36 thoughts on “Modification Sources

  1. irks- i think there must be something terribly wrong with this scarification- i guess the “artist” just didn’t knew what he was doing- disgusting in my eyes!

  2. i’m might be being dumb but I can’t work out how the quad could cause this?
    Or how anything could cause this really.

  3. Ah, I totally misread this.
    It’s an unintentional scarification caused by Quad bike thing, right?


  4. oh- ok- i did’t read the stuff with the quad… because of the heart-shape of the scar I thought it had been made as a scarification…

  5. yeah I read quad and thought it was talking about his leg and I was very confused. that must have been a hellatious wreck to cause a scar that big.

  6. 11 & 16 – i thought the same thing! i was starting to question whether maybe i’d been using the wrong word for my leg muscles ha ha shows how sporty i am!

  7. Even with the picture, I still can’t believe this is possible. His nipple is nearly down to his stomach!!!

  8. Natural scars always come out much more intense and with alot more personality and the piercing brings it out even more… If that was me I would have added a tattoo in the mixture. I love asymmetry and my third nipple piercing is proof but this guy’s hardcore.

  9. hey that’s me! yeah that’s all nautral no hosital help. but i’m going to add tatoos soon and because of what it do to my muscles i need some surgeries to fix them and i might get the scar removed.

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