Hair be gone

… much better than today’s more dominant BME story: DNS be gone! If you’re reading this, you’re hopefully past that problem now.

Err, Dearlover is so pretty (and takes such nice photos) that I have to be careful what I write here lest I embarrass myself or get myself an appointment to be beat up by her husband, ha… The new lack-of-hair-haircut looks great! 14ga labret by Timebomb, 3/4″ plugs by Paul.

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36 thoughts on “Hair be gone

  1. It’s the girls who look like this that made me NEARLY shave my head (as it is, i have a mostly-shaven head save for a little mohawk. go figure, BME)

  2. “Today’s”? The DNS decided to play hide and go seek since the clock said it was “today,” I wasn’t able to load anything since midnight-ish.

    Super glad we’re back up. =]

  3. I have blue eyes, and even I’m jealous of her stunning eyes. Not to mention the rest of her features. This girl is just too beautiful!

  4. photoshopped eyes!!! but they’re very well done, and look amazing. i wish mine looked like that in real life, even though i like the way my eyes are now.

  5. Damn she has nice eyes, their the first thing i noticed, and the labret really compliments her and the hair.

  6. I have to say, I’m more interested in the photography than the subject here…what lens/camera/filters/photshopping was done?

  7. It takes a particular style of face to take off very short hairstyles like this one.

    This woman is simply stunning!

  8. Don’t worry, my husband is not the jealous (or violent) type. You should be safe!

    Thank you everyone! I’m flattered. I actually did start out completely shaved. There’s a photo on my my iam page that’s completely bald. I shaved it for a SuicideGirls set. My eyes were brightened in photoshop, but I do think they are pretty nice anyways.

    And I’m not giving out any of my secrets Greg! Haha.

  9. Wow. She has the kind of beauty that renders one speechless. Beautiful mods, beautiful girl. The fact that in all the photos I have seen of her she looks just like Milla Jovovich () only deepens my interest in her :)

  10. Lovely look!
    Lovely picture…
    perfect hair ;)

    completely awesome!!

    (Wish that I had pictures like this of myself :()

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