37 thoughts on “Not a profound performance?

  1. Oh man, that place looks dirty… but maybe my perception is tainted by the excrement stained toilet…

  2. haha. poo. hahaha.

    why does this pic make me laugh?

    i WILL be a grownup someday, and not find bodily functions hilarious…

    then again…prolly not.

  3. Dammit I would not let him use my toilet if he’s gonna make that kinda mess….
    very funny tho lol 🙂

  4. man…its not like you couldn’t just unhook the ropes for 5 minutes then go back. Hooks are NOT going to hinder THAT process. This is in extremely poor taste, not to mention GROSS!!

  5. What a fucking embarassment to suspension and the people who respect it as the ritual it is.
    Says alot about someone that they have no clue how to represent themself. Absolute fuckin’ loser in my opinion!!

  6. i could care less what you think i had a great time with it and to me that is all that matters

  7. Oh I can promise you that there are much, MUCH worse toilets in Scotland!

    I love how guys keep their socks on for everything…

  8. For the record the toilet is clean, the original pic is on my page if you like. The blood and shit was photoshoped in by someone who is not a member or a representative of the local hookers suspension team. As far as this being an embarassment to the “ritual” of suspension really, not everyone has to light incense to make things spiritual. Suspension is done for a ton of different reasons and some of us actually find it to be a fun and playfull activity. Looking at it from a playfull stand point, seizing the oportunity to take a funny picture that the suspendee can laugh at later on should be totally exceptable. Like I said, the toilet was clean, the dude isn’t actually shitting while suspending. AZL, don’t take life so seriously.

  9. I assume it is obvious that both the image is photoshopped (by me) and the quote is a joke from the entry’s text. That said, it’s not as if the punchline wasn’t well set up in advance!!!

    PS. Who wants to place bets on when the first ACTUAL taking a crap while suspending photos come in?

  10. I love it when people can have fun with something that the serious folk had been nearly destroying for the rest of us.

    Not everyone finds suspension to be a ritual, spiritual, transcendental, a right of passage, intense, what the fuck ever. A lot of us are just having fun.

    Don’t take life so seriously. You’ll ruin it for yourself.

  11. I have to agree with CutThroat, I’d like to try suspension one day just as something fun to try, and i have to say that although that its the more casual (not staged) photos that drew me, it’s good to see something funny and have a laugh every now and again

  12. Haha that is awesome
    And I love Mike for that comment, trainspotting is one of my favourite movies

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