Coral’s Head Got Chopped Off!!!

Oh No!

The fresh lobe piercing is by Reverend Decay by American Tattoo in Knoxville, MD. Seriously, test of where your brain lies: what did you notice first? The bloody piercing, the seemingly chopped off head, or the cleavage? If you noticed the cleavage first, you’re either on the wrong blog or are completely desensitized to blood and can give yourself a pat on the back.

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19 thoughts on “Coral’s Head Got Chopped Off!!!

  1. actually, I read the text first, then saw the piercing, then scrolled down to see cleavage, and I’m running my display at 1400×1050…

  2. I actually saw the BME in blood, then all the blood, then the piercing, then the chopped off head after reading the text and finally the cleavage.

  3. “Huh, bloody piercing”
    *reads* chopped off head? Yeah, sure it’s a lot of blood, whatever. Percing, yada yada, wait, mentions again that it looks like a chopped off head.
    *scrolls down*
    “Huh, yeah, it does…”
    *reads* chopped off head, where were we… ah, yes. Or cleavage…?! Wait, cleavage?
    *scrolls down furiously*
    “Ah, cleavage, very nice…”

    I dunno, Shannon, I think I’m on the right blog.

  4. I’de have to agree with Anselm, I noticed blood and then I saw cleavage…the two mix together so perfectly

  5. The first thing I noticed was the piercing and thought to myself “I really hope that’s not one of those shitty screw-on tunnels because that’s totally what it looks like”

  6. I noticed the blood first, 1. because i had to scroll to get to the cleavage, 2. I’m a straight(well, mostly straight ) female, although not immune to the charms of a fine rack, and 3. rather than being desensitized to the sight of blood, I’m rather fond of it.

  7. “Hey! BME in blood! Hm. That’s a good bit of blood on the white paper too. And, wow, blood on her neck. Oh–wow. Lots of blood from the piercing.”

    Hm. I read the text, looked back at the blood, then realized it said cleavage. I actually had to search for that because it didn’t stick out to me.

  8. First saw the bloody lobe, thinking, “That’s a lot of blood, check that out. Oh man, her hair’s all wet too, she’s gonna have a bit of a problem washing it. Hope she used quality jewelry.” Then scrolled down, “Hmmm, it does kinda look like her head got cut off… wow!” Then saw the BME, “Very cool. I am going to find a way to work the BME into the pictures when I get my next tat.”

    Cleavage? Oh, yeah. Whatever. Back to that bloody lobe… Cool.

  9. Cleavage? What cleavage? lol

    First i read the title, then I noticed the blood around the ear lobe, then the piercing, then the blood running down and around the neck, then read the text, then scrolled down to confirm the cleavage was actually there.

  10. I didn’t notice the cleavage until after reading the text. BUT while i am desensitized to blood, i really like looking at it. It’s the prettiest red color in the universe. Blood is lovely.

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