27 thoughts on “Interesting DIY tattoo machine

  1. The stars amuse me.
    My fiance shaves his balls, he’s got a shaving fetish. He tried to use clippers on my outer labia… BLOODY MESS.

  2. That machiene looks pretty heavy. Props for him being able to tattoo well with something so top heavy.

  3. oh god shannon don’t remind me, using clippers on the sack sucks so much, you keep clipping yourself then you start to bleed everywhere. using a razor works just fine on your sack but using clippers works wonders for everywhere else. or just use Veet

  4. The machine sorta looks like a lil hand-held stereo!

    Btw, ball shaving is the best… till stubble grows and you are walking around for 1/2 the day. Long story short, keep your regrowth under control!

    Props to the heavy work too, I love the white highlights.

  5. C’mon y’all, be men and use NAIR! It’s like napalm for the balls. It’ll leave ‘em thoroughly deforested and somewhat burnt.

  6. Oh god, Nair burns so bad- don’t use it! I’m really curious how much this device weighs, it seems the balance would make it difficult to control the line.

  7. Yeah, I’ve used Nair on me balls before…..never again……They were bright red and ore for 2 days. I couldnt move properly, or even touch them 🙁

    I wanna know how he made his machine 🙂

  8. As for the shaving/’deforesting’ — use an epilator. It’s like tweezing, only faster, and the pain isn’t as bas as one may expect.

    As for the blog post, he has some very pretty work on his body! Wow.

  9. Look all you whimpy men, let me remove that hair for you, be over in a couple of seconds – one quick flick of my blow lamp all gone 🙂

    I will even send the pic up for shannon to post lol

  10. yes , it’s an aquarium aerator , and yes , it’s heavy …
    (about 500grs) , but it’s not expensive , not noisy , it had never broken down and it is really easy to use…

  11. I just forgot to say that pictures of the ” how it’s made ” are on my IAM page … and it’s very easy to built !

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