DOG & SHAKE… tattooed memories

Morgan had Chris Lyon at Deep Roots in Seattle, Washington tattoo this burger joint. She writes, “this is the sign of a burger joint in my hometown that was practically my second home.” What a reversal of fortunes that she is now home to it! Hot diggity dog, come in and ketch up!

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83 thoughts on “DOG & SHAKE… tattooed memories

  1. Tattoo quality aside, I don’t see why this is a bad subject matter… What’s wrong with getting a symbol of your youth and good memories tattooed on you?

  2. It’s a fucking hot-dog drive thru !!!

    What kind of life must someone have had to want a tattoo of a hot-dog stall on them? Surely there must be something within their life that has more of an influence on them that this.


  3. people have connections to all sorts of places. i am sure there are many more things that have influence & memories for this person. chill out!

    the tattoo is great (quality aside).

  4. MistahG – Um, people have places they hang out. The place isn’t necessarily what’s important other than it being a symbol of the friendships that grew around it. I don’t think this is a tattoo about a hot-dog stand… it’s a tattoo about memories and youth.

  5. A whole history of education, a world of culture, a lifetime of advancements in science, religion and technology and this person chooses a hot-dog shop.

    Maybe there is some narrative context I am missing.

  6. MistahG- It was probably a “hangout” during his childhood with all of his friends after school. The location doesn’t matter as much as the memories; if it had been a port-a-potty that he had hung out around, the tattoo would still represent the same thing.

  7. To me it’s a tattoo about a hot-dog stand and that’s how it will be for everyone else.

    This guy better have some damn fine memories for it to be on them.

  8. Actually, I currently live in this persons hometown… and eat at “Dog N Shake” about once every couple of weeks (its my Dad’s favorite place). – Wichita, KS

    I think Im going to print this out and take it to the owner, she will get a kick out of it Im sure…

    Shannon, any way you can get me the tattoo owners contact info? I would gladly forward it on to the owners.

  9. MistahG…. just because something doesnt have meaning to you does NOT mean it wont have meaning to everyone else.

  10. PS: And for me, this tattoo reminds me of when I was a little kid and would travel to my aunt’s house in the midwest and eat Soniic every night. Or the burger joint near my old house that had the same “come in and ketchup sign.” So don’t assume that “everyone else” is going to look at this and just see a hot dog stand.

    you prick.

  11. I think some people here need to travel further than their local hot-dog stand for some real world experience.

  12. Well, if it counts for anything I’ve lived in Mexico in slums, been to London and Paris a handful of times (going back there in June for three weeks), and spent a lot of time in Provence. It was fun traveling, and I learned a LOT, but nothing holds the same meaning to me as the landmarks of my hometown (San Francisco baby!!).

  13. i think you need to stop judging the wearer of this tattoo. not everyone is going to get the Sistine Chapel tattooed on them, k? this restaurant has meaning to him.

    and i like the quality… it sort of looks like a watercolor done for a promotional ad or something.

  14. I’m off to get KFC tattooed on my bell-end as it reminds me of some lovely greasy chicken I once hacked up. yum yum

  15. Not every town has the coolest hangout places for kids. That’s how my hometown is and I understand where the person is coming from. At least it’s a local place and not a McDonalds or something.

  16. MistahG… you are being extremely narrow minded and judgemental. The tattoo obviously has meaning for the owner and memories associated with it, so i think it’s cool. :)

  17. MistahG you are one of the lowest people i have yet to hear (read). That aside I for one also think you are one of the saddest person too, cuz you CANNOT see why people can get attached to places \ people \ objects etc. thats so sad to me, i cant even describe it in words that will make you understand how that makes me feel.

    but you are still commenting alone and trying to look like a big shot – so let me teach you a sentence my mother once told me : when small people cast big shadows it just means the sun is setting. (translated from my language).

  18. Apart from the fact you’re all horribly missing the point, I think it’s quite fun with hints of rockabilly. What are you gonna get tattooed? Another star or skull?! Gosh really, and what exactly does that mean to you? I like it.

  19. I like it, I like the idea. It’s a little peice of home that goes wherever she does.

  20. Getting emotionally attached to a hot-dog stall has to be one of the poorest reasons for existing in history.

    Suicido – am sorry your post made no sense so I leave this as my only comment.

  21. I love the subject matter! I saw the tattoo and it immediately made me think of my own youth. I totally “get” where this person is coming from – even if I’ve never hung out at a hot dog stand in my life.

  22. MistahG, do you have a vendetta against hotdogs. Or did you have no friends as a kid? Or are you just a twat?

    Love the tattoo. Some places just feel like home.

  23. “MistahG” – you wouldn’t understand “Suicido”s quote because you are one of these small people who try to cast big shadows.
    You seem like a very small minded, uneducated person and with each post you are just showing more of this.
    Crawl back under your rock.

  24. “Small minded, uneducated” – me ! Am sorry but that is laugh out loud hilarious.

    The day our culture celebrates a hot-dog stall is the day we worship the ‘nothing’.

    Am guessing the tattooee is American. Yes?

    What next, the Pussycat Dolls seen as exciting music? Pop Idol considered intelligent TV? Budweiser considered a quality beverage.

    This is trash culture celebrated in the poorest way.

    Behold the Emporer for he wears a gown of magnificence !

  25. I’m sorry I’ve really tried to find something nice to say about this tattoo but on nearly every level it fails me. Am sure the owner must be happy with it.

  26. MistahG, I dont get why this tattoo has seriously got your goat so much? Its not on your body…so relax!

    Fair enough, its not to your taste…and something you wouldnt personally get done but because someone else has it doesnt make it wrong or being the worst tattoo. If it makes the wearer happy…why not.

  27. MistahG you just fail to understand that the tattoo itself dosent represent the “hotdog stall” as you refer to it or the food thats served inside.
    its the memories attached to the location! somehow you just dont get it, and i actually (i know i said it before) feel sorry for you

  28. it’d be nice if it was a little bit better quality. i love the idea, though. i don’t really have one specific place with feelings like that attached to it, but then again i’ve got plenty of time left for gathering childhood memories. we always will!

  29. i don’t understand why the subject matter is an issue. quality-wise, i would love to see a little more shading and bolder outlines, although it’s nice as it is, too. it kind of makes me think of dennis the menace comics.

    i just think it’s a little sad that someone is actually criticizing another person’s life experience. MistahG is probably an educated, well-rounded individual like most people, but this is the internet and he is just coming off as yet another pretentious ass who thinks his existence is much more important and fulfilling than anyone else’s. i also laughed out loud at his pejorative usage of the word “american”.

    i wouldn’t ever think about getting a tattoo like this, but that doesn’t mean i’m going to trash someone else’s memories of youth. anyway, i wasn’t trying to start a petty forum argument. sorry for the long comment.

  30. I actually quite like this.
    I agree that its not bad quality so much as the style its done in. It has this vintage ad quality to it that really adds to the overall feeling of past memories, and it’s playful.

  31. Personally, I few this tattoo as simply adorable. I think the quality of this tattoo is perfectly fine, it’s just a different style.
    I think MistahG is just an elitist bastard who views his life as the only one worth living.

  32. mistahG: Jesus god almighty you are an up-tight asshole, it’s a place he probably hung out at and loved being there with his friends, I’m sure if he liked hot-dogs that much he would have cut to the chase and got a fucking hot dog tattoo…also did I mention your an up-tight asshole

  33. cool tattoo by the way, I don’t think the quality is’nt there but as someone mentioned it looks more like an old water color painting from the 50′s

  34. It’s a sad day when someone is going to change their idea of the tattoo they want because of what OTHER people will think when they see it. Far as I’m concerned, the hot dog stand tattoo is a great idea *if it has genuine meaning to the person wearing it* because who gives a fuck what other people think of your tattoo? If you’re willing to tolerate the responses people will have, then more power to you to get what YOU want as a tattoo.

    But if all you’re thinking about is what OTHER people are going to think… well, you get my point.

    In any case, the quality is pretty loose IMO, otherwise what’s the big deal?

  35. What if he just liked hot dogs? Would that be so wrong? Who cares? Maybe the hot dogs are really good! Are we to assume that MistahG’s mods (if any) are of universal appeal, loved by everyone?

  36. I agree with the quality being similar to that of a watercolor 50′s ad. I think that just adds even more to it’s charm. :) I digg this tattoo a lot, and I hope the wearer can continuously enjoy it…no matter what people like ‘MistahG’ think.

    Obviously, ‘MistahG’ has nothing better to do with their time, so they come to ModBlog and make petty arguments about someone’s chosen mod. They need to get a life and I seriously wouldn’t even waste my time feeding into their ridiculous past time…

  37. You know what MistahG?? At first what you said just steamed me up, here was I thinking, ‘Just where does this fucker get off??’. But then I thought about it a little more. It’s been pointed out time and again what the point of this tattoo was and you still don’t get it, which just leaves me sad. Sad for you MistahG, as you obviously don’t have any kind of connection like Morgan does from your own childhood. I pity you MistahG, I really do…

  38. Good point, Phill. Anyway, MistahG is entitled to his/her (I’m assuming his) opinion, just that prevailing opinion is different. If he doesn’t want to realise that (if he hasn’t already), then there’s no changing the way it’s going to turn out.

    For what it’s worth, I like this tattoo. Why not get a tattoo of somewhere that conjures up fantastic memories, instead of a piece of flash from the walls inside an artist’s hangout?

    Oh, and on another point, I like the way people are quick to ask anyone with a differing opinion here whether they’re modded or not… there’s a nice ‘closed community’ vibe going on that some people take pretty seriously :)

  39. I have a question for MistahG…..what country are YOU from? I’m guessing Australia. Am I right? For the record, I’m from Australia, and proud of it.

  40. I definitely don’t think the quality of this tattoo is a “style” personally, but maybe it is? “50′s watercolor print” is definitely hitting the nail on the head, but unfortunately with this appearing to be a fresh tattoo I don’t think it’ll heal out very well. Not to mention how shaky a lot of the linework is.

    Having said that, I still really like the tattoo. I’m all for silly tattoos. Shit… I’m covered in them. Sometimes the tattoo itself has way more meaning than the qualiity of it. On the other side of the coin though, it’s nice to have a really amazingly well-done reminder of your memories that serves as both a reminder as well as a piece of art.

  41. Thank you Shannon. No surprises there. My wife’s from England, they LOVE to complaign….about anything!! Trust me.

  42. Campbell brings up some fantastic points we would all do well to consider.

    Calling people names and being closed minded to their opinions never opens any doors.

  43. It’s just a fun tattoo. I’m not seeing the big deal here at all. LOL that this guy actually thinks the girl got it to celebrate hot dogs or thinks hot dogs are more important than world culture. Overanalyze much? It’s just a fun tattoo and a way to capture some fun memories she has about growing up and hanging out with friends. Sorry she didn’t grow up hanging out at the Sistine Chapel or something, but I’m sure if MistahG would like to pay her airfare, she’d be thrilled to go.

  44. Modblog is apparently – “a body modification blog featuring some of the best images and stories from the BME archives”

    This is neither one of the best images (possibly the worst) and has absolutely no narrative so the story is unknown too.

    Ergo this is a truly awful tattoo that many are forgiving purely because of what they imagine is the reason behind it.

    All we know for sure is that it was “like a second home”.

    God-awful rubbish that is neither one of the best images or better stories from BME.

    Standards sure are slipping round here when 50plus people consider a poorly drawn and conceived image of a hot-dog stall with no narrative as being amongst the better contributions to BME.

    Poor in every sense.

  45. I’d LOVE to see what you mods you have MistahG !!Show the world how brilliant your mods are. That’s assuming you have some.

  46. Maybe this cynicism is a British thing then. Whilst I would refrain from being as vitriolic as MistahG, I must concur that the notion of using a fast food restaurant as a reference point for all that is good in life makes me dispair just a little bit.

    Yes, it may inspire happy memories…it may even be intended as ironic. But let’s be honest; if they had had an image of their local McDonalds or Burger King tattooed on their leg then I’m sure people would have been far quicker to pour scorn upon it – despite the fact that the sentiments intended could be just as sincere. I seem to remember a quite different reaction to a Colonel Sanders tattoo on this very blog a few months ago.

    But maybe I’m just a snob.

  47. Oh, MistahG. I’m just, like, totally floored by your mods. Seriously. The intrigue! The meaning! I can barely wrap my head around it all.

  48. C’mon, this country is the home of Andy Warhol… of *course* there are going to be people who take icons like a hotdog stand and turn them in to a personal piece of art. There’s nothing wrong with that.
    If the places I where hung out during my formative years had interesting signs instead of weathered, painted plywood I would consider getting a tattoo of them… but when the hangouts available are all taquerias and gas stations, the spiffy icons just aren’t there.

    And by the way, I don’t see how a microdermal with linework (self done or not) that looks like it’s inspired by celtic knotwork is any more significant than a rather spiffy sign from a hot-dog stand.

  49. Smurf – I never made any claims that it was more significant.I merely responded to a request for some of my work.

  50. With the amount of criticism you have posted about this tattoo, one would think you feel your work is of a higher caliber.

  51. “MistahG” – you made me smile when I finally saw your mods.
    I don’t think you understand the general philosophy behind body modifications-I kinda get the feeling you do it just to look “different” or “unusual”, not because you actually want it.
    Because if you do actually want and like your mods, you would undertstand the reasoning behind this tattoo.
    I still stand behind my “un-educated” comment as you clearly are not educated in any shape or form in the psychology of human beings and what makes people happy.
    I’m ashamed that you come from a country near to me (I am in Scotland)!

  52. that makes me smile to look at. it’s fun and has a kinda vintage feel. i would love to know the reasoning behind it too

    btw david, not only do we love to complain, the best of us have it down to an art form! (though mistahg isn’t one of that group!)

  53. Smurf – I have (once again) never made any such claim. Those words are yours not mine.

  54. If your going to court bad taste go the whole way and turn yourself into a hotdog joint.

    I must say I do rather like it, dunno why it makes me :)

  55. Maggi – No offence but I was discussing the cultural significance of Jim Ward in populist culture over 16 years back so you wont mind if I don’t take your post too seriously.

  56. I love it, though I also love hot dogs. It’s a tattoo that the person for years to come will enjoy and remember the good times there.

  57. MistahG ! And you have the balls to take a dump on the hot dog tattoo. Where in the hell do you come from (not literally)? Your stuff is boring and banal. Nothing special there at all. And tribal??? Wow.

  58. I think some people here need to travel further than their local hot-dog stand for some real world experience.
    Posted by MistahG.

    Pretentious wanker.

  59. David – Oh David, where do I start. Actually I can’t be bothered. If you believe this is a quality tattoo then go ahead. If (like me) you feel the glorification of fast food joints through body art is crass, demeaning and ultimately ridiculous then by all means please do also.

    Arguing with youngsters on internet blogs about bodmod is usually unfulfilling so you wont mind if I stick to the adult discussions eleswhere and leave you to your “WOW it’s just like so good” witicisms.

  60. Tell me oh great Giles23, how old are you? I’m guessing in your mid 20s….am I right? Also, I’m in no defending the tattoo, on the contrary, it’s not my bag at all, however, what’s behind it is as valid and “cool” as any other tattoo I’ve seen. Lastly, considering your first bit say you can’t be bothered, and then you ramble on about bullshit, tells me what a dick you ultimately must be.

  61. David I am 37 and there is nothing ‘behind’ it other than the claim that it was like “a second home”. Nowhere has there been any commentary or narrative to explain how important the place is or why it is held so dear.

    The owner of the tat may simply be a hot-dog fan who spent their entire life consuming such cullinary delights. Nobody knows but plenty of people have assumed to the background to this.

    Maybe I have been harsh about this but I find the subject matter a crass symbol of western consumerism and the quality of the work quite poor. This (to me) does not represent the best of BME or even quality work.

  62. Actually the restaurant in mention has a much better selection of burgers, grilled-cheese, and milk shakes than they do hot dogs.

  63. I’ve seen better. I’ve seen worse. I sure don’t get the negative reactions to this tattoo though. People get far more bizarre things tattooed on them. At least this is original. Power to the owner.

    P.S. I like hot dogs. :)

  64. I’m not even about to read past the first few comments, but the first thing I thought when I saw this was “this has got to be one of the coolest tattoos ever!” Not the most beautiful subject or work in the world, but I immediately got the impression that it was meaningful.


  65. Me thinks someone wasn’t held enough as a baby.

    I’ve got lots of stuff as goofy as this if not more. Why? No good reason really, just for shits and giggles. The worlds a weird place…

  66. I did this tattoo and admittingly it did not heal that great first take,( very small arm, smaller lettering, wierd color effect effort) way crappy photo, This tattoo has been touched up and looks how it should. check out more of my work at if ya like

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