Cuts across the eyes

There seems to be a recent uprise in the popularity of scarification, both “intentional” looking like this one (on hypnotik davzzz), and the rougher scars I’ve featured in the past, that cross the eye visually. This fresh example, done using skin removal, is by Efix at D-Markation in Quebec City, Quebec.

13 thoughts on “Cuts across the eyes

  1. I really love that transdermal array as well as the facial cuttings.

    Shannon, we wanna see some healed shots of this type of work. We demand it. :)

  2. I really appreciate scarrifacation that flows in a linear way, that complements the lines of the body, and this piece does just that. I’m invisioning the addition of tattooing to this piece, maybe something as simple as a line of small circles running across the inside of both of the “slanted ‘L’” shaped scars.
    It would be cool to hear some feed back on the tattoo addition idea, either way cool piece bro. Keep up the progession people, this is what modification is all about!

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