New BME swag

I don’t normally promote specific BMEshop products here because, well, it’s kind of tacky to blogspam your own swag, but I really like the way these last two shirts turned out. First is a redraw of the old “Dr. BME” logo by me, and we’ve put it on long-sleeves with a please-don’t-sue-us-Red-Cross arm print… As modeled by tcie (and you can click on either of them to go to their BMEshop page):


Next is the BME Aotearoa design, drawn by iam:original_sly (and prepared for printing by Jasonthe29th) to celebrate his local heritage.


11 thoughts on “New BME swag

  1. Gah… I just ordered a bunch of shirts the other day too, now I wish I got one of those Aotearoa shirts too. I don’t like long sleeve shirts.

  2. Eh… I mention the long sleeves because I really like the redraw of the Dr BME and Id buy a shortsleeve version in a second. Also, Id like to see more work shirts, I already own all of the current designs. Anyway, good job they look great.

  3. Your model IS beautiful, but i’m wondering why you didn’t pick one with more mods 😛

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