Wrist Piercing

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12 thoughts on “Wrist Piercing

  1. That’s a beautiful shot, but I can’t quite decide if the wrist piercing looks like it’s rejecting or if it’s just a trick of the lighting and I haven’t had enough sleep. Well, either way I haven’t had enough sleep…

  2. Man I wish I could get surface piercings, but I’m really prone to infection and that would just lead to rejection. :(

  3. Cute, but I do get the impression that it might be rejecting. I wonder what kind of jewelry it was done with. I really like the showdows in the phote though!

  4. it makes me miss my wrist piercing. i had to take mine out, not because it was rejecting but because of my job. i ended up leaving that job a couple months later and wished i’d just kept my piercing instead. *sigh*

  5. i recently got my wrist pierced; it’s still swollen and looks exactly like that so i think it’s just the swelling. nice picture also.

  6. It looks like she has a bit of a bump on the inside edge of the bead. Might be a trick of the light though; that being said, i like the picture itself.

    I loved my wrist surface piercings, they were definitly one of my favorites. I had to remove them due to a scary incident where HepC/HIV infected body fluid gushed over them. scary! arm piercings are definitly a no-go for nurses!

  7. LeaveThePoliticsToMadmen, i know the feeling…i had to take mine out because i worked at a vet clinic. after getting my only-partially-healed wrist piercing splashed with blood and coated with drool and urine day in and day out, i figured it was probably best to remove it before i got a nasty infection.

  8. I really am considering getting both my wrists pierced..what kind of pain could you compare it to when pertaining to other piercings? Her’s is beautiful, I love it :)

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