You call that a tusk?

It’s another one of those “I’m sorry, I just stuck it in the wrong hole… oh… that’s not so bad… do you mind if I leave it there?” moments for pillpoppinfun and his 5/8″ septum, 1/2″ nostrils, and 10mm spike.

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29 thoughts on “You call that a tusk?

  1. Aww, without mesaning to sound condescending, his lack of eyebrows, gives him a certain look that somehow makes me want to give him a big hug

  2. Nasalangs tend to be much higher up, going through the cartilage usually.

    I’m not sure I like the way the upper lip strech is forcing his lips down and out. Looks a little like it’d be hard to tell when he’s smiling…


  3. Personally, im not a huge fan lots of stretched piercings…but it doesnt look too bad on him. Plus, he looks like he needs a hug. I’ll do the honors =].

  4. that would bother me too much because i feel like it’d inhibit my breathing. :P

    but more power to him! awww look at his watery eyes though. ;[

  5. my lips have and always been really big and defined, my medusa/philtrum isnt pushing down on my lip. tho since it was shortly after waking up my lips were a little swollen and my lower lip was pushing up… oh and my teeth hardly show when i small, partly to a big plate, partly to a bigger sized piercing in my upper lip. haha

    thank u everyone tho. it was something i did… just cuz.. it didnt stay in much longer than for pictures, didnt want to deal with struggling to put my nostrils jewelry back in

    and thanks everyone for wanting to give me a hug… group-naked-hug? haha

  6. i wanna stretch his other ear bad it bothers me thats all i can look at when i see the picture lol

  7. Awsome, although you look very suprised like it hapened in your sleep and you just woke up to it though, although that doesnt make it any less impressive lol.

  8. the first time i saw this lovely man’s picture was with his white facial tattoos, he looks naked without them!

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