I know what you did last summer.

I can guess what was going on when this picture of Jessica was taken, or at least I can guess what the guy with the camera is enjoying.

And what’s funny is that the next photo that I processed after that was this one of IAM Code… so I wondered if there could be a similar story as to the dude that took this picture as well?

19 thoughts on “I know what you did last summer.

  1. i was totally hoping for a click through as well.
    that chick has a bangin’ body.

  2. no clicky? le-sigh…
    great piercings on her though,
    I don’t always like nipple rings.

    as for his? neato.
    the modified Milton comment just about killed me.

  3. Hot. Very cute little nipple rings. They were defiantly getting down, on the side table to her right there’s a bottle of astroglide. 😉

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