Watercolor Koi Tattoo

If you’d like to take a closer look at Amanda’s back, done by James at Planet Ink in Toronto, click through for a larger view (the same photo, just bigger).

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26 thoughts on “Watercolor Koi Tattoo

  1. I love the fish, but the writing seems to look slightly out of place. Overall it’s a stunning piece of work though.

  2. *sigh* at least the kanji are more or less correct, in that there are no strokes missing and it’s obvious what words this lady asked for — “love”, “amanda” (literally “ah!”+”slow”+”reach”), “strength”, “hope” and “excellence”.

    But the calligraphy is clumsy, and the words don’t really suit the purpose, and most of all I still don’t understand why people chose simplified characters over traditional!

    Sorry, I realise I’ve just become one of the bitchy people on Modblog who criticise everything. But kanji tattoos upset me when they’re… not right.

  3. i agree the kanji doesn’t seem to go; it could be the color difference, but i can’t decide. The fish are absolutely beautiful, though. she has a really nice back, on a side note.

  4. technically they arent “koi”. . . but hey, we can let technicalities slide for an awesome tattoo and piece of art work

  5. I agree with the couple of people who’ve mentioned the kanji. I think the fish, on the other hand, are absolutely beautiful – they look like they could move at any moment!

  6. whoa, thanks everyone for the comments. Just to let you know, the kanji are old, they were done almost 7 years ago when i lived in labrador. they may look out of place and may not mean exactly what you think they should, but hey, they have a story, just like the koi. i love them.

  7. DAMN! I think I’ve found out who I want to do my goldfish arm tattoo now, and he’s local. Hawt!

  8. Ugh, what is it with people getting Chinese tattoos? Either it looks like the words were written by a kindergartener or they pick some boring font like SimHei that’s the Chinese equivalent of Arial.

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