Cat Fight! (Female pubic mound pulling)

So a little while back we got photos to BME from Steve Truitt of his girlfriend Kasja and a friend doing a “vagina pull” (a female pubic mound flesh hook pull). After seeing the photos, I wasn’t sure if I should be very amused, very turned on, or both! It’s not the first time that we’ve seen a pull of this kind (I think the first one took place at one of the Philly or NJ BBQs if I recall correctly), but Kasja and her friend looked like they were having so much fun that I had to talk to her about it.

Shannon: Could you tell me a bit about yourself?

Kasja: I’m twenty-one, born and raised in New Mexico, and I’ve been into hooks and what-not for a little over four years now. I plan to keep on playing for as long as I live — I think it makes me a better person.

Shannon: What do you call this kind of pulling?

Kasja: Well, one day I was bored and thinking of places I could throw a hook into myself. I figured it couldn’t hurt too bad on the mound, so I started thinking of names for it — haha! Steve calls it a “vag tug” but I call it a “cat fight”… Tacky, I know… The first time it was just to see if it could be done; this was the second time, just for the amusement..

Shannon: What’s it feel like to be in a cat fight?

Kasja: The piercing is awesome! It makes my whole body pull into itself, and creates a swarm of butterflies in my tummy. I loved it.

Shannon: It looks like you were both having fun…

Kasja: I was having a blast watching the skin pull away from the body. I though it was just too funny so I kept pulling but she ended up feeling sick.

Shannon: What did the pulling feel like?

Kasja: Pulling felt very awkward — not good awkward, but not bad. Almost sexy, had it been in a different situation.

Shannon: So there could be a sexual element in a different scene? — I know there are definitely people turned on by the pictures.

Kasja: Both times I’ve done this, it’s always been in a joking manner. We’ve played limbo, and are thinking of a jump-rope competition! However, there could totally be a sexual sense to a hook in the snatch! It makes you weak and vulnerable, but totally in control at the same time.

Shannon: And how did it feel the next day?

Kasja: Bruised, haha! But I love bruises.

Shannon: Finally, any advice to girls who’d like to give this a try?

Kasja: Pull hard!

56 thoughts on “Cat Fight! (Female pubic mound pulling)

  1. that’s fucking hot.

    steve, you + hooks + creativity = my nipples get hard. everytime……and i mean that in a completely hetro way. 😉

  2. I want to see a rematch at APP in the splash bar. It can be the opening act to mine and Allen’s arm wrestling rematch.

  3. Shannon,

    There was a 4 way genital pull at Sean Phillip’s East Coast BBQ, if that’s what you’re thinking about…

    It was me, shawn.spc , black death and pierced puff…

  4. I’ve also submitted pictures of Kasja doing this before with our old roommate and they’re in the Ascension Gallery as well.

  5. I love these photos! And as entertaining as the idea of a coochie pull is, I can’t get over how cute that cupcake tattoo is.

  6. guaooo que bien me encantan esas chicas defenitivamente una lucha de vaginas es la maxima divercion para los hombres,,,diossssss enviame una frita asi como esas para mi.

  7. Wow. I’ve never been really interesting in pulling, but after seeing this I really want to try it.

  8. that looks incredibly fun! must find more female friends into things like this.

  9. They’re both so cute and it looks like they’re having fun!
    I’ve never thought of this sort of pull but now I kinda want to try it =)

  10. is there more meaning behind ‘cat fight’?

    Posted by Toser

    Funny you ask that! There’s a long and storied history behind it.

    Maybe someone can refresh my memory, though — what was that thing Noam Chomsky said about girls throwing hooks through their pussies?

  11. Jordan,

    I don’t think it was Chomsky.

    I think you’re getting it all confused…

    I believe it was in some of the early work of Karl Marx…

  12. I’d so love to try this! Ok I’ve probably looked at this entry ten times now and I’m just realizing theres a nice Alice In Wonderland theme in her tattoos. & Eat Me on the cupcake…haha very nice touch dear

  13. Thanks Jordan. I got a good kick out of the Chomsky fun fact. hahaha. one of my philosophy professors loves the Chomsky. maybe he knows something about puss-pulls himself. hahaha.

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  15. Yuck! Tattooed trailer trash disgusts me. Nothing appealing about these girls at all. Let me guess: they were sexually molested as young girls?

  16. That’s amazing. I’ve been wanting to do a flesh pull for some time now…I think I might just try that area.

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