Mods mostly concealed


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65 thoughts on “Mods mostly concealed

  1. Wow, he’s really pretty! Which isn’t something I normally say about boys, but it’s warranted in this situation.

    I’m also jealous of the hair.

  2. Hehe, he has ”mona lisa’s smile” – because of the shadowing around his mouth you can’t tell if he’s really smiling or not. A very pretty young man.

  3. wow thats one hell of a handsome dude.
    Thank you Shannon for the lovely pics for us ladies this weekend. :)

  4. it reminds me of a photoshopped pic of rachel, (the hair i mean!) the wavy colorful effects.. still… nice pic.

  5. Rabid. I was about to say the same thing.
    Everyone else, you cant have hair like that cause its photoshoped. done well though.

  6. At the risk of sounding superficial… wow he’s hot ^^

    I didn’t even notice the hair wasn’t ‘real’ at first. Awesome job on the photoshopping!

  7. yeah hair are obviously photoshoped
    this guy made me shiver tho, there’s something about eyes i guess.

  8. I like that he’s wearing just enough eye makeup to make his pop but not look emo or feminine.
    The only part of his hair that looks obviously photoshopped is the edges; they’re smoothed out/liquified or somewhere along those lines. It makes it look silky.

  9. WOOOOW. I honestly cannot pinpoint the exact thing that puts him at overlytofuckinggoodlyattractive but damn.

  10. Yo, his hair is PHOTOSHOP!

    And any guy who photoshops his hair so it blows in the wind…well…I don’t know what to say.

  11. much prettier than the emo boy.

    and to the post above, hair blowing in the wind is so f’ing hot. it’s like a fantasy metal flashback.

    *sings dio*
    …do you know what i meeeaaaannn…

  12. WOW! what a sexy bitch! he’s looking flawless, can i say that hair looks otherworldly… :drool:

  13. I second 58- more hot guys please, thank you! (or if This one feels like it, one of him without a shirt?)

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