The rarest piercing in the world?

I’ve seen a lot of unusual piercings over the last thirteen years. However, I think of all rare piercings, the rarest may well be the hymen piercing (among other things, most women who go for genital piercings are sexually active already). The example in this entry (click here for an unpierced before shot) was done by Ralf at Visavajara in Freiburg, Germany (one of my favorite towns in Germany), and it is only the second example of one that I’ve seen.

I am afraid I do not know the stories behind either of the two piercings… In the case the customer didn’t say why they wanted the piercing, and Ralf didn’t pry. I can think of a million interesting reasons for these, but I don’t know which of them it is.

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  1. hymens are elusive. not that i still could, but i doubt i would even be promted mentally to try and pierce my hymen even if i still had it intact. this is very peculiar. i wonder if the wearer of this one will have to take the jewelry out before the proposed loss of virginity, or wether it would get torn out and… lost within

  2. Me neither! I don’t remember having a hymen, it didn’t exist way before I lost my virginity. Where did it go??
    I guess now I know what one looks like.

  3. Some people have hymens that have to be broken medically. SuperHymens, so to speak. Most girls lose them pretty easily, though, through normal childhood activities or sports (such as riding horses or gymnastics).

  4. if she’s like a nun, she can have it forever. 🙂
    and instead of having a penis in there, it’s her consolation prize for giving herself up to God & leading a virgin life.

    lol but i highly doubt it’s b/c of that 😛

  5. Whoa!

    That looks like the ring might be a bit uncomfortable especially if it’s always rubbing up against the opening of the vagina. On second thought. . .

  6. 7: The before shot makes it a little clearer, although I’m wondering just how tiny her clitoral glans is, too…

  7. A Christian friend of mine is obsessed with her hymen and refers to it as her “seal” – I guess if you’ve had a fundamentalist upbringing, you learn that a woman’s virginity is all she’s worth… /rant

  8. It’s technically possible to have intercourse without breaking the hymen, FWIW. In some cases, it doesn’t completely cover the opening of the vagina.

  9. #8 Conquered, all vaginas are different and weird but this one is missing a ocuple things..

    Kind of piercing that makes me go Meh whatever…
    Even if my hymen was intact I would soo not pierce the fucker

  10. She might *be* sexually active. I never thought I’d ever seen my own hymen, but if I go by that pic it’s very likely that the little flap/nub I have in my vaginal canal is in fact part of it. I don’t have any desire to pierce it, but I could imagine it might hold a piercing. And I’ve had two kids!

  11. This one disturbs me, not because of how unusual the piercing placement is, but because the person looks so young. An adult woman does not look like that. Just because she has pubic hair does not mean she is an adult. Shannon please tell us she is legal and you are not a child pornographer. Sorry, harsh I know.

  12. That’s a woman, not a girl – unlike men, we don’t often get the chance to check each others bits out in the showers / urinals. But from personal experience, there’s a world of difference inside panties out there, and I’d love a neat little minge like that!

  13. Mine looked exactly like that before I became sexually active, very tiny and with a very visible hymen. I didn’t realize until I started watching porn that most vaginas look different than mine and have a visible labia minora, larger clitoris glans, etc. So yes, to those who say she’s “underdeveloped”, it is quite possible that she is a full grown adult woman who happens to be a bit smaller.
    As was said wisely above me: “there’s a world of difference inside panties out there.”

    I had one of those indestructible hymens that needed to be broken medically. It’s interesting to think that I could have gotten it pierced, and I like how it looks aesthetically, but once I became sexually active I just wanted the damned thing off, hah!

  14. That’s actually exactly what I look like, aside from the fact that my hymen’s been broken.
    I’m definitely not underage.

    But- where’s the clitoris? I thought I’d had sex with enough women to be able to find that fucker at will 😛

  15. From my relatively limited experience, all vaginas look different – my girlfriend, for instance, has a very ‘clean’-set one, unlike others I’ve seen.

    I think she’s most likely ‘legal’, but just not sexually active.

  16. Oh, and I forgot to mention…. you can see her clit in the picture. It’s the little nub where the inner lips meet 🙂

  17. It’s eentsy and cute, if that’s it. I do believe you’re right, though. Back to studying crotches 🙂

  18. It looks like the clit is being covered by the hood, which you can see is being stretched by the left hand. Her clit is not above the view of the camera.

    As for hymens… they aren’t like bubbles. They just don’t pop and disappear. Think of a football game with the cheerleaders holding a banner, then how the banner breaks apart when the football team runs through it. You still have pieces left of it attached to the sides (how much varies with every woman–we’re all built differently).

  19. i still don’t understand how she can have sex once the piercing heals.

    i mean, maybe i’m just inexperienced, but i’d think the penis goes where .. the ring is?

  20. This is an awesome piercing, but thinking about it hurts. Damn, I wish MY vagina looked like thateven when I WAS little. Damn anatomies being different. She’s lucky.

  21. Well I think the fact that she has her hymen still… is probably that she doesn’t have sex heh so I don’t think the piercing won’t bother much any penises.

    I’d love to know her story behind that and if it’s too kind of celebrate her celibacy well more power to her.

  22. that is not a hymen, hymens are thin membranes within the vagina covering 1/2 or 3/4ths , and there is no way one could be pulled out. it is a very thing piece of skin and not visible as this is (my mother is a nurse) this looks like the little piece of skin right before the opening of the vagina.

    and by the way, dose she not have a clitoris?

    and damn i am jealous! she looks so perfect down there! i just had to look at myself b/c i was curious…what a big let down *waaahhhhh*

  23. oh and i am a virgin, but my vaginal opening is no where near as small as hers…i do wonder how old she is? 13?

  24. @wocket (29): ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Sorry, couldn’t help it. What exactly do you think a clitoris is? It does reside IN the genital area, you know.

  25. i doubt that this is a hymen.

    This infant from a medical website has an intact hymen

    the only reason i even doubt it is because i have one of those fun little nodule thingys (wtf is it called?) which i see pierced here. i can also remember when i first tore my hymen so many years ago, and i think the two are not the same bits of anatomy. so……… i dont think this is a hymen

  26. What a lot of people fail to recognize, or simply aren’t aware of, is the fact that hymens often don’t break at all, but rather stretch to accommodate penises, hands, childbirth, etc. It’s very possible to have your hymen intact after losing your vaginal virginity.

    That said, I don’t think having a piercing there would help things, intercourse-wise.

  27. It’s pretty clear with the size and the position of this one, that this girl probably hasn’t had sex and certainly no babies coming out of there heh…

  28. i’m with 45 🙂
    & i keep on cmoing back to this.

    lol and 46, hymens DO break. which is why in a lot of conservative muslim countries, they have doctors inspect women to see if their hymen has broken. if it would merely stretch to accomodate penises, it would be harder to inspect for virginity, or lack of.

    maybe some stretch, but i think it’s an accepted norm that hymens break.

  29. Now I’m wondering what I looked like “down there” before I started having sex cause this picture only confuses me.

  30. I went to high school with a girl whos last name is Hymen. Her first name was Tara. You’ll never guess what her dad did for a living…gynecologist! True story.

  31. Hmm odd…well actually intruiging. Has anyone considered maybe she’s happy with a penis lacking lifestyle? She could be a lesbian.

  32. sorry, I am german and my english is terrible ! ok, that girl is infact 19 years old. so it is legal, visavajara is a serious, thprofesssional studio for piercing & bodymodification. I’m not sure the story behind is really interesting for public. it is a very rare piercing and my intension to show this pic on bme was to share this with you !! enjoy.
    infact this vaginal anatomic is tiny, but the girl is not a colossus. the clit you can see upside of the entrance of the vagina, half covered of the hood. ( do not understand the discussion, the clit is where it has to be) some woman have her clit also after ‘loosing their virgin’, ’cause it is very stretchable. sometimes after defloration it is possible there is some restpart which do not regenerate. but —————
    do not loose in woozily anatomic discussions.
    she is very happy to have this piercing, and I’m very happy that I did it !! best regards ralf

  33. dammed english !! for sure ‘some woman have her HYMEN also after ‘loosing their virgin’ instead of clit.
    and shannon : freiburg is waiting of a visit of you, hehe

  34. Article 184 b of the German Penal Code (StGB – “Strafgesetzbuch”) governs child pornography. For the purposes of the law, a child is defined as a person younger than 14 years of age.

    Most people forget that America is uptight bout nudity.

  35. maybe she’s a lesbian, never had sex with a penis (sorry, guys, it’s not that you’re objects, you know…) and prefers oral sex/petting/whatever to sticking stuff into her vagina.
    so many dumb ideas why it’s there, had to share one.

  36. with #50′s comment… i can tell you mine definitely broke (thank you boyfriend’s apadravya jewelry). it was quite amusing to see though. it ripped and there was a very tiny but visible piece of it sitting in the shower. so of course i had to point it out to the boyfriend! we got a good laugh out of it.

  37. Dang, no wonder guys never find the bits they need. I didn’t think there was anything odd about her anatomy and there’s people wondering where everything’s hidden. Sheesh. Somebody needs to start doing the Puppetry of the Vulva performances so people would get that if you stretch it out like that the folds do disappear.

  38. Yeah, maybe I’ve just seen way too many variations on female genitals, but I’m with Asurfael on this… I think it’s well within the realm of normal anatomy!

  39. ….ok, I’m confused and with #45. I also have this little ‘nubbin’ as I refer to it, I always have and a fair few of my ex’s did too although, granted, others didn’t.

    I really didn’t think it was the hymen or even a part of it. If it is I’m surprised that I still have remains of mine after breaking it through showjumping horses when I was 13, and I would have thought being sexually active since 15 would have finished it off.

    I always put the it down to yet another variation of female anatomy; some girls have little lips, some have larger, some girls have a smooth path from urethra to vagina, some have ‘nubbins!’ 🙂 Any gynos in the house? haha.

  40. I remember when mine ripped after I lost my V. I saw it floating in the potty.

    So is she gonna have her period all over her piercing every month then? ew.

  41. I don’t ever remember having a hymen, it also didn’t hurt to lost my virginity, and i didnt’ bleed at all.

    so… if sex breaks the hymen.. wouldn’t a piercing break the hymen?

    I don’t understand at all…

  42. First of all, everybody’s hymen is different. Everybody’s clitoris is different. Everybody’s vagina, labia, etc. are all different. So while it’s fun to point to a picture of a baby and say “no, THIS is what a hymen looks like, THAT is not a hymen,” the fact is that they could very well both be hymens. Ditto for anybody who says “well MINE doesn’t look like that” – again, they’re all different, whether broken or unbroken, they are still all different.

    That said, I agree with metlakatla #72. If she had an intact hymen before, she doesn’t now! 🙂

  43. For those talking about female circumcision, you guys worry me; her clit is small – like the rest of her vulva – but it’s clearly visible!

  44. IT IS a HYMEN, and maybe it’s pierced so she will refrain from sex until she’s married or such, so she won’t ‘give into temptation’ or something like that. Her clit is also visible as stated by previous comments, it is the ‘nubbin’ up where the labia meet!

  45. Also I’m pretty sure a Princess Albertina is up beneath the clit, its a pierced urethra (where the pee comes out).

  46. if it was to reframe from sex then i dont think it work not stop me from going in if one was going to do that why not just run 4 or 5 down the out side of there and have it “closed”

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