Another Webbed Toe Piercing!

This was done by Lori St. Leone from Vogue Body Piercing in Darwin, NT, Australia. She writes that the client’s bones were fully formed and normal, but the two toes were fused by soft tissue and “very safe to pierce through”. She did the piercing in 14ga, with a gem setting on the top and a round bead on the bottom… For some people a flat disc would be used, but because of her anatomy (concave surface on the bottom), using a ball instead allowed Lori to do a placement that put nearly no pressure on the piercing during walking.

How strange is it that this is starting to become a not-so-uncommon piercing? Fused/webbed toes occur in about 1 in 2,000 people (including Marge Simpson), so maybe it’s about time to add a “Syndactyly Piercing” section or something?

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75 thoughts on “Another Webbed Toe Piercing!

  1. Sure Marge would have it done. She’s got a bit of the wild/adventurous side in her ;). Why did the client roll her shirt up for a toe web piercing? Was she in for anything else?

  2. although the piercing is real cute and quirky, you can see a bit of her cooch in the big pic. oops!

  3. Am I the only one who notices in all the pics of the girls feet from the links they all have chipped nailpolish and or dirty toenails? that cant be clean…

  4. It’d be great to get 3 piercings there, it’d look so cute.

    Talking of feet I’m having an operation on my in 4 moths as I have claw toe. They’re going to cut tendons attached to every toe except my big one, break the joints in two of my toes then fuse them together differently and on my little toes either cut a bit of skin from my foot so my whole toe can move down and across then have a graft or something, break the joints, cut the tendons etc…or just cut the little toes offf, because they’re probably gonna curl back up anyway.

    I’m not sure what to do and kinda wondered if this would technically count as a mod seeing as it’s my choice to have them removed..

  5. Everytime I see webbed toes, it makes me want to itch in between my toes. At the end of the day when I take off my socks, i always run my fingers between my toes to remove lint/particules and I let them get some air.. I don’t like the feeling of my toes being squished together all the time, so when I see them webbed, all I can think is how crazy it would make me to have them stuck together. However, of course I understand that infact to that person its more liek just one toe rather than two stuck together…. still.. makes me want to scratch.

  6. hmm. i think this is pretty cool. if i had webbed toes i’d surely pierce the f*ckers. i think a flat back, bling style piece would look sehr hot.

  7. I had planned on putting a disc on the bottom of the piercing, but after marking it up and checking her anatomy, the edges of the disc would’ve rubbed her raw on the underside. We discussed it and decided to use a ball instead, with the understanding that she’d come back straight away if there were any issues. She’s been in to the shop twice since doing the piercing and it’s healing beautifully. :)

    And you so can NOT see her vag in those pictures, sheesh – she’s wearing shorts!

  8. Did anyone mention that this is not a toe-web piercing? Her toes are fused, not webbed. Minor thing, but just thought I’d mention it, and of course I could be totally wrong, I’m not a doctor or anything.

    And…”you see a bit of the clam it’s cool…” Holy crap, thought I’d die laughing right there.

  9. *sigh* I assure you, you can’t see her vulva in any of those pictures. Anyone on IAM is welcome to check out the original pic on my page, it’s larger – you’re seeing a shadow and some of her inner thigh. She is dressed and decent in these photographs. Sorry to disillusion the wishful thinking… ;)

    For clam pictures, scroll down, I’m sure you won’t have to look too hard to find some Aussie girls who have no problem getting their junk out on the internet. *grin*

  10. Oh, and her shirt’s rolled up cos I had changed the jewellery in her navel piercing prior to doing her toe piercing, and she forgot to pull it down and I didn’t notice when I was taking the pics. Oops!

  11. Were the littler pictures taken at a different time? ‘Cause in the big picture, it looks like her toenails are painted, and then, like in the bottom right picture, they’re obviously not?

  12. Seconds no. 29.

    Then again.

    I have a friend with webbed toes and she always has trouble clipping them.


    Still jealous :)

  13. # 34 ,

    Your face creeps me out! im disgusted by it actually..

    I just cant help it. i had to say it.

  14. This lady is naturally moded, its great. I have to pay for my body to be differant.
    Love the way she looks so happy

  15. ok, so i came a little late to this convo – but im sorry lori, but im pretty sure im one of the few girls on bme that DOESNT get their junk out. if you care to take a look at my page, there arent ANY pics of my genital piercings, maybe a pic or two on a private forum, but when have you EVER

  16. ok, so i came a little late to this convo – but im sorry lori, but im pretty sure im one of the few girls on bme that DOESNT get their junk out. if you care to take a look at my page, there arent ANY pics of my genital piercings, maybe a pic or two on a private forum, but when have you EVER seen me nude publicly on iam? and you dont seem to be jumping in everytime a girl shows her genital piercings publicly – which i by no means think is a bad thing, i just wouldnt do it – but if not wearing long pants to show off piercings that would otherwise be covered by them to show them at their best seems totally fine and respectable to me.

    moral is – i resent your ludicrous comment about aussie girls getting their junk out. sorry people are just more interested in looking at me than you.

  17. meeeeow, panties – table for two, saucer of milk? Not that I even referred to you specifically (or anyone at all), but it was a JOKE, hence the “*grin*” and “;)”. If you have a specific issue to address with me, you’re welcome to IM me about it (or call or email, for that matter). Settle, petal. Sheesh. There’s no need to get all catty ‘n personal.

  18. pretty sure you made it catty and personal by referring to”some Aussie girls who have no problem getting their junk out on the internet.” particularly when im about two pictures down. maybe you should consider your personal issues with me and my mates.. or any girl under 80 kilos for that matter… *grin*

  19. OK, since you want to get stuck into it on a public forum, I’ll address your comment. Glad to know you can read and understand English well, though. It also clarifies how much of this is about garnering more attention for yourself rather than any real problem with anything I’ve said or done, too.

    I don’t have any issues with you or your “mates”, no matter how important you all rank yourselves – I don’t know any of you personally and your personalities online don’t particularly make me want to extend the hand of friendship. You should probably stop assuming that everyone knows you or is interested in you in any way, positive or negative.

    As for you (or your friends) getting it out on the internet, well, if the shoe fits, baby. No, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actual graphic nude photo of you (and mind, I haven’t gone to your page looking or anything, and I never did go look at all of the pics from NYE, although I heard all about it), but I’ve certainly never seen a picture of you with a whole lot of clothing on, either, and you do seem to prefer to post pictures like that as avatars in forums we both frequent. I’m not saying that as a slam against you in any way, we live in a very hot climate and most people in either of our towns don’t walk around rugged up for winter, and you do have a good figure, but I’m just saying – you certainly don’t mind dressing in a very provocative manner and posting pictures on the internet. Is making a factual observation catty or insulting? It certainly wasn’t my intent to be that way, as I stated above. I think you’re choosing to interpret it that way, even though I’ve clarified my statement to explain otherwise. My advice is to stop looking for drama where there isn’t any.

    My original comment was in reference to all of the claims that my client was exposing herself in these photographs. She’s not, although a shadow kind of makes it look that way. It’s just a fact that certainly the overwhelming majority of pictures of Australian females on Modblog are more about the sex than the mod in question – and yes, Shannon, I’m aware that in your mind the two are inseparable, but you have to be aware that for many, it’s not like that.

    This Modblog entry isn’t about me as such, it’s about a piercing I did. I’d far prefer to be known for the work that I do and what I contribute to the body modification community than for anything as ephemeral as youth or beauty, but then, I am a body modification professional with a lifelong commitment to the pursuit, not a scenester or an attention junkie. And I’m very comfortable with my body, my health, and my physical appearance, thank you. I’m much healthier and in better shape physically now in my thirties than I was ten years ago, when I was a size 10 or 12 and drinking/doing drugs/partying all the time! But by all means, feel free to keep making digs at my size, love, I’m sure that’ll do wonders for your public image and approval rating.

    At any rate, that’s what I have to say on the matter. Any further comment on the drama/flamewar aspect of this post should be addressed to me privately, as further discussion of my personal life or views in this comment forum will be ignored. I know, OMG LAST WORD OPPORTUNITY! Go for it with my blessing, panties, I’m truly not fussed.

  20. Hey Loz,
    I meant to tell you the other day..
    congrats for getting something published to modblog again :D

  21. The proper term is “fused” not “webbed.” I was going to get my toe fusions pierced but now with microdermals I am kinda thinking that MD’s are better suited. But if you were to pierce it, a round bead/ball on the bottom would be best, the edges wouldn’t dig and rub like a disk would….you just gotta have fused toes to understand. =P

  22. I’ve never seen a piercing like that before, so thanks Lori for sharing your great work.

    Such a shame that it isn’t the modification that is the main topic of interest here…but instead petty, childish shit.

  23. That’s really cool. I have webbed toes, too.

    It looks cool but it looks as if it would feel really noticeable when you walked?

  24. U no what? they should make toe rings for people with webbed feet! all you would hav to do is make it a little wider. so it will go around both of the persons webbed toes!!!

    i think webbed feet look great!

  25. they should make toe rings for those that have webbed toes so they wont feel left out. all you would have to do is make the toe ring a bit wider so it would be able to go around both of the webbed toes! i think that picture is awesome i love people with webbed toes! its so sexy!

  26. i have webbed toe as well, never thought of doing something like this, it’s funky as it is… but hey, if she’s happy about it than who am i…

  27. i have webbed toes too! except on my left foot my 2nd toe is on top of my third toe and webbed together like that it sucks!
    on my right foot my 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed too! my 2nd toe & 3rd toes (rigth foot) are the same size and they are both longer than my big toe! on my left foot i dont really know if my 2nd toe is longer than my big toe or not because its layed on top of my 3rd toe and its crooked at the top! (oh and my webbed toes are fully webbed the right toes are pretty close) all of my friends think its funny. i cant even paint my 3rd toe nail on my left foot! i do wear to rings! hehe but i have to wear them on my fourth toe! my freinds all wear toe socks on wednesday’s but i cant! i dontlike to wear to wear shoes i only wear flip flops (even in the winter) because its really uncomfortable on my left foot because my 2nd toe is over my 3rd toe and it sort of sticks up and makes it to wear i cant move my 2nd&3rd toes! lol! its also kind of hard to balance on like a blance beam and stuff cause you kinda need to spread your toes apart but i cant! so i dont do very well at that! on my right foot my toes separate right before the nail! when ever my mom and i paint our toenails my mom always makes a comment about my toes! (she only has webbed toes on one side) for some reason my mom doesnt like wearing shoes or flip flops and when she does wear flip flops she takes them off when she drives (i do the same thing) she said it feels kind of wierd having webbed toes on one side becuase she can separate them on one side but she cant on the other! she always wears toe rings on her right foot! (the foot without the webbing) my mom does have a little bit of hammer toe on her left foot too! but hers is not as bad as my her 2nd and 3rd toes (it would only be her 2n toe but they are webbed so the 3rd is forced) go under her big toe! i guess thats why she hates wearing shoes and flip flops! i probably own mayb 3 pairs of socks lol! and my mom has like 3or 4. ( i told you we dont like having our toes covered up!) when me and my friends paint our toes they always laugh at mine! hehe dont blame them it is kind of funny cuase its like painting nine toes! when ever i buy a toe ring i see the cashier lady or who ever is working ther look at my toes! lol! one time the lady at the toe ring store in the mall said “whos this for?” right after she looked at my toes so i told her that it was for me and that i realize that my toes are webbed thats why i out the toe ring on my 4th toe! ive had people take pictures of my toes and put them in the yearbook! it was cool!! my mom has a pair of shoes that sh got from a friend and the shoes had a strap for that goes inbetween the big toe the 2nd & 3rd toes and my mom tried to put them on it was halarious! I LOVE WEBBED TOES!!!!…(sometimes)

  28. i love my toes!! yes, they are webbed all the way up on both feet! i hate having my toes covered up too. i always wear open toed shoes or i am barefoot! i have one other friend with webbed toes! (hers is not as webbed as mine) her toes are webbed only half the way up on both feet. my toes on my left foot are squished up against my big toe for some reason! =( i wear toe rings on my fourth toe also! only on my left foot though.

  29. My baby girl was just born with fused ‘webbed’ toes, we think she came from a water planet and we call her our little mermaid…anyway, I was just checking out the web to see if most people have surgery and I came upon this site…so it is good to see…thanks for the encouragement…the young lady on here looks lovely and it has eased my mind a bit~ Mimi

    AT ALL.

  31. my 2nd, 3rd and 4th toes are webbed =( my 2nd and 3rd toes (both feet) are fully webbed but my 3rd and 4th toes are about half way i like having webbed toes but i dont like to show them off. i do wear flip flops but not very often. i have never thought of piercing them before i like the way it looks but i think my toes are to close together to pierce.

  32. i have webbed toes also my toes arent webbed all the way up so i do wear toe rings and i modified a pair of toesocks so now i can wear those too. i have thought of piercing my webbed toes but just never actually did it. and every pic i ve seen of pierced webbed toes look kinda gross so ill pass.
    i show my feet all the time! no one in my family that i know of has webbed toes like me but i dont care. i love getting pedicures! i broke one of my toes over the weekend it hurt pretty bad and it was one of my webbed toes it looked funny to me! but yeah im never going to pierce my toes!

  33. hi, i have webbed toes (2nd and 3rd toes 80% webbed both feet)
    i have thought of doing a piercing like this but it seems like it would hurt to walk on it…ouch

  34. that’s way to kewl to see how many other people have webbed toes! my 2nd and 3rd on my left foot were joined 3/4 up and my right is like 1/4 or so still. it totally drove me crazy having two different looking sets of 2nd & 3rd toes. my feet are good looking minus the 2nd and 3rd toe issue. i mean wtf u know! plus i hate i mean literally hate the word webbed! it’s not like you could stretch my toes apart and see a web u know, you couldn’t spread them apart at all, just the very tips separating the two nails. actually it’s funny someone mentioned cutting them and then going in to the hospital because i did do that. Yep! i totally thought of that on a regular basis before finally cut them myself. it heals quite easily because it’s just soft tissue without any major vessels or bone to worry about. (some rare cases of syndactyly have bone fused but yo would know). i iced my toes until they were completely numb and then took an electric carving knife and pulled one of the two blades off for a single smooth slicing and VERY CAREFULLY cut down the middle avoiding nerves, blood vessels on sides of toes, etc.. I didn’t feel a thing and it kind of scared me how easy it was and i wasn’t sure how far i should go down just in case it wouldn’t heal right so i just cut a little past the half way mark. ( believe me, i so wanted to go all the way down but i figured if it was this easy and painless i could just do it again later once it healed up assuming it did and if not i’d just tape them together and hope for the best). i can’t even begin to explain the feeling it gave me after being so freakin ashamed and bound by it for so many years! it was unbelievably intense and i was just overcome with absolute relief. BUT although everything wet well in the long run, it did hurt a bit after the ice numbing wore off. not bad* it wasn’t nearly as bad as i thought it would be and it totally wore off (the pain) in like twenty minutes or so. I prepared for the day extensively and had antibiotics (keflex-cephalexin), breathable guauze, tape, and alcohol solution. oh yea & peroxide. i wrapped the toes separately in the same type of guauze used when you get a bad cut, stitches and elevated it above my heart to prevent bleeding and swelling. it never really swelled but it did bleed a little (ONLY when i’d walk on it). numbing it with ice constricted the blood flow so when i cut my toes it didn’t bleed at all for like five minutes. over the days i still showered and all but i was extremely careful & i also changed the dressings daily as well. it took a good week and a half before the tissue started healing preventing the toes from sticking back together. it’s just soft tissue and it WILL heal WITHOUT STITCHES. (no stitches means no stitch scarring) it just takes a little bit of patience and common sense and yes, it seriously really DOES NOT HURT MUCH like you would think. it’s just right after the blood returns after the ice wears off that you feel like you cut yourself but after the first few hours/day it just feels like an itching sensation more so of a pain. i’ve had much worse pain and not nearly the pain of a broken bone. plus the toes were fused so close that by cutting right down the middle allowed them to look normal once healed without extra skin on the sides and by judging most of the webbed toe photos on here they too are fused close. (no stretchy web) However! i did not cut all the way down so after it thoroughly healed i was ecstatic! even tho they were still partially fused it looked much more normal. i could finally feel between my toes!! plus it was honestly such a fine slice (no sawing motion) that i never scarred where i put them back nor can you tell they were fused where i cut and left separated. a few yrs later i broke my ankle and ended up in the hospital and the doctor commented on the 2 webbed toes on my right foot (1/4 webbed not much but noticeable to those with webbed toes). she said her two daughters had twin toes also. after telling me that i felt way more comfortable talking about it so i asked about the corrective surgery and she recommended me to a plastic surgeon. after all of the years of being ashamed & hating my toes i figured i might as well just do it right and get it over with. well, i should have left my toes like they were. she did a skin graft and even tho it all worked out i now have some scarring which i feel is worse then the webbed toes and she went down a little further then i would have preferred. it’s not abnormal at all but i now my toes aren’t balanced compared to the right foot. no biggie since they weren’t to begin with but still. anyways before the surgery i had 100% feeling between my toes but she damaged a nerve and i lost feeling between part of my toes which sux especially when u wanted to know what it feels like plus i hate that numb feeling period. i would highly recommend this technique to someone patient and not squeemish/ even tho there isn’t much blood not just anyone can pierce or cut their toes. for me it’s a bodymod, i love it! if you have any questions or need assistance i’d be more then happy to help you out. [email protected] it’s really very simple and unlike an amputation there’s no major vessels or bone to worry about, very simple, very easy! plus soft tissue is pliable to an extent and once your toes are separated enough to feel between them or spread them the skin does stretch apart making it look totally normal when healed. Just remember tho, the flexor muscles between the toes are totally undeveloped and although undeveloped they are there and over time they will build up allowing you to spread your toes by themselves. You just have to be careful when doing certain sports like martial arts where your toes bend and spread apart. i fractured my 2nd toe just doing floor work because the muscles weren’t developed. Now it’s fine but it took years so i just tape them together when doing Hapkido and Jui-Jitsu. Don’t live your life all ashamed, it’s not worth it! I have experienced so much more and feel a million times better about myself now. No need for grafting! And if you don’t believe me just cut your toes down enough to separate a small amount and see for yourself. [email protected] i did this over ten years ago and really wouldn’t change much if i had to do it again. Maybe use a scalpel this time around but not necessarily and that’s really about it. Definitely contact me if curious and it really is a bodymod thats worth it if you hate your webbed toes or would just like them separated a little more to wear toe rings or certain shoes. take care

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  36. Hey chillin Props on your self modification. As a medical student I can see you were obviously prepared and did your homework. I’ve got a sister with the same toes webbed and two weeks ago she talked me into helping her separate her webbed toes. Mind you she’s 27. So, we did a very similar procedure but I used Lidocaine and a scalpel. Fortunately her toes (2nd & 3rd) were not fused as close as the ones in the pic, nails were separated and a little play but barely. As a result I made an incision down the middle careful to avoid nerves and vessels to assure proper blood flow to each toe. And yes, it cuts quite easily! She didn’t want stitches although I advised against it so we did one foot with stitches and the other without, I should also mention you cannot separate the toes all the way down if 3/4 fused because there isn’t enough skin to cover the gap between the toes. You would need a graft. We decided to cut a tad past the middle joints and then I sutchered the skin between the toes on her left foot and left them unsutchered on the right. On the right toes I wrapped them with guaze and checked them daily. So far they look fine and healing very well, similar to that of a toe amputation stump would. I’m quite amazed to be honest. The left side looks great! Even better in my opinion because I don’t believe the possibility of growing back together is there. We’ll see. She knows this is possible but as a fan of body mods she wanted to do this herself. By the way, she did cut the first quarter inch on her right foot. I thought that was cool. Anyhow I’ll keep you posted. Oh and yes, she did have her toes pierced before but the sensation of feeling between them only made her want to cut them even more. Certainly a personal preference! Not every webbed toe person loves their toes fused together. At least more people with fused toes are coming out now. I’m happy to see people are no longer referring to them as webbed toes, there really is no webbing on the majority.

  37. XD Thats pretty cool I have webbed ( fused…?) toes on both feet, same as her, its not really that noticeable from a distance, but its kinda cool to be a little different! Iv thought of tattooing them but never piercing, it looks pretty sweet! Cant believe it only occurs around 1 in 2000 people! I feel special!

  38. i have webed feet excep unlike her its my first two toes and my two middle im thinking of getting it done but is it safe

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