"Birthay Piercings"


My favorite part is the apparently disinterested person using the computer. I don’t think I would be able to pay attention to the Internet with someone half naked and play pierced cavorting around on the floor!

“Not the most convenient place to be stuck together,” she says.

45 thoughts on “"Birthay Piercings"

  1. definately not convenient but sexy none the less… and she as usual is gorgeous… i need a BME Modblog bib… c’mon Shannon get to it…

  2. I just tried moving around with my thighs fused together (without needles) and it really is hard. I definately would have ripped a needle out.

  3. I’ve been to parties where all the girls ended up naked in a pile and the guys were at the other end of the room playing WoW.


  4. Holy wow, that would be very hard to move around.

    Fishie – That’s basically the story of all of my friends.

    The girls look at porn, compare boobs, and various things.
    The boys play WoW, Halo, and paint warhammer.

    I usually go with the boys instead.

  5. there’s only so much time you can spend in a house as one of three girls who regularly end up half naked and covorting in some manner before you start to not notice so much.

    girl at the computer = iam:Titties.

    check it out, she has some sweet pics from that night also. plus, she has a sweet rack

  6. #12, that’s for real.
    “because my level four fire mage would totally destroy your level 30 warlock. it wouldn’t even be a contest”

  7. I know what I want for my birthday!

    …it looks to me like it could be a new form of chastity piercing? Am I wrong?

  8. This is the coolest play piercing I’ve seen…it acts pretty much as a chastity belt. It could be embellished upon and used as an art installation or something.

    Otherwise, great tits.

  9. This girl should have her own section on modblog, way hot!

    I like how iam panties has a corset that kinda looks like panties…

    Is the redeye intentional? Given the relatively decent quality of the photos and Shannon’s love of photoshop, it seems out of place

  10. oh dear, you really should issue bibs, or at least bib warnings

    i think the red eye adds to the evil

  11. awwww i love all you beautiful people that had nice things to say

    pox & stew – eat each others balls!

    PS – stew, those shoes have destroyed my feet. i didnt know blisters got that big


  12. Thats such a great place for a corset, it looks hot :) And well done for moving around with it in, I bet that would’ve made a really amusing video :)

  13. I love to travel……but I don’t think I can afford to go to Australia. I would totally be into showing you some tricks that would make large scale stuff really easy, and look really good. Although…..doesn’t sound like your actually interested……

  14. since when does it just take a hot chick to get noticed for your work, am I the only one on here that realizes this work is shit?

  15. give us a break dude! it was stuff i did on myself, that was never intended to be photographed cos i was feeling gross but wanted to play around a little and after it was done we decided to get some pics after all. it wasnt intended as some amazing, ground breaking piece of artistry… geez!

  16. i must agree, i should think that if i had a young lady situated like such in my vicinity, i would feel obligated to delicately carry her to the nearest bed for some *cough* playing, provided of course that she was receptive to such suggestions.

    also, i must say that the young lady in the photographs is rather attractive. i envy whomever it is that she shares her bed with (partially due to the fact that my bed is vacant after a unfortunate and nasty breakup with a loved one).

  17. whatever happened to the ol’ lock and key idea, or the holding a nickle between your knees? neat.

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