28 thoughts on “Open Wide

  1. this is why i couldn’t ever be gay. hair. yikes.
    not that i’m saying this fella is gay or anything, but man – i am not attracted to man ass.

  2. #1, Not to badmouth this guy or anything, but there are people around with cuter asses 🙂

  3. lol. englands hidden reverse would be proud.

    I want to see an anal staircase tattoo!

  4. perhaps i haven’t seen enough man-ass in my life, but my god, that is hairy….

  5. sassy assy sasquatch!
    reminds me of a venus flytrap. the tattoo, that is. probably because i just watched creepshow 2 again recently.

  6. the aftercare is what I wouldn’t want for this.. itchy, kinda stinging, and constantly rubbed together while you’re moving.. man.

  7. it looked like something was trying to claw its way out of his bum hole.

  8. it really does look like somethings trying to get out…something that shouldnt get out.

  9. He should have had a big hairy tarantula tattooed instead. You know, kept the whole furry theme.

  10. It kinda reminds me of the ghost creatures in The Grudge, you know how their hair sort of creeps around the corner before they do?

  11. does anyone have a dimple above their butt cracks? its called a sacral dimple.

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