28 thoughts on “Heart Chakra and Metatron’s Cube

  1. the lighting has a definite ‘water’ feel – does that make any sense? absolutely beautiful girl.

  2. They most likely just took it in a bathroom, filled the tub and shone a torch on it. I love the way that its turned out.

  3. I totally love this picture! Her tattoo’s look fantastic, really beautiful…she is just yummy and the whole set up of the photo just works.

  4. That is a great picture, and a very pretty girl.
    Now all she needs is to get the other side filled in.

    Also, it looks like she has a hickey just inside her right breast… and I’m jealous of whoever that was. 🙁

  5. The star of david is just a part of the metatron’s cube. Although, it is missing a lot of lines to be complete.

  6. *drools onto lap and and doesnt look away for three days* i love it oh so jelous

  7. Awww! I haven’t seen Taylor since MutantFest! She and her brother and I have all been friends since we were about fourteen. I was just thinking about her today too.

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