Ear Sex

Don’t look so sad, Pauly, I’m sure someone can find you warmer jewelry… (Quote: “We probably could have double stuffed it.”) Click on through if you want.

PS. The lip plate is now up to 28mm.

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70 thoughts on “Ear Sex

  1. Haha, I was talking to my friend the other day and we agreed to take pictures like this if I ever stretch my ears big enough! I told him he’d need to go home and take some measurements…

  2. How do you think you’re going to look at 80 with a penis through your ear, Pauly? You really think you’re still going to like it when you’re all old and wrinkly?

  3. I think at 80 he’s going to look back at this picture and go, “Damn, was I a pimp!”

    I wish I had a penis so I could stick it through his ear. :(

  4. he should try getting one in each nostril, one in each ear and one through the lip… surely that would get him into the guiness records for most somehting….

  5. Haha, that’s fucking hilarious cuntcumber! :D

    But sadly it seems like pretty counterproductive sex.. I mean, loose holes is not exactly what gets me going!

  6. Ok, funny. But for people who don’t have full access to the site and who love reading your blogs and seeing your posts here at modblog, why do we have to keep seeing pictures of Pauly? I mean, I understand, I get it, he’s very modded. But I bet there are DOZENS of other awesome mods you could be showing too. Not trying to be obnoxious or shoot Pauly/Shannon down at ALL. I just feel like I see him on here a LOT. *shrug*

  7. man, here is something i’ve been wondering for pretty much forever – how do dudes/ladies with lip plates smooch?
    kissing is pretty much impossible, i would think, with a huge hunk of plastic or whatever making your lower lip gigantic.
    i guess people could just remove them, but i don’t think kissing something that has a huge weird hole and also floppy skin would be the most awesome.
    but then again, i also think that genital mutilation is less then sexy, and a lot of people who aren’t me do.

    anyone have any experience kissing someone with these sort of mods?

  8. 14/Hmmm – I try and strike a balance between repeated coverage of people that I think are interesting or pushing the boundaries, as well as a cross-section of people who may only be on modblog once… And really, Pauly’s only been posted nine times over the entire life of modblog — so I think you may be commenting as well on how memorable he is!

  9. well I have to agree pauly is memorable but there are alot of other people who are as well that dont get any recognition at all.Bme used to be a pretty cool site but I dont agree with it anymore really like many of the interviews & most content thats been posted lately.How about posting some people who have really dedicated themselves to tattooing who have full body suits, were all entitled to our opinions right it would be a pretty boring if everyone always agreed & i see that happen all the time here.Just a thought.

  10. Awww, it’s a shame that lip plates make the people with them look so unhappy :D

    Hehe, I wish I could fit a dick through my lobes…in time who knows, maybe I will :p

    #20 you said it!

  11. I’m sorry but, no matter how hard I try I find this look repulsive, and I’m not talking about the penis…

  12. i have had so many ppl say hey
    can i stick my dick in your ear
    i cant belive you actually did. lol

  13. on another note

    i dont wear my lip down like that all the time

    it was just for the picture

    however i do wear the penis in my ear from a day to day basis

  14. All I know is.. I’d much rather have Kevin’s penis in other places. =)

  15. And all the times people told me they were going to stick dicks in my ears, I always thought it was sad that people only had 1in wide dicks hahaha.

    nice to see it in effect though.

  16. you know what, paul never once asked for bme to post him (#14). if hes got a blog and you read it, why do you complain about seeing him? and just because he chooses to modify his body in a way thats different from you (#24 you damn well better not even have your ears pierced you pansy) doesnt give you the right to bag on someone. didnt your mother even teach you manners? if you dont have something nice to say, shut the hell up. paul has mods that i myself would never get, but i look at them with an open mind and see the beauty in them. ive worked with him, and have to say that hes one of the better people ive met. i hope with all sincerity that when you die and go to where ever you deserve, the god there looks just like him.

  17. #16….it’s not all that bad…hubby(IAM: swirly wanx sinatra) has an oval shaped plug, so it doesnt bow his lip as bad as a round one…kissing is no problem, but i guess it does become a pain in the ass when you get really into it, but that’s mostly because my bottom lip is so pierced up, my piercings get in the way & get knocked around etc. he tends to take it out when things get *ahem* hot n heavy…and then it just feels normal.
    And his plug is also quite fricken huge! lol


  18. I just can’t get over how pouty the lip plate makes their entire face look. ^.^ I love seeing photos of Pauly, so keep ‘em coming.

  19. I’m sure that telling someone to shut the hell up is something that moms teach their kids as manners..

    You will have both negative and positive responses on any open forum, you can’t tell anybody to shut up if they don’t have something you don’t like to say.

  20. amazing of course. my ears are tiny and stubborn but im working on it. hilariously the first time i saw a picture of pauly, i noticed his eyes first! they’re SO pretty.

  21. #37

    I tried to make it extremely clear that I was NOT out to bash anybody in my comment. Also, I was referring to THIS blog, not Pauly’s blog, if he even has one. I read Shannon’s comment and he’s right, maybe I thought he was on here more because he IS memorable. I think you are jumping the gun a little bit. At least on my part, I never had any negative feelings in mind. I was just making a comment about what I noticed.

    Also, so long as YOU are allowed to wish that when #24 dies they meet a god that is modded “repulsively” as they said, then #24 CAN and SHOULD say what he/she feels as well.

    Besides, I have to imagine/HOPE that Pauly has a good sense of humor and can completely UNDERSTAND reactions such as that of #24. I’m sure he appreciates your efforts at support however, but he seems like a big boy nonetheless.

  22. he is a big boy, just ask him about what part od him is “4 star”

  23. #37
    I have as many piercings and tattoos as my finances currently allow me and working on more. I was not “bagging” on Pauly’s personality or his inner beauty. I don’t have the “right” to do that cause I don’t know him. What I do have a right to say is that I find all plugs “repulsive” as they don’t fit in my personal aesthetic. Like I said, I have tried to see them as beautiful or even just interesting but, I’m not able to. My disadvantage perhaps. On the other hand I find his face and neck tattoos appealing (especially the eyebrows!) but not the plugs. It’s a matter of taste afterall and it certainly does not make a pansy. Some people find meat “repulsive”, don’t they have the right to voice their opinion, even if that offends the butcher?

    Thank you.

  24. #52

    there is a differnce in voiceing and opinion and just being a bitch

    calling someone repulsive is very rude and not really called for at all, if you dont like plugs, then say that, but calling someones look repulsive and then trying to defend it as a valid post is stupid

    that said i dont care anyway, i dont know you, you have no effect on my day to day life, you are just some person on a computer

    and its modblog, love it to death, but all the people that comment on it are just finding things to bitch about anymore, gets very old

  25. bring on the further drama!

    i know its coming hahahhaha

    thank you eveyone for your posts an opinions

    i always say be hated means you have to loved first haha

    so i got to be doing something right

  26. couldnt of said it better myself pauly

    there is alot of unessasary bitching if its something you dont like then just click past it ther is no reason to put someone down at least apriciate the hard work and dedication that this sort of thing takes

    plus pauly is a sweetheart

    #16 kissing realy isnt a problem i have a 34.4mm round lip plate and i can still get it on we humans have an amaizing ability to adapt


    I WILL KILL YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

  28. not going to go into taste or anything…that is a useless point to get into as everyone’s is different. My question for Pauly is this:

    How the hell could u stand that much pain?

    Maybe it is because my pain thresh hold is veeeeeery low, but when i saw the pics, i involuntarily cringed at the thought of the pain and subsequent healing. In my mind i could only think of it as sheer agony. But as I said before I am somewhat of a wimp when it comes to pain….I screammed like a bitch when i got my tounge peirced, and even though I already have 5 tattoos planned out, i shudder at the thought of the pain it will cause(i’m still gonna get them though)…..lol………..but i just really want to know if ur pain thresh hold has always been that high, or did u have to work up to it gradually?

    My main comment would be ………….OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. xD I’m guessing this makes waking up after a crazy party pretty interesting. “Alright–who’s dick is in my ear?”

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