I really like how the new red flesh-themed tattooing on the right side of Abnorm‘s head is bringing out his tribal tattoo work (and implants).

32 thoughts on “Abnorm

  1. Solid blackwork is so sexy. The rest of the work is spot-on, don’t get me wrong, but that left arm is wonderful!

  2. Fantastic ink on you. I’m curious to see what’ll be going in the banner the eagle’s gripping. I also love the big MARRED.

  3. personally i think it’s a poor representation of good facial tattoo work. not my cup of tea… but that is only MY opinion. if he digs the style than that’s all that’s important

  4. U had ur chance bye see u latter for sure ull regret the headaches that a true troll can bring .

  5. I believe his arm says MARKED. I’m not a big fan of the Old English script myself. I hate having to study it to figure out what it says, but that’s probably part of the appeal for others. Regardless, he’s pretty bad ass.

  6. @13. Thanks for clarifying that. Now that I’ve looked at his arm more closely I can see that the two letters aren’t the same. Still nice but I like MARRED better for some reason :)

  7. i really like his new work and hopefully he keeps getting more so he can cover up all that shitty work he got before… keep it up bro-seph

  8. hes fascinating to look at…in a good way…i think i stared exploring his work for a good few minutes before realizing it

  9. I’m in complete love with his right sleeve, especially the top part of it. The design is so unique and I love the asymmetry it has with the other arm.

  10. No my idea of tastefully done facial tattoos but to each there own. I wonder where he works lol

  11. Wow. That really is amazing. The red looks great and I hope he gets some more similar work done. It really brings out the tribals.
    Also, does he have his ears pointed too?

  12. he may need one more time to get that red really in there solid but looks awesome, its really coming together nice now.

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