Finger mustaches are for pussies

Whereas penis mustaches are for cocks. If I got this tattoo, I would ask everyone to take a picture with it, and if I didn’t get arrested, I’d put out a book of the photos. I hope Dan does that, not that I really want to look at his junk all that many times in a row!

“If you think it’s hard tattooing someone else’s, you should try doing your own,” he says, adding, “I know it’s uneven, and I have a small dick… what else do you have to say?”

PS. Do you love my censoring or what?

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58 thoughts on “Finger mustaches are for pussies

  1. I only really notice that it’s uneven in the censored picture. I’m just unsure about what the colors are. Rainbow Cock Mustache?

  2. Books! Including vampire books! Happy.
    That penis looks flaccid – if it is, it’s actually quite large.
    If it’s erect… yes, it’s quite small!
    Shannon, I’d buy the book. I really would.

  3. Yup thats me again…
    #1 no its not erect..
    #2 theres actually only 2 colors in it. Black and a brown sugar…
    #3 and Im trying to get as many pics as possible

  4. Yeah. I too was thinking the girl in the picture looks about 12, and THAT disturbs me. *shrug*

  5. hope the girl isn’t a kid as some of us thought. I would love the pic if the girl was obviously older.

  6. Ye gods, there’s no opportunity to insult the cock, so someone insults the girl! She’s quite clearly an overage female! With nice hair!

  7. I gotta admit its funny, great censor job Shannon.
    But I was wondering the same thing the girl looks a bit too young, exactly what is her age?

  8. i thought the ‘stache was a touch uneven on purpose so that it looks like the “wearer” is waggling the mustache.
    it’s neat.

  9. while you guys were thinkin she looked 12, i was wondering why he thought he was small??

    trust me hun, you have nothing to worry about…

  10. that censoring job made me laugh harder than the tatto itself! and that bookshelf looks a lot like mine!

  11. I actually do think Im small in comparison to other men…
    I feel I have that problem that most women have.. If you compare yourself to a magazine you come up short…

  12. Cool tattoo.

    I must say I am kind of sad that Shannon did not incorporate the onto one of the book spines.

  13. DTM, its not always the size that matters.
    A lot of men prolly have a whopper and crap in bed.
    Not as im saying your small of course.
    Actually I think u have a very nice one lol :)

  14. “I know it’s uneven, and I have a small dick… what else do you have to say?â€? Fucking awesome, right off the bat he eliminates any stupid comments that would have been.. And yeah… some good reading in the background.

  15. yeah Ive seen some asshole comments made on here, so I included that in the post just so there was nothing that could be said

  16. well I havent had the chance to compare it to too many others at the local watering hole on saturday nights…lol
    Ive had quite a few offers online though…

  17. The censoring job is priceless, the girl’s a cutie, the dick is NOT small but you could give your danglies a shave :)

  18. Oops, wait a minute. I think that’s just your leg hair in front that’s making your balls look so hairy!

  19. Not a big fan of the finger mustache tattoos, but this actually seems really cute. Just please please promise we never have to see the dirty sanchez mustache on anyone’s dick.

  20. Awesome censoring work. Like the anonymous poster in #46 before me, I’m not a big fan of this kind of inkwork, but seeing it on a guy’s dick is kinda funny :o)

  21. Hilarious tattoo, DTM! Your peen isn’t small, but the modesty’s refreshing. Also, I smiled seeing the Gregory Maguire books behind you. If you don’t mind my asking, how’s Lost? I’ve been skirting around buying it for a while.

  22. Its the only one in the series I wasn’t totally thrilled with..
    It took me a while to get through it. I kept loosing interest and putting in down and opting for something else…
    It basically took the whole book to find out a subplot that seems like if it was put in earlier, you might have wanted to pay more attention…

  23. And good skin, Em, don’t forget that nice skin. I think it’s totally cute and she doesn’t
    look anywhere near 12. I’m probably bias because I’m 18 and still get the ‘what are you, 12?’ thing too. We redheads just can’t catch a break. Except when it comes to the skin. I also like the uneven-ness. Totally cockstache wagglerific. I would pose for a picture with that baby.

  24. Yea thats me in the pic. No I’m not twelve, nor a boy; my boobs are way too big for either idea to be a possibility. Yes I look young, but to say 12 is just to be an asshole because the topic of penis size was already done. And yes Max, depsite the freshness of the tattoo I did swallow that fucker as soon I was assured that it was okay!

  25. yes the Mustache tattoo is cliche, but not when its on my dick.. It becomes something completly different thank you

  26. No that dick isnt small not that I’ve seen many :)

    Yes I wish I had a TINY dick if it got me girls like the one pictured!!

    And well done fro having the literal balls to tatoo your own piece…on your piece!

  27. i dont think it is small at all
    also… this tattoo is quite nice… i bet it looks akward when it isnt being held up in front of someones face though… lol… just a lone stache on the side of a penis.

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