"Calling your name"

Faithinpoison (check her IAM page for more formal modeling work she’s done) shows off her 14ga nipple bars and triple 14ga navel, by Nikki at Art Addictions in Brampton, ON. Seriously, every time I post a BMEgirls entry here I wonder what the best way to go about meeting someone is (don’t worry, that’s not a sideways creepy old man way of hitting on you Aridia, I’m just proving to myself that whining about it on the internet is the most ineffective way possible).

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19 thoughts on “"Calling your name"

  1. Shannon, I’m surprised you don’t have chicks falling at your feet all the time, because you’re the man.

    And this girl is reaaally pretty. I like her dogtag collar.

  2. Can anyone make out what her tag says? Who knows maybe you can see her number and set up a date. (I’m just kidding, if you can figure it don’t actually call)

  3. I agree with Nothing Remains. If I lived in Canada i would so try stalking you Shannon. ^_^ Not to be creepy or anything : /

    And I want her belt and I think my cat has the same tag . . .

  4. social anxiety disorder runs rampant on the fucking net… there is a world out there, out the window… put on yer shoes(remember those $100 things you bought for yer feet) and take a walk… skin is beautiful and yearns to be touched, spanked(self spanking dosen’t count) and bitten… a vagina in yer mouth is better than a dick in yer hand and tears on yer pillow… it tastes better too… don’t let the space between yer ears dictate the space between you and others… the “whoa is me”-nail biting-pants crapping factor seems to sky rocket in here(and other places on the net) when a beautiful girl comes into the mix… you can keep crying and cuffingyer carrot whilst i get her number… end rant… breath… wait, this isn’t group therapy room 2b??? all apologies… time to change my tube sock… nighty night keep yer buttholes tight…

  5. okay, so i’m a perv and looked straight past the piercings…

    yummy, ittie bitties!
    i dig on small titties, dark hair and not so much make-up. pretty naturally. hot sh*t.

  6. Her tag says “Aridia” which kind of sounds like an std.
    The navel piercings are cool, but nipples are nipples. Not really exciting except for that she’s showing off her tits.

  7. Nice!
    Nikki (Art Addictions, Brampton, Ontario )has done all my piercings too. She’s the shit.
    Look her up if your in the area, she’s a complete pro!

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