17 thoughts on “True Fattitude

  1. sort of reminds me of my future ‘fat kids love pie’ tattoo on my gut. needless to say i like it

  2. the tattoo is faded due to weight loss and stuff
    and by the time I got it, I had some problems with ink pigmentation. but it´s basically faded and I´m not concerned about fixing it coz I like it just the way it its…all messed up

  3. I find it strangely ironic that it’s the weight loss that’s negatively affected your tattoo.

    It kind of makes this a self fulfilling prophecy.

  4. not only the massive weightloss(I lost about almost 90lbs, around 80 lbs), due to health problems(such as diabetes, back and knee problems).
    I do not intend to fall in contradiction or anything and I still stand for my fattitude, as I want to have this statement for life.
    and as I said before, my skin by the time I got the tattoo wasn´t getting the ink properly coz my sugar taxes were pretty high.
    the massive weight change(I´d better put it this way) helped it to fade it this way. because when you stretch your skin, then you do the opposite, and then over, and over, it may affect on your tattoo.
    I hope it sounds right now


  5. i love it. seriously. hurray for girls with curves. this is very inspirational 🙂

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