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  1. wow Im not usually one for girls but she is amazingly beautiful and sexy. Even completly naked and covered in tattoos she looks classy.

  2. It’s nice to see a more realistic woman on here. So many of them are stick-thin it’s sad. Obviously she isn’t large, but she’s the right size to have some curves. And that’s something that makes women beautiful, instead of looking like prepubescent boys.

    I looove her mods. They suit her and are not overdone.

    Very classy!

  3. #7 – to give a compliment is not to insult other people.


    …her tattoos are well done and i like the picture. it’s very sexy 😉

  4. I definatly have to agree with #16 on the curves. simply perfect. And its settled. Shannon is a God. End Of Story.

  5. She already knows I think she is beautiful. Definitely one of my favorite IAM ladys.

  6. man, this is one of the few times I see a girl on BME with a body similar to mine. She makes me feel beatiful when I otherwise don’t.

    Way to go! Post more of this 😀

  7. Nice to see a pretty curvy girl.
    Her chestpiece looks great, I would liked to have seen the full version.

  8. I am deep, deep, deep in superficial love right now.
    She’s got a body that could make a grown woman cry. Luscious. GOD *shiver*

  9. I could just say that “I really like your ink”… And I do… But I’d love some cuddle time some more. So gorgeous.

  10. What an absolute angel. I wish I could cuddle with her, shes probably really good at cuddling…..

  11. I dunno if it’s been done, but BME could definitely sell a “girls/guys of BME” calendar. I’m sure there would be enough people willing to volunteer. Maybe some of the profit could go to a charity?

  12. hey, this picture just turned me into a lesbian. thanks alot.

    but seriously, i love the monroe, and the spiderweb in the center of her chest, simply gorgeous.

  13. Oh, fuck off.

    Now I’m getting into deep depression for the whole week, thinking of how stinkin’ out of luck am I.


  14. beautiful woman. i think my favorite thing about her is the chest piece. seems like so many woman only get variations of of several different traditional tats on their chest. like swallows, sacred hearts, anchors, etc

    i’d really like see a better angle of the chest piece, it looks interesting.

    unrelated to this beautiful girl…. i find the amount of anti-skinny girl comments quite humorous. personally they sound catty and envious and in my opinion should channel that energy into an exercise program since there’s some obvious self loathing that might be aleviated by dropping some pounds. but don’t do it for my sake, i find all people of all body types have the possibility to be beautiful

  15. There actually aren’t a lot of ‘stick thin’ girls on iam. There’s a lot more pretty faced thick or chubby girls on here.

    I agree with channelling that hateration into an exercise program.

    I just. used the word hateration. Yes.

    I’d also like to point out that being overweight, whether you are by 15 of 80 lbs is unhealthy.

  16. i love your tattoos and your hot body..can you send me a lot of pics more….
    Greatings Steve

  17. To the moron who did number #7: just because a woman is born thin, or decides to eat oatmeal instead of nachos for breakfast this doesnt make her a “prepubescent boy” or less of a woman just cause shes not a blimp… This isnt 1492, evolve.
    A woman is a beautiful because of who she is.

    Also the girl pictured Kristi is VERY pretty.

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