Great Balls Of… FIRE!

Chase and his friend Casey enjoy a quiet game of snooker… You may notice this isn’t hosted on YouTube. For the few prudes who read ModBlog, don’t watch.

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It’s potluck whether he’ll be able to have children after that!

52 thoughts on “Great Balls Of… FIRE!

  1. I once sustained an intensely forceful blow to my scrotal region while playing football in junior high. Long story short, it necessitated an ambulance, surgery, and a few days of morphine-hazed observation before i was released. I couldn’t walk straight for weeks. It was a horrific experience.

    And, yet, some people seem to like the idea. I suppose it just goes to show that the world is made up of all types. :)

  2. I trust Fakir Musafar wont be doing this on his tour of the UK !!

    This is just pure Jackass territory and very little (if anything) to do with body modification.

  3. nice.

    for some reason i found that more troubeling than all the videos on here of guys sticking needles through there balls, lit cigarettes down their shaft, ect ect,,, for some reason this one made me cringe,,,,, just a little, but still.

  4. RooRaaah – Yep it is funny but personally I wish Body Modification would distance itself away from this kind of activity as I think it belittles some of the rituals. I don’t buy into the theory that any activity done by humans to feel more complete has its place next to the spiritual work of Musafar or Bob Flanagan.

  5. Giles – I see your point, but this video clearly has nothing to do with body modification (although Chase is on IAM, and is tattooed etcetera) so the two can’t be compared.

    I’m not sure I understand the last paragraph..

    It’s just a bit of fun, nothing more.

  6. Giles – BME is about body modification and body rituals. I realize it’s easier for guys to complain when it’s a dude getting hit in the nuts, rather than when it’s a pretty girl with needles, but it’s the same general territory, and BME will continue to cover it because I *do* “buy into the theory” that it has legitimacy. Thus BME/HARD and

    I understand that not all play and mods are for everyone, and that many people can’t even relate to them, but really, if BME didn’t talk about all of those things, it would just be some fashion magazine, and that’s not why I got into body modification and it’s not what I think the core of BME is about personally.

    I think that being exclusionary of people who are obviously allies, even if you don’t “get” why they do things, is a mistake.

  7. (And I don’t think there has to be a long spiritual explanation for ball torture and similar games — really, “it was fun” or “it felt good” or “it was a rush” or whatever is good enough for me.)

  8. Here, here, Shannon.

    Giles: If anything, this is a purer and more authentic form of bodily expression than anything Musafar is appropriating willy-nilly from alien cultures.

    Just because it’s not wrapped up in pseudo-spiritual cultural thievery doesn’t mean it’s not legitimate.

  9. Also – can anyone explain to me exactly how modern primitivsim is “spiritual” in the way Musafar uses the term?

    Mandan suspension rituals, Aboriginal subincisions, polynesian tattoos and Hindu Kavadi have nothing at all in common on a “spiritual” level for those who practice them within their original contexts. Claiming spiritual essence can be drawn from the practices just by parodying them in a modern setting is absurd…

  10. I’ll make the claim that spirituality is like art.

    There’s art in all things, and there’s spirituality in all things.

    If you can see it, it is.

    re: Drawing spiritual essence from other cultures’ rituals

    There’s a physical phenomena that drives the experiences that come from Kavadi, sweat lodges, suspension, and pretty much anything that pushes your body hard… So I think you can borrow the “techniques” from other cultures and they will be quite effective in giving you SOME kind of spiritual-esque experience.

    …but in terms of the specifics of the experience, I’d say those are going to be deeply flavored by your perceptions (a la how your mood and setting will flavor an acid trip) of the ritual. For some people, dressing it up in mock tribalism and using those symbols is going to be highly effective depending on what inspired them in the first place (more so than using a ritual that’s more “mundane” to them — sometimes people need symbols of the exotic around them to have an exotic experience).

  11. OK so where is the difference between Johnny Knoxville stapling his forehead for a laugh and someone pushing needles through their arm? The difference is purely in the narrative.

    What people like Musafar et al have done is take part in a journey that involves practices as part of that journey rather than single out certain elements and recreate them purely for the buzz. There is a world of difference between someone who does a suspension as part of a longer ritual designed to open themselves up to a variety of experiences compared to someone who does a suspension purely because of the rush.

    I also object to the term Modern Primitivism purely as it is an oxymoron but I do understand that the entire context and setting of some of the Bodyplay practices bear no semblance of comparison to some of the ‘rituals’ on show here (dangling a dog in a suspension, battering your gonads with pool balls, shoving a hammer up your ass etc etc).

    I don’t see it as exclusionary more as having set standards that don’t involve pure adrenaline activities that have more in common with extreme sports where the buzz is everything.

    I guess I am just from an old school piercing and bodmod clique where there was little celebration of gimmickry and more of a genuine love of the process rather than the end result.

    Just having a rant, tha’s all.

  12. Giles – I do think you’re raising very valid points and stating them really clearly, but I guess the big question is whether a buzz (a real, physical experience with obvious truth and no big, debatable metaphorical meaning) is more or less valid than a spiritual journey (a metaphysical experience with highly debatable meaning, brought on by a physical experience).

    I’ve gone through phases where I thought one was better or more valid than the other, but I think these are more a reflection of my own biases at the time.

    PS. Steve-O interview on BME

  13. Shannon – I think perhaps you are right and it may be my own beliefs stopping me from making the connection between ritual and ‘rush’.

    Personally I have never believed myself to have had any kind of spiritual experience especially considering I do all my own piercings/mods etc but there is an argument that says the actual process itself is the spiritual experience.

  14. I’m not 100% sure what the right answer is, but I do know that I’ve seen truth in different things at different times… I’m not sure if all viewpoints are valid, or whether finding the “truth” is incredibly difficult, or whether it’s as simple as “there are lots of truths” (which are potentially in conflict!)… I lean to the latter.

  15. I’m not sure that Bob Flanagan described what he did as “spiritual”. I think it was more along the lines of “it gives me a hard-on”.

  16. no…. balls of now mushy goo. i love how this post is the one that manages to create a seemingly healthy conversation. not just fags and freaks being thown back and forth.

  17. Giles – I don’t mean to start the debate again (most of which I missed) but what I do find curious is that above you said..

    “I wish Body Modification would distance itself away from this kind of activity as I think it belittles some of the rituals.”

    Yet in this post you say the following..

    “Looks like Colonel Sanders.

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm chicken bits.”

  18. Ah it just wouldn’t have been the same without the music,
    So… how’s it hangin’ mate??


  19. Way to go Chase! xD I knew you’d get on modblog again.

    -the random chick that added you on myspace a while back that considers biting people in the mornings. :*

  20. That made me laugh, and question how much money it would take to get a good shot at someone.

  21. Rooraaah – Yes I agree it makes me look a bit hypocritical but really I just wanted to demonstrate on the one hand how my thoughts on what BodMod where are different from others with this thread whilst on the other thread it was just a case of me saying what I saw (in a Catchphrase styleeeee).

  22. Just so there is clarification of all of this, I was there watching every second of this and body mod or not it took alot of “balls” to do that and it deserves to be seen by all who are willing to watch… FUCK CHASE!!!

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