Body of Steel!

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DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

Michelle suspending in Toronto with the iWasCured brigade, footage edited by Kimington.

Come on rest of the world, send us your videos, and they don’t have to be suspensions!

Click here to watch the other suspensions that took place that day.

10 thoughts on “Body of Steel!

  1. she got a page!
    *chalks one more for BME*
    the louis armstrong didn’t fit, but it did, somehow. really nice editing, kim!

  2. ahh michelle if you’re reading this i had no idea you were into suspensions. congrats on the experience. it’s louise (from sds? you were in a few of my courses and you were also at one of the workshops i coordinated for FEP – at the sex ed centre)… anyway that was too much information. add me on msn if you like i’d be interested in getting in touch with you ([email protected]). your friend ishrat’s library coordinator now. best wishes on your exams.

  3. alright i was so shocked at recognizing someone i know from class (world colliding) that i didn’t even give a proper response: i love the video and you look beautiful. i also read about your experience on bme. i’m glad you found such a comfortable, intimate team to work with. kudos to the folks at bodyartpro.

  4. Am I the only immature one who thought that the begining sounded like a porno movie? Nice video though! I envy her.

  5. Just to correct rawestrus. The suspension was facilitated by the always great iWasCured group.

    The location happened to be at the BodyArtPro warehouse space.

  6. that was definaterly quite the experience to watch in person. (you can see me in the background for like 2 seconds lol) but definately something quite eye opening. brave girl too for those ones right below the cheeks! heh

  7. Awww thanks all 🙂
    It was an amazing experience!!! And yeah I was whining at the beginning ( I had no idea it sounded so pornish, it just sorta had to come out ), but suddenly settled down and everything was hunky dory.
    Thanks a million to iwascured and Badur, cause the only reason all this is possible, is thanks to your efforts!!!! 😀

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