design and concept might be different, but inevitably there is going to be repetition in the tattoo world. I mean, the star is such a clean, simple, aesthetically pleasing tattoo. People don’t seem to have a problem that a large majority of tattooed people have tattoos of sparrows on them, or some other classical Americana piece. Because in the end, as long as the wearer is happy, it shouldn’t matter what the tattoo means to other people.

  11. I love stars. I got my 1st set when i was 17 so almost 4 years ago. Im sick of ppl telling me too get my damn own idea!!! HEELLOOO nobody had stars 5 years ago. Eveything i have deals with stars. so back the F off. Some people just like them. I made art in school and it ALWAYS had stars on it.

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