Koz and his Eliphant Thong

Here’s Koz, swinging around wildly in more ways than one, suspending at Steve‘s 30th birthday party (313 Suspension Team, photographs by Jeff C Fetish, Chicago IL).

If you’re wondering what Steve did for his 30th, he wasn’t just sitting back enjoying others putting on a show — also photographed by Jeff, here’s a shot of Steve doing his second four-point wrist suspension. I wonder what the “official” name for a wrist suspension should be. It reminds me of an escape artist act…

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13 thoughts on “Koz and his Eliphant Thong

  1. Fuck its crazy what they’re wanting to do nowadays…I actually asked Phil back in 2001-2002 about doing this type of suspension…And I was advised against it, especially since it was my first one.

    I used to coin it as a “Slave Suspension”….Because all the time in imagery I used to see slaves bound by the hands,etc…And that’s all I could give as a reference/description lol

  2. Personally I would call it the Shackle Suspension, like old time dungeon wrist shackles.

  3. If anything it should just be kept as a “wrist suspension” because afterall that IS what it IS.

    Course its not really a catchy/flashy name as the other stuff, but still.

  4. My bday was so much fun. we ended up doing 26 suspensions throughout the entire day. This was my second wrist suspension and it was much harder then the first for some reason. Check out my iam page its IAM SteveBennett to see more pics along with the rigging upclose. I have had trouble recently uploading photos but I have a few up and will be putting the other couple hundred or so up as well soon. If you do not see them keep checking back.
    As far as my party goes if you are ever in Chicago or just passing through be sure to hit us up at 313 Suspension team. We love to show you around town and hook you up if you want. we have both a killer indoor loft as well as a beautifull outdoor suspension location and we love meeting new people that are also interested in the same stuff as us. So please if you are gonna be in the area hit us up.

    As far as Koz and his thong. I saw it hanging around his house and told him he had to wear it to my bday for me. It was one of the funniest sites I have seen to date. It was great watching him swing around in his thong. It was a nice change to his always getting naked when we suspend together. Koz is a major part of 313 and Michelle AKA IAM flour and I could not run the team the way we do without his help.
    Thanks Koz and welcome to your first modblog!

    Steve Bennett
    Pres. 313 Suspension Team

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