An unusual fetish

I’m not sure if it’s entirely appropriate for posting here, but since I’m using ModBlog to store comments for BME/News, here we go… Don’t click if it you don’t want to read about maggots on genitals.

maggot lover

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116 thoughts on “An unusual fetish

  1. Hmmmm…. Ive always had a phobia of maggots, ever since my dick head of a brother decided to throw a handful at me whilst he was fishing 20yrs ago…

  2. I’m alittle grossed out because I associate maggots with dead bodies (I used to work in a morgue).

    To each their own

  3. everybody has their own little way to get off. not exactly my cup of tea. but if you can do it, why not.

    fair play to the guy

    hes not hurting anyone/thing

  4. a long time ago my parents dog got a hot spot on it’s neck and I guess a fly laid eggs in it because it was so raw, yeah well I spent about an hour trying to clean maggotts out of a hole in the dogs neck, so I hope this guy is happy with what he is doing but shit that grossed me out

  5. I agree with #2. I can sort of see how this might feel nice, but I wouldn’t like to try it… Don’t relish the thought of trying to get them out of orifices…

  6. Maggots notwithstanding, I don’t think his penis looks very attractive :) I can understand the value of the maggots in his play, though.

  7. Hmmm…this sends a shudder down my spine! When I saw the pictures I had this urge to go and was my bits, but each to their own.

  8. so does he just chuck a few in his knickers and pop down to the shops with them burrowing down his japs eye?

  9. I don’t know if this is a silly question, but how does he get the maggots off and out of his penis when he’s done?

  10. ummm…. To each his own for sure…. personally to me that is just nasty but that is personally … if the guy gets off hurrah for him

  11. usually, a ‘don’t click this’ type message will make me curious, and I’ll click it no matter how gross it sounds.. this is the first time I really am not going to click it. even the picture here freaks me out. I think i have a phobia of maggots..

  12. To each their own, but I dont know if the whole thing about it being ideal for a women. i could see them getting into some inside parts and being one hell of a mess to deal with. eeeeep!!! its like centipedes in your vagina. (ha to anyone who gets that)

  13. i remember the one summer my lazy pothead ex-boyfriend and i refused to take the trash to the curb for several weeks. it sat outside collecting rain water. so when i finally tried to haul it, there were maggots spilling out everywhere. i don’t like maggots.

  14. this needed to be longer! other than that, i’m terrified of maggots and every other insect (even butterflies!) so i’m gonna have to say this really grosses me out. also, he called labia ‘flaps’ haha. silly maggot lover.

  15. I am just interested in why he chooses maggots specifically then another insect…is there an association with death and decay that plays a factor? This interview was really interesting.

  16. #24, It’s more likely than you think.

    This fetish squicks me out a lot, but I reeeeealllly don’t like insects.

  17. I think the feeling would be great, but I cant get over that I think they are a “dirty” insect, whether they are or not. I wouldn’t be able to do it.

    Though worms are dirty too, I would feel more comfortable with them on my naughty places.

  18. Even though it’s definitely something that I didn’t click on, for want of keeping my tummy a happy creature, I found the interview to be fascinating! Thank you Shannon!

  19. Oh god, oh god. I really wish this had been pixilated with an option to click for a proper picture. Urgh.

  20. It’s something I’ve never thought of before, but it seems very interesting. I wouldn’t want maggots in my vagina though, other places would be okay. Probably something I won’t try. It just doesn’t seem pratical for a female.

  21. this is the first time I havent immediately clicked through, I opted to read what everyone else had to say first…well here I go

  22. ok pictures I coudnt handle but the interview was very interesting. It go me wondering though. How sanitary is allowing maggots that have previously been eating off rotten meat start crawling around a penis. Also, women would not be ideal, we’re too prone to infections what with all the “flaps” lol. And nice one liner at the end Shannon.

  23. I’m absolutely terrified of worms, and seeing that picture kind of made me want to jump out of my third floor window.

  24. okay, i’m not finding this gross.
    and to be a little more blunt, i think it’s arousing. oddly arousing, but arousing none-the-less.

  25. #24–it’s more likely than you think!

    Yeah, I think it’s kinda cool. Maggots are getting a lot of play in my infotubes right now. Helping clarify time of death, cleaning infected wounds in hospitals, adding protein to soy sauce, and now in sex play.

    It’s not my thing, for sure, but I can see it’s use. I’m more in the wanna-be insectivore crowd, though.

    ….which would be an interesting combo of fetishes. Ha haha.

  26. mod blog never fails to amaze me.

    not my cup-o-tea, but hey; if maggots make you happy, then maggots make you happy.

  27. I hate maggots. Once I was taking up some potatoes for my mom to make stew, and when I put my hand into the bag, to get a potato, I encountered slime and maggots. Since that day, i’ve hated maggots and most insects.

    Interesting interview and fetish, but the last line really got to me. I’d be so scared that could crawl up into my ovaries.

  28. as far as i can tell at this moment, not something im interested in, but just like the indestructible man – thank you for posting this, if for no other reason, for insight into someone else mind and what makes them tick

    thanks shannon

  29. Wow, that’s neat. I’d be afraid of accidently squishing and killing someone though.

  30. I thought maggots only ate dead skin?

    (I didnt bother to read previous posts since theres 50+ posts on here)

  31. I tryed to go into this open minded but o__O
    Good for him I guess, but I think those pictures have made me lesbian.

    I just tought about would this kind of thing be counted as beastiality? I mean hes having some kind of sexual act with the maggots, but at the same time its not like hes hurting them like a donkey show or something. Thats my stupid thought of the day

  32. and i’m trying to think of a good one-word name to describe this fetish. wangmaggots? magwangits?

  33. This is something my mom would just DIE if she saw. She has a horrible phobia of maggots.
    I don’t think I could use them myself, especially not right away, but if I was with a guy who loved it, I wouldn’t turn him away because of it. Then again, it’s not fair if he ends up killing a lot of them either…

  34. more power to you, i’m all for getting creative in bed, but i’m not letting him anywhere near my ‘flaps’ with those maggots.

  35. definitly more interviews with anonymous extreme play people. suggestions if i may….

    penectomy interview
    couple interview who are into whatever nasty stuff. bea and ?

  36. “no, I don’t care about the consent of maggots”
    hahaha! I love it, Shannon.
    No, not the maggots… the quote.

    I love reading these interviews, keep em coming.

    p.s. the segmented maggots bite live flesh? Agk! What does a maggot bite feel like? **shudders**

  37. #52 – did you get that from the House episode as well?or is that just me? ha ha anyways, he did actually say they only eat dead stuff, dead fish i think he mentioned…

    i think maggots are the only thing that really well and truly freak me out. i couldnt even click through. i’ve never been able to not click through before…

    love the interviews tho!

  38. I’m with you 67. :|
    I’m terrified of bugs.
    Just seeing maggots makes my skin crawl, but I had to click the link anyways.
    More power to the man, but I couldn’t do it…

  39. Excellent interview, I just wish it was longer. I also wish I could go around interviewing people like this; it’s absolutely fascinating to read about…

    As for a woman using maggots, I think that would be more complicated… Like, when women use tampons, it can only go so far up, but that’s because of the size. Maggots are a lot smaller. I cringe a little to think of where they could end up in there.

  40. LOL @ 24. Magots? In MY vagaina?

    as to this… well, I would not find that sexy ever… but to each his own i guess.
    I just hopes he washes them very well before hand…..

  41. I echo each to his own, but I’m not really interested in the interview (well, not until I finish my sandwich).
    If you gotta do worms why not get some waxworms from a petshop? They’re clean and look a lot like maggots. Or fishing worms in fresh potting soil?
    If your sex-partner is a worm wouldn’t you want a clean lil wormy?

  42. lol at @ maggots? in MY vagina?

    i saw this posted earlier while i was eating and decided to wait to read it. i just read it and it doesn’t gross me out so much. i think i dislike flies more because they carry a lot of germs. i’ve been impressed with maggots ever since i learned they can clean out dead and dying tissue from life-threatening wounds.
    but in general, larvae of any kind are sort of freaky, probably because i don’t have much experience around them. i am curious though, as well, why he chooses maggots. why not some other sort of insect?

  43. # 71 “wouldnt you want a clean lil wormy?”
    well it makes sense. you want a clean human partner, why not a clean maggot partner(s)?

    definitely could NEVER get into that myself, but you know…
    i suppose its cool that he ok with it.

    but once they get in the hole….how do you get them out? maybe im just missing something here, but i just dont get it

  44. Well, to quote:

    Maggot Debridement Therapy (MDT) is the medical use of live maggots (fly larvae) for cleaning non-healing wounds.

    Medicinal maggots have three actions: 1) they debride (clean) wounds by dissolving the dead (necrotic), infected tissue; 2) they disinfect the wound, by killing bacteria; and 3) they stimulate wound healing.

    Historically, maggots have been known for centuries to help heal wounds. Many military surgeons noted that soldiers whose wounds became infested with maggots did better — and had a much lower mortality rate — than did soldiers with similar wounds not infested.

  45. I asked this before (#15), but I really want to know how he get the maggots off and out of his penis when he’s done? And how would a woman get the maggots out when she finished?

  46. it’s not so much the maggots that are gross (though yeah, they’re pretty damn gross); it’s more that he slaps ‘em on his dick fresh off of some rotting meat. That’s gotta smell like… rotting dick.

  47. I couldn’t even look at the pics – I have such a fear of maggots and worms. But I feel the need to post some caution in case any women are seriously considering this. I’ve studied female anatomy for several years (my origional career choice was midwifery), and I would be very worried about the maggots getting up to a point where they would need to be retrieved with medical assistance.

    While the majority of objects that one inserts into the vagina (tampons, for example) cannot get “lost”, because the cervical opening is very small, and closed much of the time, I would think there is a distinct possibility that maggots could get through it, esp. during the woman’s fertile period (ovulation time) when the cervix is open, and just before, during and after menstruation. In a woman who has delivered a baby vaginally, the cervix is generally a little bit open at all times.

    The cervix leads straight to the uterus, and I shudder to think of them getting in there. I’m sure they could be removed via hysteroscopy, a surgical method involving lights, tubes, telescopic cameras…lots of fun. The fallopian tubes, however, are probably not wide enough for a maggot to get in there.

    If you are intent on this anyhow, hey, whatever turns your crank, but if you’re female, I would seriously beg you to consider these bits of advice – first, COUNT your maggots, before and after! Make sure the same number comes out that went in/around! Second, I would seriously use an internal barrier method, such as a diaphragm, or even an Instead cup (menstrual product) that is free from holes, just to cover that cervical opening. You don’t want to risk any surgery, or infection that could damage your fertility.

  48. wow… the amount of stuff that doesn’t faze me anymore is starting to astound me. but kudos to him for doing what he needs to get off!

  49. i really enjoyed the interview, and the pictures were neat. i personally wouldn’t do this, mostly because i don’t think it’d do anything for me sexually, i’d find it funny more than anything else. but also, i’d be afraid they’d get stuck inside my vag or something scary.

    but yeah, yay for sexual exploration and fun!

  50. #83, thinking of that makes me think of Exorcist: The Beginning. If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about.

    I personally find this hard to swallow. But if he’s into it, then by all means, who am I to question it?

    I’d just like to know how he got it into his head that having them crawl all over would feel good, that’s all. That takes some kind of imagination.

  51. I have an obsession with playing with venemous snakes ive had 12 bites so far and many trips to hospital but i still love it gives me an adrenalin buzz i still insist on playing with death adders

  52. I personally associate maggots with flies, and absolutely nothing gets my blood boiling more than flies. They are the filthiest insect, so I certainly wouldn’t want their larvae on me.

  53. i really found it nauseating… but i respect him for doing it despite the criticism that he most definately recieves. not something i’m going to try but indulge in what makes you feel good dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

  54. This is honestly the only thing to ever utterly disgust me on MOD blog, or all of BME :(

  55. 87 posts and not one girl who would want to try it. well i guess for now he’s flying solo with this fetish.

    whatever floats your boat…

  56. Well, it certainly didn’t gross me out…and his comparison of “hundreds of little women” canoodling his noodle was intriguing…but not my thing.

    One, things that are smaller than a piece of macaroni and can independently move freak me out.

    Two, I think that this, in some way, infringes on my veganism lol.

  57. to numebr 78 for info on the maggots good point, hahah i wonder if he woudl just rather sit in a bath of maggots mind u miight feel slimy but the maggots might claen you in way haha im grossed out by maggots and also interested in the there nature as well oh, to maggot man whatever floats your boat.

  58. I honestly don’t think I could be with a guy who had this type of fetish…it just seems so unsanitary to me. Having maggots crawl on your penis is one thing but I agree with previous posters about it being really unpractical for women. If the maggots crawled inside the vagina I can imagine they would be really hard to get out and how would you know that you got them all? Would they be able to crawl into the cervix? Anyway, if it gets the guy off, then good for him.

  59. Personally, this is quite revolting to me, but I agree that he is not hurting anyone and if it does it for him, who are we to judge!

  60. Can you please tell me why every comment I make is awaiting moderation??

    I have posted on this site for a number of weeks now.

    This particular post I have responded to 3 times and nothing ever appears.

    I sent entry number 97 with a full stop to see what happened.

    Shannon could you please help :))

    Hugs xx

  61. #25/zusanna sounds like MY lazy pothead ex-boyfriend!

    and hey, different strokes for different folks,
    even if the strokes are that of small larva.

  62. something is really worng with this dude in my opinion
    thats fucking sick man & not in a good way

  63. Hm I really don’t understand why my comments are awaiting moderation.
    I just write what I think, and what i think is just what I think.
    So, btw..
    why my comments are not public?
    I’d like to have an valid motivation, synce in what i write, usually, there is no rudeness or else.
    And later,
    if there is so free spirit here, where all kinda ppl post all kinda pics and all kinda comments, why my comments are not published.

    That’s all ar.

  64. “and no, I’m not concerned about the consent of maggots”
    I’d love to know the reasoning behind this.

  65. Kyn – Are you seriously suggesting that we should go out of our way to concern ourselves with the wellbeing of maggots? That’s some fairly radical veganism!

  66. No beef intended Shannon, I loved the interview, and The Indestructible Man one too. The Publishers Ring has always been one of my favourite sections (if not the most).

    It was only a question with genuine interest in the answer or motivation behind it, I really value your ideas and hold them/you to a high, yet healthy (I think) degree.

    Anyways, the interview was great, I’ll echo previous posters and express my interest in seeing more.

    And I’m not vegan by the way : )

  67. I was sitting here happily eating from my bowl of rice until I found this interview.. :S
    Guess I’m not a maggot lover.

  68. Hi everybody,
    I am inquisitive about the maggot thing, but I have a fetish for stale stinky meat. i like to apply over my body and get a high. I also try to collect female spit. I do enjoy a fetish for natural body odors of females. anybody interested to share such feelings can mail me at [email protected]

  69. pretty funny…
    I work in a german hospital, and actually I had a patient three years ago who came to us with a kidney infection and unknown pain in his left side. the computer tomography then showed us an amount of undefined fluid around his left kidney. the next day we opened him and we found a four maggots around his kidney who had penetrated ureter and kidney, luckily we could fix him.
    finally after the operation he told us that he enjoys it when the maggot crawled up his urethra which stimulated him to an fantastic ejaculation, but unfortunatly he didn’t ejaculate all of them.
    so my friends be careful with maggots putting in your urethra and if you can’t resist: be shure to get them out- count them.

  70. i thought maggot lover was very good i would like more infomation on this subject and any sites i can go to

  71. i find this subject very intresting,the last time i heard of it was in an article in husler in the 1970s

  72. Ugh…Everyone has that one thing in life that is absolutely paralyzingly terrifying. And to me it’s maggots. Just the thought of one on me makes me literally nauseous and dizzy. That picture make me sick. I couldn’t do this for a million dollars. But to each his own. And I support everyone’s rights to get off and do whatever they find kinky as long as it’s not hurting others against their will or children.

  73. It’s not really that unusual if you think about it for a second, for instance a tickling fetish is similar only the tickling sensation is being done by insects I presume, although sting and hurting by insects is a different kind.

    While many folks don’t get aroused some people do like the sensation of say dogs licking their feet or other pets so it’s not too far off.

    What I want to make mention is safety, I’m afraid too many people will pick out the nearest insect colony without thinking beforehand. Maggots for instance are dangerous if they consume live flesh for instance type that are used in medicinal settings are grown in a lab safe from diseases and only consume rotting flesh.

    Certain ants can sting badly and cause allergic shots, the red ones are bad, also in the woods or even in your backyard who knows what ticks and other creatures can bite you and give disease and cause multiple rashes. You can use bug spray but it defeats the point.

    I imagine the solution is to have a more controlled environment in a backyard or artificial yard with privacy and in the home get insects that are from a lab or disease free often used for bait for instance (medicinal maggots are not sold to the general public).

    Non-venemous snakes such as corn and milk ones can be added, although snakes are not very coordinated so its role in massages can be overstated. Certain spiders can be deadly and some can be safe, but others can have fibers that you don’t want to breathe in.

    Sometimes its not a fetish per se, but something cute, for instance pet rats crawling on someone or a dog licking you or gently biting like a bird is not really an arousal but it adds to an overall arousal experience.

    Sometimes folks get aroused by the challenge. The idea of course of insects crawling on people is not new, shows like fear factor have had stunts that freatured maggots,worms,rats and snakes (out of reach and the rats were not domesticiated), roaches, eels (too extreme), crickets,etc.

    That’s my two cents. Be safe and have fun and explore.

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