29 thoughts on “Kaye

  1. Shannon’s been busy. *grins*

    Beautiful! I love the colours and the pretty stars.

    reminds me I’ve been meaning to repierce my septum. Rawr.

  2. The hair colour is just beautiful…and her septum piercing is making me jealous, I think I may just have to get it done:)

  3. i wonder if that’s an eyebrow stencil… either that or she’s got a lot of practice.
    i can never get mine that straight. haha.
    lovely color scheme too.

  4. this is just my own personal thing, but drawn-on eyebrows freak me out. i’m always rubbing my eyes, so i would be afraid i would smudge the crap out of them.

  5. I just want to set her up on a shelf, she’s like a china doll without the creepyness

  6. I don’t really think the “fakeness” bothers me at all =D She’s a fabulous creation of her own design; what’s wrong with that? And her septum is so wonderful that now I desperately want one. Can anybody tell what gauge it is? (i’m bad at “bigger” sizes)

  7. #17, looks like it’s probably and 8g smallest would be 10 but I’m guessing an 8

  8. #17, my septum is 12 gauge. The ball is really big, so it makes it look larger, I think. And thank you for saying what you said about me being a fabulous creation — that is so sweet!

  9. whoa, make-up much?

    i don’t care what people say, make up should only be used in limited quantities only to ACCENT your best features… NOT to cover up anything. ick. she looks like she’s made out of plaster or something.

    im sure she’s beautiful under all that paint.

  10. o_0 you call that a lot of makeup??? o_0 have seen girls on BME who wear ten millions times more than what this chick has…

  11. Whoa. She is fine. DAMN fine. I love her hair, I love her nose (and the septum piercing), I love the stars on her neck. All around goodness right here. xD

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