Piercing Eyes (or Eyebrows)

By Bodyfikation, Bordeaux France.

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43 thoughts on “Piercing Eyes (or Eyebrows)

  1. woah they looked right through me. that was scary. i couldnt keep eyecontact for more than a second even though its a photo. they are some beautiful eyes. i hope they are real and coloured contacts and photoshop aint at work here.

  2. Dunno about simian heritage, but those are some of the coolest eyes I’ve seen in a while…. at least from my end, it’s totally unphotoshopped by the way.

  3. haha #11 good one. yeah not that great looking, what’s the big deal? post a guy with blue eyes and the girls go stupid over him. meh.

  4. am I the only one who doesn’t really see anything special with his eyes? He really just appears to be staring.. and possibly is wearing colored contacts.. *don’t get me wrong, he’s decent looking..*

  5. i vote colored contacts, the pupil of his eyes have a blueish glaze to them. not to knock him or anything because i think he’s pretty cute, i just wish people would show their natural state more often.

  6. #2. that was one of the first things i thought, he could be mos’ white semi twin lol

    he has really nice eyes tho

  7. somebody get these ladies some water? *laughs*

    the blue eyes are very striking, I think that IS a straight barbell… though on him it seems to be working? *shrugs*

    I prefer my babes rich brown eyes.
    Though mine are almost as blue as this fellas.

  8. hah, his eyes don’t make me happy. As an image person, i know that there should be a bit of black in the center. It’s like that part of the image dosne’t have it’s levels correct. It makes my tummy twitch.

    But he’s not bad looking except for the “oooo” gaping mouth look.

  9. Eyes aside… his facial structure combined with his facial hair makes him look like the missing link.

  10. I agree with Ammre as well, about the pupils and the gaping mouth look, but I think he’s actually an overall very handsome guy, yummy.

  11. that is one sexy man beast.

    bordeaux eh? wine, cheese, and that guy? sold

  12. #20, your comment about how people should show their “natural state” more often doesn’t really seem to fit on a body modification website…

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