Pubic Family "Crest"

Penis Face writes, “my new vag tattoo… my family ‘crest’ on my cooter.” It was done by Travis at Planet Ink Extreme in Ottawa, Canada.

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49 thoughts on “Pubic Family "Crest"

  1. High five to your vag Lily! I told you that you were totally baller….:D
    I would have clicked through had it been an option. Ohhhh yeah! haha

  2. A minor nitpick, but I really really hate when people refer to pubic/labial/clitoral/whatever piercings or tats as “vaginal” (which is what I’m asuming “vag” stands for).

    It’s not an undifferentiated soup down there, people, really it isn’t.

  3. Erin and I got your back Lily, and if ya need em, I got some real knuckles you can borrow!

  4. well then, Lily, what is the significance of the brass knuckles? i don’t think #1 is ignorant, because i don’t ‘get’ your tattoo either.

  5. if it’s not for people to understand, how can you call someone ignorant for not understanding it?
    i think it turned out well, but i’m just saying, is all.

  6. yeah, I agree with Kristin. it’s a pubic mound tattoo, not ‘vag’.
    otherwise it is nice :)

  7. I think it’s more fun to say “vag” and “cooter” instead of “pubic mound”, although when people say they have their clit pierced instead of hood it’s rather annoying.

    I like the tattoo, it doesn’t really matter to me what the meaning behind it is.

  8. ….I totally tried to click through, it’s an instinctive thing now…unless the blurs look they have pussy ashtrays behind them that is. Man, I still can’t get that image outta my head!

    Anyway back on subject, coolio tattoo, I fricking love mons tattoos especially if you don’t know about them until you’re down there..its always a nice surprise :D

  9. totally kool lily,

    and for all those people who said they dont understand it, who the hell cares its makes sense to her!…and it is totally kool if she wants to call it a vag tattoo, u politically correct loser ahhaha
    love ya lil!, and miss ya like crazy, and props to ya i would totally never get that done

  10. yummers… nice plump lil’ cooter… looks magically delicious… can’t go wrong with a shaved non-floppy lipped cooter… i could really go for some cooter sauce… 3 yrs celebate cause i’m too nice and girls want the jerks.. meh, go figure right…

  11. # 23, you’re an asshole.
    thankyou for bring that image into my head again, after I finally forgot about it. haha. Now I get to go another week seeing that everytime I try to close my eyes. :)

    But I love the tattoo, mainly because it’s a brass knuckle tat, and I really have a weakness for them.

  12. politically correct and anatomically correct are two different things. you don’t go around calling a conch piercing a daith and vice versa, otherwise people don’t know what the hell you are talking about.
    and i don’t care to understand it, it’s just some dumb brass knuckles. this girl is like the ten thousandth person to get brass knuckles tattooed on her and i’m sure it means about as much to her in cool points as any other kid.

  13. Whay are so many of you being such cunts?

    No pun intended.

    Ok so Lily labelled her photo wrong – get over it.

    For the record, her last name is King, so that’s the ‘family crest’ bit. The brass knuckles, well fuck if I know, maybe because they’re cool? If you have beef with my lady, come to the fucking 613 and I have a pair that would like to make friends with your smug internet bash-posting face.

    And if we’re going to nit-pick Lindsay, for someone who’s trying to sound so ‘holier than thou’ you might want to try capitalization. I personally feel it goes a long way.

    That along with the fact that you have little to no ink from what I saw on your page, and that your ‘future ink’ list isn’t that impressive. Can you tell me what deep meaning your wings on your back – which like you stated about Lily’s brass knuckles will make you “the ten thousandth person to get” and that ‘I’m sure it’ll means about as much to you in cool points as any other kid’. I dare not go on to criticize the remainder of said list, because don’t want to sink to that level.

    Sometimes tattoos don’t need a real meaning behind them. Sometimes they’re there just to look at and enjoy for the art that they are. And until you can grasp that concept, maybe you shouldn’t judge other people’s choices.

    As for the line work yeah, it’s off in some spots, and I warned her about this artist – though he’s my friend of 5 years – messed up two tattoos on me already and now I have to have someone else fix them… But the nice thing is it’s all easy to fix. It’s not like he wrote “GINK” or added an extra finger hole. He’s only been tattooing for 2-3 years now(that’s including his apprenticship time), and I’m sorry, I have yet to see anyone with perfect line work at that stage in their career. Hell, I know people who’ve been doing it longer who still aren’t on the ball.

    Anyways, Lily is pleased with it so what does it really matter at the end of the day? Aren’t tattoos suppost to be for the person they’re on? So you might not like it, well don’t worry, it’s not on your body and you don’t have to live with it.

  14. yes, it did, you insensitive little shit. Do you know what my cooter has been through the past 5 years? No, cause its NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. I didnt ask to have it posted on ModBlog, would in fact prefer if it wasnt on ModBlog, because it was personal to me, so dont hate on me cause its here and yours is not.
    I appreciate the down talk you’ve given me, and I think that perhaps if you were to know the meaning behind it you would SHUT YOUR FUCKING CUT ASS MOUTH.

  15. oh god, it’s just a tat… get over it! it’s pretty, well done… points to her. the end.

  16. I like it, it’s not something I’d personally get but it’s a good tatt. Though, I am interested in what it means. Not because I have a problem with it or anything, but simply because I always like finding out the personal reasons behind tattoos.

  17. Speaking of clicking through , I totally tried to click the image to see the full one, I’m so used to that being there that I try it on all pics with blurs LOL.

  18. “And if we’re going to nit-pick Lindsay, for someone who’s trying to sound so ‘holier than thou’ you might want to try capitalization. I personally feel it goes a long way.”
    Quoted for love of another person who doesn’t enjoy sentences that start with “i”!
    Yes, rather hypocritical to bash brass knuckle tattoos and openly declare that you want wings on your back! Why can’t both have meaning?
    If I submit pictures of my new tattoo to BME, I’d rather it wasn’t on Modblog too, sadly. I took its text from a 7th-century monument, carved by an illiterate stonemason, and didn’t alter his mistakes on my skin. I know that no-one would listen to that explanation… there’d be a load of “omg he cant write1111″ and lots of inexplicable insults to the work in what’s a perfectly good tattoo. :(

  19. I think that everyone who thinks this tattoo is stupid should go to Lily’s page and read what it means to her. It’s a little more than “just stupid brass knuckles.”

  20. I was about to say the same as painted lady did.

    The tattoo is perfect. Everyone should bow down to Lily’s greatness.

  21. Lily rock !!!

    I don`t see why people rend on this blog. It`s a modified blog and all so wtf.

    For the lines , maybe they we`re intended and for the concept … I could have a pink horse tattooed on my ass and no one would have any right to say anything negative about since it`s personal.

    And like Tiff said ;) Come to 613 bitches….

    Nice tats by the way looking forward to try those brass knuckles :P

  22. i think your tatt looks great lily !, and this being a mod site for people with mods, its crazy that we still get hit with the same attitudes we do on here, by people with mods, that people without mods have towards us. i thought that tattoos were an individual experience with meaning that the person getting it done would know, not based on what others will think.

  23. just wondering – the dude who said he preferred “feminine” tattoos: what the fuck does that mean? and i can’t believe you would dislike a tattoo on a female because it isn’t “feminine” enough for you. would you like all of us with vaginas to only have tattoos of flowers and lambs?

  24. i quite like this tattoo its wonderful piece of art, and the way the bbrass knuckles look like a crown is amazing

  25. I find it funny that just by knowing where it was done, I can pretty much guess who did it. His work is less than perfect, though hardly noticeable. I’d personally still get tattooed by him.

    Lily, as much as I can see where you are coming from when you are defending yourself against rude or negative remarks/comments, you’d be showing much more maturity and not be sinking down to their level by not yelling back. Making a statement is one thing, but battling and calling names back and forth is just a headache to read and makes EVERYONE roll their eyes. I’d be telling my friends who are vouching for me to chill out too, since honestly, throwing a punch back with just get you two more coming at you.

    I like the tattoo, i LOVE it when people get seemingly insignificant and common tattoos that have a deep meaning behind them. It makes everyone second guess and it goes to show just how much the tattoo is for YOU and no one else. I can vouch that I have some tattoos that are less that quality work and that really look like randomness or extremely common, yet they mean the world to me, in a symbolic sense.

    I can’t help but sigh and shake my head after the reading these comments. What’s a comment forum for if you can’t say something without fearing verbal repercussions? Thats why I strongly advise that if you don’t want to be subjected to public comments in regards to your modifications, then don’t submit them to BME. Because honestly, its unavoidable.

    None of that is to say that I agree with people being negative towards others. They would never have the nerve to say it in person, and that makes them more cowards than anything else.

    Finally, major kudos to you for having that done. Embarrasment and pain have nothing on you!! right on!!

  26. Yes, I was going to rant about the “feminine” thing too… Proves that women are just as bad as men when it comes to defining “correct” female behaviour.
    You might say it’s an aesthetics thing… but that would be a pile of crap. Look at the brilliant effect of a harsh, geometric “masculine” tattoo on the average female body, with all its curves and soft lines. It’s a cultural thing that ought to be irrelevant by 2007!

  27. I like the tattoo and I’m whatever reason you wanted it for is a good reason! It just makes me think of the gangs around me and thats what I thought it was at first O_o

  28. Cool tattoo!
    Personally I wouldn’t post something on the internet I didn’t want to explain or at least get asked a lot of questons about. As a piece of art it looks great though. I don’t think the line work is that bad. What is most important is that you like it. My tattoos may not be perfect, but they’re special to me and I wouldn’t change anything about them.

  29. Here’s the thing I’d like to know… since when do tattoos HAVE TO mean something. Those stupid tattoo TV shows seem to have people thinking that tattoos always need a story behind them when a lot of people (myself included) have particular tattoos just because they think they’re rad. I do have meaningful tattoos, but I also have some purely based on the artwork.

  30. and in response to #47 i agree i’ve got sleeves or random bio-mech that means nothing but looks shit hot.

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